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It's O.K. Daddy - God lives in Massachusetts too!

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Story told by Gerald Mann...

Gerald Mann was a young preacher boy - this all happened about 40 - 50 years ago. Gerald and his wife learned three months after their wedding that she was now pregnant with their first child - months later a precious daughter was born. She was beautiful, she was tender and she was deaf.

As the young minister and his wife scrambled in dealing with their present difficulty - they wondered if their daughter would ever hear them tell her how much she was loved. The Mann's found a special school when the time came - now their daughter was about 11 years of age. This special school would give the daughter all the individualized attention and care that would be needed.

This came after much prayer.

The day finally came when the girl was to go all the way to Massachesetts to her new school that would teach her new ways to communicate.

The night before she was to leave she and her Daddy had a little visit. She got out a map and began to realize how far Texas is from Mass. She asked her preacher Daddy, "Daddy, have you ever asked God to heal me so I can hear?" Gerald Mann said, "Honey, I have and I ask God to heal you every single day."

The girl asked: "Daddy, would you ask God right now if He would heal me?"

Gerald broke down in his prayer...he sobbed and sobbed...just then he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was his little daughter and she said with great confidence, "Daddy, it's O.K....God lives in Massachusetts, too."

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