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Grow Up

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Verses 11-16 is one long sentence in the Greek.

Maturity is necessary but not guaranteed.

Remember your calling!

We are all called. This is the truth we spoke about two weeks ago. The book of Ephesians makes this point over and over. We are not needed but we are wanted. Yet, this does not mean we just revel in our new position. The grace we have recieved, though free, does not allow us to “do” nothing. Grace is both free and costly.

Walk out your grace.

This means we cannot ever become stagnant, and sedentary in our faith. Our faith, our salvation, is active and alive. This is the great hope of Scripture. Yet, our world does not always see this.

Healthy communities must have strong ethics.

Ethics is an important field to engage in. Ethics is the foundation of law but we cannot always write laws which are direct ethics. As a pastor I have signed a code of ethics, most of which are not illegal. As a counselor I have another code of ethics I am to follow. Ethics tries to help people live rightly. Tangent: The study of ethics and realizing there is a basis for all good interaction between two people can be used to show God’s existence.

Think less of self.

Gentleness towards others.

Put up with people for a long time.

Don’t get even with others.

God’s love is the foundation of all.

The greek word here is agape. All four of the above mentioned ethical calls stem form our calling which is made possible by the love of God. We cannot do this on our own. In fact, with the exception of humility the above traits are traits of God. We are to imitate Christ who is gentle, patient, and suffers long because of us all so that we may experience love.

The Spirit creates unity.

Where this is no unity, the Spirit is not alive.

We must guard the unity of Christ.

We are a gift.

Christ gives us gifts to use.

This is based on his grace and love. Throughout this portion of Ephesians Paul uses the word for grace over and over to make his point.

Growing up includes doing our part.

Maturity includes going deep with and in Christ.

Because of grace, we can through love be truth bearers.

This is to happen as we walk out our calling with humility, gentleness, patience and long suffering and bearing with one another.
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