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Songs of Ascent 14. - The Lord Has ~ Psalm 132.10-18

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Songs of Ascent 14. – The LORD Has ~ Psalm 132.10-18


Responsive Reading:   Revelation 5.1-14

Opening Hymn # 40 – “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”

Text: Psalm 132.10-18


Introduction: The Lord Has.  In those three words we have our all.  They are enough for everything in our life physically, emotionally, mentally, inspirationally and spiritually.  If we think of the fullness of these words, do we need anything else, but God.  They encompass everything, every situation, every circumstance.  It is the height of heights to be able to say with full understanding, “the Lord has!”  This is a grand height of this next ascension that we find full of the splendor and regal of the King. 

I.     The Lord Has Sworn in Truth


A.    The oath of God seals and secures all things.  The key word here is “in Truth.”  It is important to understand that the Psalmist is not saying that God has sworn and not lied.  This is figurative speech which fosters a sense of surety as a parent nurtures a child.  The child after a period of nurturing fully trusts their parent.  This is the idea we understand from the phrase “in truth.” 

B.    There is another aspect to consider in this verse.  The Lord has sworn.  Men may say something, promise something or even swear something and by circumstances beyond their control not be able to deliver.  We do not know what tomorrow will bring.  “Let your nays be nays.”  You may have had someone tell you, “Had I known this would happen, I never would have promised you this.”  Things happen that are completely out of our control. 

C.    Yet the very thing the psalmist says here is that God is completely in control.  He never changes.  He is always steadfast, immovable and anchored.  When God swears, it is…and it will never be anything else.  For instance, God will never tell you one thing and then later turn around and say something else.  He doesn’t change and nothing can change Him.  Seasons will come and go, events and circumstances will transpire, but they are of no concern to Him, for He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Here is something personal for your own life.  What God commands you to do does not change because the circumstances change.  Whatever God is doing trust Him in it and move on with God.  But be aware, circumstances will change and the issue will arise to question God.  “Has God indeed said?”  Who said that?  What did we just hear last week?  What did God say to Abram?  1. Get out of you country.  2. Out from your family and from your father’s house.”  Had God changed His mind in that when a famine came in the land?  Let me ask you this, did God know that there would be a famine? 

D.    So this sets the ground work for us.  God has sworn.  He has made an oath.  What is the oath here?  First of all, to whom did He make the oath?  2 Samuel 7.8-16  Now we see that the psalmist reiterates his figurative speech of the surety of the Lord’s oath by saying, “He will not turn from it.”  So you might say that he has gone to great lengths to assure us of the surety of God’s promise.  So, I ask you, did God keep His promise?  Was it as sure as what the Psalmist says?  We have the privilege of history to answer this.  So let’s ask the Jew, “Where is your king?”  No king!  We have a problem don’t we?  God said it, made an oath, swore in truth and not only is there not one of David’s sons ruling on the throne in Jerusalem, but there is no king period!  Have we caught God in a lie?  Now I know that it does not matter that our politicians lie, but we are talking about the almighty God.  There is more at stake than morality here, the whole of life and existence fails if God is a liar.  No, God is not like man.  He does not lie.  All things are by His word.  Nothing is done without the word of God and especially in salvation.

E.    Hebrews 7.14-21 The writer has quite the same problem.  Although you know since he raised the question and presents the problem, you know he has the answer in view as well.  All things are by the word of God.  It is not simply a play on words that John introduces his gospel with the words, “In the beginning was the Word.”  This is not simply a play on words.  John purposes to show that Jesus is the word and that in Him and only in Christ are all the promises.  God has not turned from His oath to David.  There sits one on his throne and He is Christ.

F.     Now we have another problem.  This oath is conditional.  “If your sons will keep My covenant and My testimony which I shall teach them…”  Once again we can go back to our Jewish friends and ask them, “Why didn’t you keep God’s covenant?”  No, the condition of the promise failed miserably.  It failed in Old Covenant Israel, but it was secured in the New Covenant Surety, Jesus Christ.  He is the Mighty Lion of Judah who has prevailed, the One and only worth to open the seals of God’s decrees.  The Lord has enthroned Christ and made “the fruit of His body to reign with Him.”  The oath is fulfilled in Christ.  The promise to David  is brought to fruition in Jesus. 

II.    For The Lord Has – the Seven I Wills


A.    1st – I will dwell here. (vv. 13-14) He has chosen Zion as His abode.  Nobody has blackmailed Him into doing this.  This has not been extortion.  He has by His own choice and sovereign election chosen Zion, His Church.  The poor Dispensationalist can have his physical and futuristic Zion and Jerusalem.  I am happy to be in the family of God, the New Jerusalem, the city set upon a hill.  He has chosen her in that He desired her.  Of His delight and for His own pleasure He chose her and she will be known as His dwelling place.  There is a mark upon her.  She is His and He is hers.  “He has sealed her, marking her with His Holy Spirit of Promise, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory.”  Therefore, He will never leave her nor forsake her, for here, He says, “I will dwell, for I have desired it.”

B.    2nd – I will feed her.  (v. 15)  I will abundantly bless her provision.  I will bless her bread.  The church receives daily, royal, satisfying, overflowing and joyful provision.  And the divine benediction shall cause us to receive it with faith, to feed upon it by experience, to grow upon it by sanctification, to be strengthened by it to labor, cheered by it to patience, and built up by it to perfection.  3rd – I will satisfy her poor.  If her poor are satisfied then all her citizens will have great satisfaction with fullness of bread.  He has desired to dwell with her and she will have satisfaction from His provisions in dwelling with her.  We were poor – poor in spirit, but He caused His word to nourish and strengthen us.  He made us rich and ours is the kingdom of heaven.  The two clauses taken together show that nothing but an abundant blessing in the church will satisfy the Lord's poor people for they are naked and miserable till that comes.

C.    4th – I will clothe her.  (v. 16)  He has dressed us in fine arrays of salvation and joy.  By the merits and power of our High Priest, Jesus is ours.  He is our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption.  He by one sacrifice put away our sin and iniquity forever and now we look for His return with a clear conscience and no guilt, for we have no sin to condemn us.  There is no one on earth to condemn us and He says to us, “neither do I condemn you.”  Such are the provisions of our God, not only do they meet the need but He always gives abundantly more.  He moves us to shout for joy.  The Church is so abundantly blessed, so satisfied and so appareled that they can do nothing other than shout to show their astonishment, their triumph, gratitude, exultation, enthusiasm and joy in their Lord. Zion has no dumb saints! The sight of God at rest among his chosen is enough to make the most silent shout. Just try holding it in.  Sit there with your mouth clamped while the saints sing.

D.    5th – I will make her to grow of bud.  (v. 17)  As with Aaron, the only budding will be the one that God causes to bud.  This is not by the foolish devises and foolish and failing attempts of dying men, but by the power of the Son of Man in whom is the promise.  “I will make the horn of David grow.”  This is the work of the LORD; therefore it is sure Church Growth, to which none can match.  Isaiah 9.7 – “Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, to order it and establish it with judgment and justice from that time forward, even forever.  The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.”  The increase of His dominion, rule and government will know no end.

E.    6th – I will prepare a lamp.  (v. 18)  By preparations of the Holy Spirit, she, the church will be the light of the world, the pillar and ground of truth, a city set on a hill, a lamp stand full of the never diminishing oil of the Holy Spirit.  She will have power.  She will be witnesses unto Him to shine forth the truth in darkness.  She will be God’s prophet.

F.     7th – I will clothe her enemies with shame.  (v. 18)  He will bring them down.  They will not prosper against her.  Every false way and word will be exposed.  Truth and righteousness will triumph.  The profane, the moral but irreligious, the self-righteous, the hypocrite will all be clothed in shame.  Victory is hers in every way.      She will never have to take up defensive positions.  She will only have to advance in victory after victory.  God will defend her.  Her slanderers, violators and wrong doers God will vindicate and exact vengeance.  He has reserved this work to Himself alone. 


Conclusion:     Finally, the Psalmist gives us the perfect view of the end of all things.  “Upon Himself His crown shall flourish.”  What do you think this crown looked like?  Fine gold?  Precious platinum?  Loaded down with jewels of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds?  No, the psalmist describes the crown as one that flourishes and blossoms.  The so called precious metals may shine in beauty and have great worth, but they cannot flourish.  What a promise!  Do you think the kings and queens of this world would rather such a crown?  The crown of our king is one that flourishes.  It lives and grows.  It never dies and so His kingdom.  There is no danger of an end to His kingdom.  His crown flourishes forever with all the vigor of immortality never to fade away, but spreading out its branches to furnish crowns for all His victors!

Hebrews 6.17-18 – We have no stronger hope than our God saying 7 complete times “I will!”  He has not only determined to do, but “to show more abundantly to the heirs of promise the immutability of His counsel…”

Closing Hymn # 509 – “The Sands of Time Are Sinking”

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