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Jesus: The Perfect, Perpetual, Pinnacle of Priests

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Jesus: The Perfect, Perpetual, Pinnacle of Priests  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  43:07
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Good morning. Church. I missed everybody last week don't like having to miss church, but it was a terrible terrible terrible weekend working with customers that are very frustrating but it's over now and I'm back and I'm excited to be here. I missed a wonderful chapter of Hebrews. I mean, I miss my preaching it it's there for all of us to go back and review. Of course, it wasn't exactly from the book. The book today will be in Hebrews 5 continues a very similar theme you'll notice before we read here. I did the title the perfect Perpetual Pinnacle of priests Gatos P words, how man I'm so before we get into I'll go ahead and read it here. If you'd like to turn to Hebrews 5 wonderful similar in the end Theme to what's going on the rest of this book and in some ways, it's really refreshing + Jump Right In Brevard high priest chosen from among men his appointed to act on behalf of man in relation to God the offer Gifts of sacrifices for sin. He can deal gently with the ignorant Wayward since he himself is beset with weakness because of this he is obligated to offer sacrifice for his own send just as he does for those of the people and no one takes us on it for himself. But only when called by God just as errands. So also Christ did not exhaust himself to be made a high priest but was appointed by him who said to him. You are my son today. I have begotten you any it says also another place. You are a priest Forever After the order of Melchizedek. In the days of his flesh Jesus offered up prayers and supplications with loud cries and tears to him who is able to save him from death and he was heard because of his reverence. Although he was a son he learned obedience through what he suffered and being made perfect. He became the source of Eternal salvation to all who obey him being designated by God a high priest after the order of Melchizedek about this we have much to say and it is hard to explain since you have become dull of hearing her tho by this time you ought to be teachers you need some of the teach you again the basic principles of the Oracles of God, you need milk not solid food for everyone who lives on milk is unskilled in the world a word of righteousness since he's a child but solid food is for the mature for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil. Let's pray heavenly father who jump into this. Book these this chapter and he's versus Lord. I pray that the you and you alone as we sang Lord would be responsible for for taking this word in and it's still showing in finding it to our hearts Lord help us not to lean on our own understanding or what. We think we've heard what we believe about the world around us Lord help us to you take time to study your word as it is written by you in your glory is to honor you and Lord you give us us as a gift and there's wonderful things that we can take away from this or not. Help us not too cluttered up with that with our own agenda Lord help us to be able to see very clearly what you would have a seat in this passage is in your son's name. I pray amen.

All right, so they read the title before that's a lot of peas alliteration. Help me remember things. I dig it. Hopefully it works for you too. If not, sorry about you, but you're going to put up with it. So I picked for this and kind of what they mean just to level set in case it's a bit confusing and I'll just confusing but when you get to the word pre specifically British candy to find multiple ways, but there's a specific definition. We focusing on In this passage. So perfect that was pretty cut-and-dried no fault at all. We say Jesus perfect. This is without blemish perpetual. That means I'm ending Eternal never-ceasing. No brakes doesn't there's no holidays. There's no missed this. It doesn't take it over the weekend off. Pinnacle like if a mountain or of an achievement is the highest point so there is nothing higher than Christ and we talked about that a lot in Hebrews and that's this whole section is sort of referring to Christ as the high priest on this case to Pinnacle meaning the highest of the high priest and a priest in the Bible a priest is the designated mediator between God and man differentiate that for maybe how we would view a priest or a preacher is not just somebody who knows the word of God and preaches it that's not what a priest is in. The Bible priest has a specific role ordained by God and that is your job is to is to be between my people and me they can all come into my presence. It's too much for them. I would tell them I'm set you aside for this job and it's a very important role. So when we talked about this to the people that is written to this would have been the notion of what we still have to have priest. Go talk to God hear somebody saying well that's was actually done once and for all. All right, so top on it here. Perfect. The Jesus was fully man. Don't question about that. Let's not get lost in the debate of is he a god? He's both 200% I know crazy, but that's how it is fully God fully man, and a sinful world did not sin. Not once so he is perfect in by lack of sin. I don't think I'll get a lot of head shaking. That doesn't sound right. I think he probably sent a couple times at me now. He didn't however not just that but his work was perfect. And in Hebrew is what we see is everywhere in the world, but here and he was there just talked about this and small group. Is this notion of the work that Christ did was perfect and Hebrews 4 we see that the work that he did was done before they did it during the first six days of creation Rap God set all this in motion. He knew Christ was the plan plan from the get-go all this put together Christ when he came to Earth did exactly what needed to be done. Exactly. It wasn't in any way deficient. He doesn't require the help of a couple other Jewish, you know alerted Jewish priest to the intercede tube to bring you the Christ of them bring you to God that this is different what price did with perfect Infinite in the chapter 5 verses 8 and 9 it says although he was a son he learned obedience through what he suffered and being made perfect. He became the source of Eternal salvation to all who obey him. It's easily he is made perfect through suffering, right? He learned obedience through what he suffered and being made perfect became a source of salvation. This sometimes gets twisted a bit and I want to be real clear about what went went when I read this and I preach this it's doesn't mean that Jesus was lacking. If it doesn't mean that there was something in perfect about him and then he got better by suffering what it means is his work. Had to occur in a manner is through suffering the word became perfect. Because in order for Jesus to become a sacrifice for us. He had to endure what he had to endure if he came and said hey you all are saved and went away. That would not have fulfilled the requirements of sin. And you thinking how do you know that? You're not that smart? I know because if that would have done if that's what he would have done. The garden garden come down here and say Jesus go down there and mess around for a while and thumbs up its wrap it. The oldest crucifier it failed whatever it know that was not the plan. It was not never going to be anything, but the price coming down here and taking on the wrath of God paying the penalty for all of mankind sin that suffering that he endured did not perfect priced it enabled our Salvation get paid the debt owed to God because of our scent could only be paid by somebody who no surprise was perfect. He is the high priest. It is finished. There is no deficiency between us and salvation when we say perfect. It's good for us to think about the fact that it's not just cuz Jesus was well, it's because he did exactly what had to be done to save us and was the only person capable of doing that's pretty crazy, but it is perfect in that regard. And it's perfectly finished. This one doesn't maybe resonates so much. We don't well. Yeah. Okay. I agree it is is not it was finished and you knows but now we sometimes we screw it up again in Christ going to have to do a little more work know and it's not it will be finished. It's not I'm I am without salvation until I'm dead in Christ. It's done. It is paid for those in Christ can be effectively blemish-free because of the work of Jesus. It is finished he fulfill the requirement of the law perfectly. There is nothing else due to God from a follower of Jesus Christ. He has paid it off cuz I have about that Jesus Paid It all all to him I owe that is absolutely unequivocally what the word says if in your head you like well, but still if I don't do this or that or the other and I don't want to be standing there in front of the throne on Judgement Day and all these returned by the smoke of these little misunderstandings that turn into almost systems of belief. We do what we do we come here on Sundays. We share the gospel with others. We help the needy we administer the widows and visit people in prison not to save ourselves not because it's required for salvation. So excited about salvation we do when our Saviour asked us to do share the good news with the world. Okay will do it. He overcame death perfectly and we have been perfectly safe. That was a we can in the sermon that I can talk about this for another 30 minutes and be done because it's so incredible and it's worth it's worth just spending time going over in your head. But how could it be? Perfect what made it perfect absolutely wide let's figure it out. It's in there the word explains all this kind of stuff. However, We're going to cover all the papers by its perpetual. Turn on a professional means without ceasing. Jesus died at a point in time and then 3 Days Later was resurrected and now lives forever, right he is now. Doing the work of a high priest for all time. So when we say forever and the reason I talk about this is we don't have a need for any other priests are intercessors. It's just not required any longer this stands in contrast to a world before Christ. There was indeed a need. You had to go to the temple if you wanted to have your sins handled covered you would bring a sacrifice. They will perform some rituals with that things will be there were a lot of works that were part of that process and make it ready to to cleanse your family. Right what we see is all that was a prototype for a savior that took that away forever. All of our sins that we will commit between here and Eternity are paid for Christ has done the work. He is interceding for us or ever. He does not ever. I've done my 7 years and now I'm no longer going to be you're a great high priest fuel. I'm still doing the work because you've done it some more since you're going to need somebody else to come back and I'm putting them back together and you'll need to bring a priest in here to talk to me and then I'll go talk to that. That's not what happened. It's very very clear that this is that the Jesus rain is forever and his work stands for There's not a thing I or you can do to throw God for a little bit. So it will I didn't anticipate that one likes because that is not going to happen. And we should have our brothers and sisters praying for us. That's good my talk about we don't have a need for the priests. It's not like good heck with it. We don't need pastors or any of this stuff out of here. It's just very clear here. That that's not going to save us if I have all of you praying for my salvation. Until Christ saves me. It doesn't matter the words. I can't go to say I have 500 people pray for me. And you know what? That means you got to let me know. I'll say that was wonderful. However bummer. You don't know who Jesus is depart from me. I never knew you for you. You're not saved your not safe. We should seek the counsel of other to help us understand work out our salvation with fear and trembling to become really afraid of we really tremble other people to come alongside us and strengthen Us in the word, but they won't save us and they're not needed for us to be saved Christ work with sufficient or ever anybody here had a really high Mountaintop experience as a lot when I was in Youth Group mountain tops and valleys topping. I certainly have when you're in the valley things like this should really be refreshing to us. But there's Christ interceding his work is done. I bought and paid for I'm owned. I'm covered it's handled it's finished. Lord pulling out of this only back to work. I'm tired of the spirit of fear and doubt or creeping over me go right here read this stuff. He is forever. He is the great high priest. He's not on vacation. He isn't going to pick up his phone. He's not going to ghost you or any of that stuff. He's there he's active. It's working the work of Jesus and his position as high priest is sufficient for everyone for all time. You said for those who has chosen right? I'm not in the game and figure out who he has not chosen from my perspective everybody. Let's go. This is the truth believe it come to Christ. See you in heaven. That's where that's where we need to be. There's nobody here that's going to be born on this Earth walk through these doors and God's going to be like

That is that I want to say that person that that's their that's news to me. We're going to have to come up with a new salvation plan for them. It's handled everybody. Is there that last bullet though? This is worth pondering. You probably think I'm okay good. I'll ponder on that. I'll talk about these Mountaintop experience is Muse Valley experiences or when you're tired to beat up or the world seems to be in floating and nobody will answer the phone the support network on this Earth is falling apart for you. Know that there is a savior who has done everything required for you to spend eternity in heaven that is alive and praying for you at that moment. If you don't believe that please go to word and prove me wrong. It's in there. It's crazy. But that's what's happening right now price right now is praying on our behalf right now doing the work of the high priest right now should blow your mind little bit. It's a good thing to ponder now so that when you get to a place where you maybe feel like you're far away in the God has distanced himself from you which isn't true but it feels that way know that this this is the truth. The word is the truth.

And not just Perpetual but perpetually complete now that might be confusing and in some ways I guess it is maybe this kind of complete forever. But the point of it is it can't be undone no change can occur that would cause the work of Christ to suddenly become insufficient for what's required. I made it sound like I'm repeating myself. I'm okay with that Hebrews is a very repetitive book in some regards. It's really stressing. Whatever you think of Jesus is better better. But I know a price of got his act together. He's better write those people will do something at the temple. And then why did you have to do a few months later come back and do it again? Bring another goat. We're going to put your sins on this go and send it into the Wilderness. We're going to keep doing it and if you missed it, then you're in trouble not anymore. This work is finished. Christ will never have to ascend to another cross. They'll never be another need for a savior to endure. The suffering of God's wrap. It is finished. Right those who have been saved by Jesus must remain saved must remain safe. Not our I chose must specifically there because if if there's an option of Christ said, this is somebody that I am saving they are neglecting them for me. That's my dad said they're mine and they're mine and they have the ability to leave that then all the stuff we talked about Christ's power his work on the cross in the whole notion what's going on here against a little bit. If Christ is going to save somebody they are going to say save forever and this should be a real Comfort to us as well when we are. In the in the dry riverbed Salt Flats, everything's bitter and your eyes sting and you don't even know what to do. Just want to fall down and I know that you are not he's not falling out of God's hand. You have a slipped away from Jesus and while he wasn't looking right. It's not going to happen not going to happen. If you are saved by Christ, you must remain none will slip through the cracks or or Trail offer, you know, it has ever seen ever seen the movie of Home Alone. There's a scene at the beginning of that the precedes the whole and spoiler alert. This kid gets left home alone. You're not saying it's all right. I just gave the whole movie of Inside My Child that's been given the charge of counting all the kids and a neighbor kid runs over and gets in the van. And she's like one to touch In Hats 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

One kid leaves the van cuz he was just in the van messing around he takes off right and the counts off and now their kids short. He's left home alone. Right that is not how this works. Jesus is going to delegate to some mediocre priest to count all the saved and like why didn't get there in time and wait a minute. He's on my role. But oh, no, I got to go back and get somebody not the case, right you are not going to be left home alone. You will not slip through the cracks if your savior saved you're going to be saved. You got any saved. You'll always be safe. If you think of course, they mad share this idea with some people go talk to some people maybe folks that aren't don't come to our church and they are big into church and talk about this idea that there are people that God has chosen to say that will absolutely be safe. No matter what happens and I'll be like, well, that's not true. I didn't say all that spell the word figured out. You're going to have a hard time in the word figuring out yassi hear somebody that says that they were elected but they just refused at her found a way. They found a way out or something like that now it's bizarre, but God seems to get his way. And when we talk about this here and you're talkin remember who this is rent to these are people that are part of the process. It's a protocol for salvation. It's not about Grace. It's not about forever. If you miss a temple water missed you at Temple. They say I hope you like hell goes as far as I'm concerned that your sins are still with you. So, you know, you better hope that you don't get hit by a bus or whatever the tamils of the parts. I don't know right but because you miss Temple and I don't know where that leaves you. Well, I mean, it's not finished finished. Right? I mean, it's mostly finished but there's another good one it is finished. And if you think it's a simple I encourage you to go talk some other people that have a discussion to find the other people don't believe this they believe that that we make a big choice in the gods going to be begging for us to come or going to be like no naka. Not going to be there God. No, thank you. But what if I'm that person what if I get tired, and I inadvertently wake up one day and Chris the name of God, and then I get hit in the one that what happened site. That is not what this priest is all about. It is a different. It's a different situation. All right next to be no higher priest has ever been or ever will be in the Bible is very clear on this. And once again remember priest tears mediator to God now, I don't care how you define for East Jesus was the best who's the best teacher has the most compassionate, you know of a people that need to go visit the sick or what have you in every aspect of what makes a good priest a good priest. He was the best but specifically talk about our role that Christ uniquely fulfills that none of us could ever do like I'm standing here today teaching you I'm talkin. I'm preaching the word Christ did that to he was better out than I am, but I'm still doing it. Christ mediates you to the father? He allows you to come into the presence of God. I cannot do that. If anybody that you see on this Earth outside of Jesus Christ says through me you can come to the father run away. That is a lie, and their entire groups of people that have died because of that kind of idiocy because it's easy when someone tries to turn the word around to listen to I could be other Apostles like this is happening today. There are people today that are self-appointed themselves as a possible because there's a couple verses that talk about apostleship can get through this door. Like why can do we can do Miracles will do all kinds of things and it's it's in my opinion nonsense. There's no the notion of the Apostles came and went Christ appointed them. We're done with that fine. We get to be disciples and I can talk and teaching and preaching believe but I can't lead you to God. I can't bring you into the song Throne Room. I've done nothing other than what Christ has done for me. And in in this place, we don't have that problem here. I would never say that from the pulpit view few people might if you go even to it like a Catholic church or something like that. You're not going to hear a priest say through me you can come to the father but they will say if you don't come to me and confess your sins and I don't tell you how to properly atone for those sins. You will not go to the father. Does not come to the father through me but it's if you don't come to me, you don't go to the father. Wait a minute. Well, you don't need anything from me to get to God price did it right? I know I'm here to do is to tell you the truth about that. That's a big shift was a huge shift for them. And then he wasted a still think it's a pretty big gift for some people. Basically this whole book the Hebrew Hebrews, I guess in many ways. The Bible is everything just now. It's dedicated convincing the Israelites that Jesus is greater than everyone else you find somebody that's really inspirational. Jesus is better that still holds true today. There's a lot of really really great Renown the theologians and writers thoughtful man and women that are I believe incredible at their job. Jesus is better. They've done things for me inspired me to think and drawn to the word in ways that other people have it. I'm thankful for that. But Christ is better what they are doing is showing me They're doing their job while they're showing me that Christ is better. If not, we got a problem, right? The first few verses of this Senate explain how God's chosen priests are always better than man's chosen. This may be another of course, I would ever argue with that. And once again, you'd be surprised. I mean. Not to be to talk about the Catholics to off of much right but in an effort to fix some of these issues we're well God says this and we really want to say this they have things like well the Poke and say things and that's not what gospel. Just everything that spoke says he has to say it in office and I will use a Latin term for it and I'll make a sound official none of this in the word of God held True by an entire group of Believers that a man can decree things that could be in contrast to God's word, but will supersede it and given situation. That is a big issue. If you're going to grab it a Catholic and say do you believe that the it is the pope said that Jesus is not the Savior that that would be true and it's a no. What is the Catholic wall that stuff that's it. That's the thing that we should be considered upright anytime. Someone says something that's in contrast to the word of God. It's a problem and and what he's getting to hear is I'm telling you remember we're looking back at this but these folks are the word of God is is is is what we're reading. Now. This is what sent to them right there where they're getting the word of God in real time. And they're saying I'm telling you your priest is nothing compared to Jesus your sacrifices your protocols your procedure that mean nothing compared to what price did figure that out. It's just beginning this book it says.

Brevard High Priests of chosen from among men is appointed to act on behalf of in relation to God. Forgive sin sacrifices. This silly iPad is Hold on one second for compacted his sacrifices for sent away for it since he himself is beset with weakness, right? This is Aaron Wise so we can appoint people till we're blue in the face we could do everything we want it's not going to make them better than Christ if we're doing it not for the sake of Christ. It's only going to make things worse from there. And the only got to do is look at churches San Jose to see how this goes. There's some big churches had massive Kingdom impacts, it completely imploded because of this kind of nonsense, right? They forget that Jesus is the high priest. They forget that there's a pinnacle. Well, no one's ever said it this way before but this guy, I think he's probably the best we've ever had or wherever this guy is. Up above him is Jesus Christ. And if not if you hear anything to deviate like well, this is the tricky thing about people that say well now I guess I feel the spirit, This is man trying to creep as close as they can to Jesus without saying I'm Jesus right mark my words. I'll bet you that will be some of that will say because of the work that Christ has done in me and Christ is in me. I am going to now assert. This is the work of Christ in my office. My my position is pastor. This church is Jesus doing this stuff, not me but him. So what I say is basically Jesus saying and right now you are like my browser listen to that. Well, guess what? If you said the same thing about apostleship 25 years ago, he would have said you were not to go back 50 years. They were doing it then and there were men want to be more more powerful. I want to do things the way I want to do things. Maybe Christ had a wrong maybe God didn't see this coming. I think I've got a new leg up on that not true. God picks priests and he picked Jesus as the the Pinnacle and that's the end of that. Is a seemingly very simple. And once again you be surprised how many people do not agree with this? They would say well, you know Christ was a high priest. Doesn't mean that our ideas are no good, but every single thing that's ever done that Richard had this conversation before while I got a good idea for something. Is it forbidden biblically know? I don't know. I can't see the future right if I were to come and say the spirit of told me that this is a horrific idea. I mean that's interesting not to do that. But can we get what the spirit told you against the word? How dare you question me, right? Well, that's what we're going to do stuff like that Fades away many people say whatever comes into that that's good maximum Pinnacle illness. That might not be at work. Coppell weather like What would I touch on this but Jesus position is Kris will forever be the highest this it's not to say that there will not be people that are wonderful teachers. I mean

Some some folks. I mean there's folks that are living in dead. They're just I think tremendous teachers. But the reason I respect them as such good teachers is they never once tried to touch the Majesty of Christ never said this must have been helped Christ felt, right? Like I'm teaching exactly in the same man. I mean, I've got more like Jesus, so I guess it never comes up but for everybody like that, you'll see someone else that says Christ teaching are good. But here are the things that Christ won't teach you but I'm going to teach you that's a very clever way of saying Here's some things that the Christ isn't capable of knowing right he's good, but he doesn't talk about the realities of this world. You know, where in the Bible do we see vaping? Right and I know some things about vaping. I'm going to become the authority on facing you don't see vaping in here, but you see the whole notion of things and idolatry doing things are dangerous and harmful to you and how bad are right. It's all right there, but no not specifically and it's a clever way in some regards to say. Well, you know, he looks Jesus work is done. But over here. I've got some new things that that the transcend some of that it's all bunk. The Bible's clear that he is at the right hand of the father. He is he is the the highest priest anything that you need to know any question, you know, and I heard this when I was younger person, but you know, whatever it's true. Everything is in the word of God not verbatim. That's why we rely on one another we sharpen iron sharpens iron. We come to church we go to small groups and go to meetings and meet new people and have coffee and ask question what difficult challenges in life and help me know I'm I'm trying to decide and I can't figure out what's going on here in the words not clear to me. Let's work together. Let's see if we can find something in the world that helps us understand this situation in the modern world with a job in a computer that doesn't seem to translate very well into the the Jewish culture you'd be surprised how well it translates any dick in there. Can we talk about this? Why is do how do we know that? Jesus is the highest right? Well, how can somebody could not really know? They're pretty good, right? He is at the right hand of the father. So we don't do it as much today cuz you don't give a king's right, but this is the seat of power and it's not going to be vacated except by death and Christ cannot. He's uncreated. He's not create a created being so there's no one creation for him. He's around forever. Just like a what God puts price at the right hand of the father. He sang forever and a day and and Beyond this is the hand of the king what he says goes in the world of judgement now beautiful enough prices and I will save those whom you give me to say. It is absolutely all-powerful. No matter how high or Lord of the believer is on this Earth. They cannot take that position away. They could be very smart. There are tons of clever people that helped us immensely take complicated issues complicated past helping it's in regards to take maybe something complicated in and turn it into something. It's a little bit easier to digest so that y'all are drawn back into the study the word more but without Christ being in that position of power and then him directing the Holy Spirit to infuse in me and understanding it's beyond my capability. I do nothing. I'm not going to figure anything out in this word that didn't come from Jesus work. It's not going to happen can't do it myself anybody that tells you otherwise crazy. I think it's a good reminder. Even for those of us who don't regularly meet with priest. So maybe we're not spending a lot of time talking with priests or or or people that you know hold themselves in high esteem. Or maybe we hold High esteem, but we want remind ourselves when someone comes into our lives with with any kind of authority if it doesn't align with what's in the word, They're single on the authority on this and this is something that I wasn't saying. It's like a lie that feel a little out of touch. It is it is if it doesn't align with how the word tells us that that you're not going to figure out anything new here and priest. So the last black bull here. What's a designated mediator between God and man basically right here in John 14:6. Jesus said to him I am the way and the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me. I love the lack of gray area. Not most or several will come to the father. There's nobody getting to God unless you come through Jesus Christ. We can come to the father because Jesus said so

Let me know her put that way, but that's the truth. Jesus says you'll come to the father through me. Father said to save you let's go you get to go to the father. Done. Well, what about about what I need to do. I need to bring anything to talk to DMV have your social security card and we go no buts. No nothing. For Jesus coming into the presence of the Lord was simply not available for the average person in the power of a great high priest. Who is Jesus Christ. Repercussions to burn fat with only the the high priest would get it go into the holy of holies where the presence of God wasn't even then they have ropes tied around. So if he died they can pull them out without going there a average person nowhere near that area could not go in and kill you. Now we got somebody to Torrid tears to velen to just come with me. We're going to go see God the Father you drove right into his presence. We take that for granted today, but let me tell you that is a big big deal. It would have been mind blowing to the Israelites. And he's a personal priest he came for everyone that includes you he will miss her directly to you. He has personally he's Unshackled from a limitation to this fall and unlike me unlike anybody. He doesn't have this transistor while I'm only in one place at one time and I left you a message. Why didn't you call me back and none of that? He's not here right now in this place physically, are you are not going to go over there and and spend some time in prayer dinner with with Christ in his physical but he's beer right? He's here right now available right now, if you don't want to listen to me anymore, but instead want to Bow your head and start praying that Christ would come and make this real in your life going to do it or he appoints us to be priests who others during our brief. I'm here. Now. What I say is like waiting. I thought you said you weren't a priest Amen to that. I am not a priest but Christ in me as I reach out in his power. People can come to the father that this is a blessing to us. Right if anyone's ever been in an event where somebody is giving their life to Christ and you've been a part of that or prayed with and whatever else there. Is it is I get chills thinking about it. There's something about it that is just incredible lights, like nothing else. It's a different of my own so they know that you are going to save him but you are going to say the word you're going to proclaim the truth to them. And then I'm going to save them right in front of you right through you I'm going to do it. Cuz you were magically powerful because you believed Books at crazy and that's exactly what what Jesus is all about. But I'm like me Jesus is going to let you down there be times where you try to reach out to me or Mike or whoever right? I like Matt Chandler great deal like RC Sproul a great deal right now. Is it happen? Where is body is in a grave somewhere. They can't call him anymore. There's a lot of people probably felt let down by him because he went away he went and died. He got old and died. How dare you we need you your do such good work, okay. Well, if you want to depend on pastures or people in leadership positions, they will disappoint you over and over and over and over don't be surprised when it happens men screw up women screw up all the time. Jesus Christ does not he will never get slapped by the father. So what are you doing over there at the right hand like that. None of that garbage price is on the job full time everywhere you want to be So, what about you? You listen to yesterday maybe thinking around tired of this. Draw close to God. I'm tired of looking for it and come to a hundred churches. I've been to 25 Bible study to read every book. Maybe you feel like you're okay. You need a savior. I'm not that bad, but I know somebody else's murdered somebody. If they can get a nap and I should be able to. baby feels if you're beyond saving I am the murderer and yeah good for you guys that are you know Petty thefts and it's not the other but me Price not good enough by sacrifice was good, but I don't think he thought I don't think he saw this coming. He doesn't know what I thought of it in my head. When I do the things that I do and it's depraved. It's no good maybe for just had a terrible experience lying and cheating and stealing and infighting and you know the stuff that ruins lives in general Happening Here in a place that's supposed to be dedicated for forgot to work. Well, These last four verses here. I think I'm a pretty solid call to action in the Hebrew of Hebrews 4 transition into 5. Last 4 verse of Hebrews 5 transition to Hebrew. About this we have much to say it's hard to explain to to become dull of hearing. Hello by this time you ought to be teachers you need someone to teach you again the basic principles of the Oracles of God you need milk not solid food for everyone who lives on the hill cuz I'm scale the world of righteousness since he is a child that's all the food for the mature for those who have their powers of discernment Train by constant practice distinguish good from Evil over and over again Maybe you're still choking on solid food. Maybe your content with a milk diet. You heard about Jesus for the first time today. If you're just getting into this first, maybe you've been coming to church for you're not really thinking about it. Enjoy the milk around and it's great. You got to start baby start with milk. Please enjoy the milk, but if you know Jesus for a minute if this is not your first rodeo. You should know we are called to start chewing on stuff.

If you aren't chewing on anything when you're coming to church.

Get to work. And you might say how dare you say that to me. Well, that's exactly what he's saying here. You will become dull of hearing he's talking to me to I've become jealous. I want to be a teacher but apparently got to go with us and do it again. Yeah, we'll go over and we'll do it again. You know what he's doing the book of Hebrews. He's going over it again. He's not saying you become jealous hearing. It's too late. Sorry about you you blew it now, it's over now. You'll never get a chance again. No, I'm going to tell you again. Listen again spend some time again if you're content on milk. That's not a good thing. You should start craving things to chew on you start wanting some meat in your diet. I want to learn more. I want to understand deeper.

So don't wait another minute. Unipres about saving faith in Jesus. We're here for you right now. This is news to you. If you feel like your distance from God you didn't know any of this or maybe it just fundamental misunderstandings raise your hand, whatever you need someone to come play with you. We want to talk about this you're tired of stalling and waiting for something. You can't identify can't put my finger on it, but we're here for you, too. Maybe believe in Jesus, but you just confused. You don't feel like you've been saved. You don't feel like he's with you everyday you feel like you've been abandoned by Christ not true. But we're happy to pray with you about it. You're tired of being tired and you feel hopeless despite being saved by Jesus prayer for you as well. And it's a big one but a lot of people that know where they're going when they're dead, but they don't know where they're going while they're alive. In the Bible tells us there's some stuff we can do even when we don't know what we're supposed to be doing fundamentals, right River work on fundamentals and sports or anything. Right? Don't miss a layup. Those are guaranteed right try and play other Bedouin chips are down to go to make those lips by what gives us by those things to do when we're in those dog runs of where we can go in the things we can do just to just to stay go another day A Day at a Time. Come on up raise your hand whatever we're here for you as well. Just don't wait don't leave this place confused about who Jesus is or what he did or what a high priest means or how could it be forever? How could it be? Perfect, but I'm not perfect. Today's the day. osprey

Heavenly Father we are so thankful for this time together. Thank you for everybody that you today Lord thankful for a word that is divine and is true and is without fault. We can rely on in a world where everything is changing all the time. And Truth is so relative Lord. I'm thankful for something that is unchanging and perfect and true help us to rely on this word as the absolute Bedrock of our belief in who you are based on who you say you are not who we think you are who we wish you would be here any of that craziness Lord help us to draw close to the two US described by you. You are a perfect. high priest and there is a there's not enough words that I could stay up here Lord express my thankfulness thankfulness for that. Thank you again for this time together and I look forward to being able to to to do this kid next week sometime. I pray amen.

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