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Feel At Home / Place Where I Belong John 15:1-6

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Jesus said i am the Vine. How do we abide in him. what are the benefits of staying in him?

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As i begin, I'm most thankful for last week's competition because although I was not there for the competition. I heard stories of how well all the kids and I saw a couple of videos also and seen all the pictures that the came up. to see such small children 5 6 7 year olds come in front and stand so confidently speaking the word and speaking of stories from the Bible. It was just mind-blowing. It was just mind-blowing. I saw the videos. I was like baby along the side of the stage the side of the mic. Be really felt like they belonged to the side and they felt at home. So this is exactly what I thought. I should the word for today as feel at home or place where I belong because I'm not sure how much I feel like I told me they stand on the side of the stage and mic. That's the title for today feel at home a place where I belong. So for a second act like you all to just this, imagine close your eyes and imagine living in a world without homes. Just imagine we don't have home if we go to school, we go to our workplaces and then at the end of the day, we're coming back you just wandering from place to place. There's no place to go. Just imagine a situation like that. It's not possible wright? it's not possible. Cuz even in ancient days people lived they didn't live in buildings they live in tents or they lived on the roads. They lived on in the desert always finding a place to stay place which is comfortable and even though there were no walls of a building they always made it home even in the desert or whatever we were. so as much as we can imagine without technology without electricity or anything else. i dont think anyone can Imagine a life without homes. So what what exactly is home? What exactly is home? Is it is it actually the four walls for walls of a building note? I don't think we need for a house or a building to make a home. Is it a permanent place of steam you think you're the home the place where you're staying is a permanent place to stay.

Not really. What exactly is a home? It could be a place where we are comfortable. The other day I was talking to Sophie and Sophie was saying that her home is Janet used to be in Chennai earlier, but now they're no longer, but she has her home. Why exactly did she say that kills all her life? She's in chance. She's being in Chennai. She's grown up in Chennai. She's being comfortable that she's experienced. Love joy peace. That is where is Horseshoe?

And although she has a home here. That's where she's glue. That's where she was most comfortable. Maybe all of his Afters after 30 40 years God willing that any more weight maybe that I made was once home. So probably a place that we enjoy love joy peace and comfort and I think about what makes a home a home is a place where these grown over time.

Summerfest College book places a home how y'all do that? I think it's really like your work late. And then I saw the second home for some of us churches are taking home a lot of us who grew up in a home because they all wanted game2 what time in Life or what they've grown really over here. Why did they give the term home to the church? How how old is this home come?

So this is why I have taken the worst from John chapter 15 verse 5. I'm the vine. You are the branches he who abides in me and I in him as much fruit without me. You can do nothing. Just pray for them. Thank you Father for this time. Thank you Lord for you wash your present and I missed you play. You will speak to us and you'll open your heart and open your yours and give us strength and Grace to live the way you want us to live everyday. Just call these things in your precious name. Amen.

So this is a word that I had always I've always rented a most of us and world news Reddit can get very familiar with it. But I don't I've never really gone into the details and studied this was but I just said that I have to do to speak about this worse, but I had no idea what this was meant. I had absolutely no idea but I I know the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me that this is this is exactly what you have to speak and he even gave me the the caption things feel at home place where I belong but the weather is like what exactly does this mean? I have no idea what this means to understand the details of what wine is and What what does the scientific significance and the Old Testament significance of this? So in the Old Testament Vine was initially significant significance of economic Prosperity. It was if is used in terms of a blessing when people singing Vine Psalm 128 was three says your wife will be like a fruitful Vine in your house and every time people talk about it signified economic Prosperity signify the happiness. It signifies joy and celebration mine was used for weddings. It just seemed signified celebration and happiness and prosperity. But what time what time is Ezekiel chapter 15 and Isaiah chapter 5 you can see if you just go home and read these two chapters. God is talking about the wine being a very useless thing. He compares the wind to be the people of Israel to be bo Vine via wine and wine that does not bear fruit of wine. That is absolutely useless and Isaiah chapter 5 verse 2 says he look for it for the vine to eat grapes, but it ended wild grapes and he's talking about wanting to destroy the rain and wanting to know he's absolutely disappointed with the wine signify in the latter part of the Old Testament it signified or it had a very negative significance. And then Jesus came Jesus came in the New Testament John chapter 15. He said was one. He says I am the truth. This is because in the Old Testament what time what happened man had lost their relationship with God. The relationship was broken. God wanted to dwell with man. God created man in order to to be friends with him to get him. But that relationship was lost man was just wondering from place to place he found he was trying to find a home in everything else except in God the Father. The Jesus comes and he says in this this chapter. He says I am the True Vine. And you are the branches.

So when he says he who abides what does abide mean?

It just means a bike means to live to stay in a place right to live to dwell. You abide in your houses? And he says I am the vine you are the branches he who abides or another version says he who remains in me. He who dwells in me as much fruit. Okay, so he is saying you have to abide in you have to live in me. So then me. Then when he talks about this abiding. How how how how much how much of a corner how how long is it? You think it's for one year when you buy for money or their one-year contract or is it like a five-year tenure contract like a houses have

How does it just in the morning and evening and he sick to pray you will by the Jesus or is it just on Friday that become to church and read your Bible Jesus?

It's an eternal contract. We have an eternal contract with buyer in Jesus. Genital contact is not even for a lifetime. It is for eternity. disco tits on 80

let's just go into the the scientific details. I'm not a science student survival not going to do much of the detail look into what the actual wine looks like. okay, so the the trunk in this picture that trunk the picture beside the child and the The branches that the white ship the left and right. That is the wine. And what do you see marked as the king and the head the King game? That is the branches. Okay. So Jesus is the wind flat and the other branches that is actually in in the wine. You connected to the wine. Okay. So what happens what happens if the branches are outside the trunk?

It does not does not grow. Okay, so let's let's just look into by exactly. We need to abide in the Wind. Okay, white by do we really need to abide in the vine? My first point why we need to bide in the wine is for dependents. Okay. So if the branch is not in the wine, the branch does not get nutrients. The branch does not get water. The branch does not grow. It does not bear fruit. Nothing happens if we don't abide in the Wind. You don't have anything for physical growth for spiritual growth for emotional growth, whatever. However we want to go. There is no way we can grow. Dependence dependence in Jesus absolute dependence in Jesus. Sometimes we try to do things on our own we try to do our homework on our own we try to do working at all. This is an R1. Need forget to pray before get to ask God to take control we forget to give him control and that's exactly when we would have realized that we failed miserably.

So the only way we can we can you know survive is dependence on Christ Ministry, you know, sometimes we try to pray for our non-believer friends. And they don't they don't really come to price whatever. It is dependence on Christ. We need to depend on Jesus. That's why that's why we need to abide in him. Show me a full size bed. And now he feels like he's challenged every day. Sometimes we try to discipline him. We try to shout when we try to speak nicely nicely tell him not to do things and what not to do. But a lot of times everything we try goes in vain, but there have been times when we've just prayed and we've asked for Jesus Take Control Jesus help us Jesus discipline him. That's that's when something actually happened. So whatever it is in life with David has a table of places that are schools that are two oceans that are classrooms you need to depend on Christ. The first point is Independence time is fulminans. It's not like I said, this is an inch, please it's the only permanent place there is no other place which is which is actually prominent Publix and boost and everything in the world height and size and shape and everything in our studies. In everything he tried to grow in a business in everything that we tried to grow. There's always going to be a limit recently or Serena Williams was in the news because she failed to win the US Open US Open which one of those the big tournaments for the past winning because every every every growth that you have that is always going to be a limit no matter how much you achieve in life. There is always going to be a limit. There's a limit to what you can grow in intruding in height like me.

The only place we can grow unlimited absolutely unlimited is in Christ. No matter how much is always always going to be scope to grow and grow and grow. I remember someone like PG when he's angry who's so strong and so so mature and his relationship with Christ. I remember the last time he came he said we've all got scope to grow so much more in Christ so much more sound like someone like him had to say that How much more do all of us have?

Permanent place this is the only permanent place. And there's no water. Please find love joy. Peace. Only in Christ people find love joy peace. My first point was dependence in Jesus. Second point was it's the only prominent place place of prominence pendence place of abundance abundance abundance in fruit bearing. Okay, so I'll just quickly read John chapter 15 verse 2.

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit while every branch that does not bear fruit. He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful. Can someone just read verse 5.

I am the vine you are the branches you are biting me and I in him best much glue, but without me you can do nothing. And then was eight. Why does my father glorified that you bear much fruit? So you will be my disciples and it says it was 5 says much fruit vs. Says this is to my father's Glory that you bear much fruit showing yourselves to be my disciples. It does not say you're going to bed like one of those shoes are a couple of fruit. It says much fruit abundance talking about abundance.

We all know that Galatians 5 verse 22 says that the fruits of the spirit is love joy peace, patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control.

the truth of the spirit this again leave. All right. We're on our own recital of certain people and it just seems very impossible to love certain people.

Love Is Impossible on Arun Joy is impossible are on our own. We tried to find joy and so many other things. But absolute Joy can be found only in Jesus in our relationship with right to find Joy on our own but when Jesus is in the center of that relationship that is when there is there is absolute Joy. Same with patients I can I can vouch for that because most days I lose my patience with visual.

As as as a mother, I realize that it's impossible to be patient. It's just impossible to be patient that patients that patients can only come from God God given patients that is no patients that we can develop for practice and get on our own is just absolutely would Jesus gives patients every fruit of the spirit and in Jesus, And then he will abide in Jesus. He has promised His abundant fruit. Not liquid patient's not this match of patients, but abundant fruit more suit much fruit is what he has promised us. CM with gentleness and self-control

fruit can also mean flute born on witnessing and ministering and I'm sure everybody over here for your friends are blessed and are doing Ministry and they're always in school.

Hey, I've been I was in college. I used to play a lot for my one of my roommate was a non-believer. She still does not believe in Christ. I've been praying and praying over these years, but there has not been any fruit. Sometimes fruit producing will take time in a second. He could do it in a second. God God turn water into wine in a second something that takes 8 8 to 10 years how long it takes a long time, but she did it and it's taking he's a god of time if he wants to produce 15 wanted to produce fruit in a second. He can produce he can help you produce fruit in a second. He can give you patience in a second. He can give you love has taken. He can throw your non-believer friends of the soul that you were playing for in a second. He can turn them to him.

Our job is to abide in him. So what's the turtle thing also fruits fruits of our labor? Sweetness V. Where is this place that there's two to party by believe this also we are entitled to fruit of our Labour of it because John 15 verse 5 says without me you can do nothing. So sometimes leave a car like a lot and we do not see much of fruit in all that we are doing but let me abide in Christ. We are entitled to Abundant fruit more fruit much fruit is what he has promised us. And it just possibly mengi abide in Christ. No, I just wanted to just give you an overview on pruning saw pruning happens. Just just after the most fruitful season the off the Vintage happens and before the next spring. So what does the vinedresser cuts the long branches and he makes it he brings it down makes it's shorter tuning is not done what happens if the wine over grows it becomes the wild a very fine wine, and it looks unkept And that's that dude ranches might bear fruit. But if you just wear one or two fruits, that's it because the nutrients the water all the unnecessary branches and their branches with me to buy fruit. Do not refer to God God actually God the father is the vinedresser John chapter 15 verse 1 says God the father is the vinedresser and so pruning show dogs the plant but in the hands of a skin skin for vinedresser the wind means healthy and produces maximum fruit, you're after you're back in and reflect kinds of pruning. Baby in different types of pruning, but all those pruning tuning seasons was it was only to bring forth more fruit. It's only to bring forth more fruit.

So fruits to eat candy fruit of the spirit fruits born on witnessing and evangelizing our ministry and fruits of our labor. The fourth Point by Vinny to abide in Christ is it's an experience. The first point was for dependents. Second point was Eminem's third point was abandoned Fort Point is experienced. Abiding in Christ is an experience in itself. It cannot be explained.

It's an experience in itself. Like if shalom shalom has his own but it's it's just too much to explain Solomon have his own experience with his relationship advice. Mullen City will have her own experience with Christ this time for yourself and see that he is good. How much will you tell someone to taste challenge you cannot explain the taste of Cheratussin 15 or ice cream or whatever you need to do for yourself Jesus for yourself. He is good. It is an experience not for a lifetime, but for eternity, I just wanted to quickly talk about two people who experienced Jesus Luke Chapter 5 in Luke chapter 5 verses 1 through 11. I just give you a summary of what's happening in this In this passage. So this in Luke Chapter 5 Jesus is just beginning to get to know the disciples. He hasn't started when they haven't started following him fully. So sweet was that he stood by the lake of Minnesota and talked about standing by the leak, but the fishermen had gone from them and they washed their Nets. Then he got into models of boats with assignments and ask him to put out a little from the land and he said that it. The multitude from the boat when he had stopped speaking. He said to sign Naruto into the deep end the diarrhea meds for cats. What time and answered and said to him master all night and got nothing?

Send a signal to their Partners in the other world to come and help them and they came and depart from me forever since San Fernando Lord for he and all who are astonished at the catch of fish, which they are taken.

And two orders of Adams and the sons of Zebedee and Jesus said do not be afraid from the diffuser car and followed him. Silversea says when Simon Peter experiencing. He said Lord depart from me for I am a sinful man. Jesus Holiness Jesus righteousness was magnified when when Peter experienced. Jesus for the first time he came before him. He understood that he's a sinful man, and he said depart from me. And then when the disciples that was the first time they were actually experiencing how how amazing Jesus is going for a walk MDD and coming back. That was there. That was a full-time career. That was their dream every day dream European to catch a couple of fish to catch probably a basket or a handful of fish that it seems very ordinary guys that when Jesus Jesus came into their boat when they experienced him. Something happened Which Wich dick didn't even dream their entire world was filled with fish. Just imagine Jesus coming with you in the morning when one morning gets into your car gets into your school bus and he's like, come on. Let's go to Wellshire. Let let me come with you to ensure to creative ways. Let's go. Let's have a fun day together. And then you take him to work when you take him to school with you you is your classroom and he's sitting with you the whole day and you spend the entire day with him and at the end of the day all your dreams come true even imagine he has actually happened. Just imagine something like that happens in a d and then you you actually realize that this guy is amazing. He's just he just amazing. What happens after that? Would you want your green or would you want him?

He would want him. We would all want him.

As of when I was expecting. Ruelle, I think when you're pregnant, you're the most you think of the baby after the baby being born. How much were they before they had to keep thinking of you can do this you can do that you can do this. You can do that. You can dress them up. You can feed them. You have a lot of dreams, but then I have to be born after you let them know what happened after that.

Yeah, it's it's behind it. If we had a dream carrier order dream job and you get the job what happened? What happens after you know, God has blessed you with that job of it that dream what happens after that. It does not make you happy you realize that that is not an experience. But The God Who blessed you is the experience. He is the experience. Same thing happened to me when I was in college. I actually wanted to get into one particular company everything that I did. Everything was was founded by what I wanted to do after after college. So I got into another's ordinary IT company called Tech Mahindra the dream company that I want you to get into if you wanted to have their office in India won their office is somewhere in Germany. I have to do my masters in order to get into such an amazing company. So I Was preparing to do my masters. I did all the qualification exams for the Masters and I started preparing my statement of purpose letters of recommendation going back to my teachers go into my master so that I can get into this dream company of mine. So one day and this was along with working in having a day job in my company. So when did I go to office one morning, I go to office and my manager comes and tells me we've got the project from this company is called Hartman. So he's likely go to Project from Harmon and next week on what you need to start working there. And I'm like, this is my dream company. How does how does that even happen? This is why I wanted to work all my life and I couldn't believe it to be considered it like just another thing but for me just like a big deal is making my dreams come true. I just left for the next week. I started working the company of things that I've never even imagined. I was dead. I was dead. And then after that I was like God what next this is. All I want is you all I want is you I just want to do your will I just want to live the way you want me to live? Like I don't have any plans or things for myself. I just want you as an experience. Nothing else. No other dreams in this world. No other dreams. Can I mean it's good to dream. It's always good to drink kids. You have to have dreams. It's good to him for your dreams, but your first Dream needs to be Jesus.

Your first long needs to be Jesus.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God and everything else will be added unto us. Experience. My foot point is experienced. The first point was dependence. Second point was permanence Jesus the place of prominence third point was abundant food experience. Okay, so this is why you need to abide in Christ. No abiding in Christ. How do we actually make it a reality in our life enjoying about biting in size? But how do we actually do it? In our everyday life, how do we make it a reality? So enjoy the John 8 verse 31. Jesus himself says if you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples and you will know the truth and the truth truth will set you free. So if you abide in my word to Jesus himself says abide in my word. John 1 Gospel of John chapter 1 in the beginning was the word and the Word was God and the Word was with God. He is the word abiding in the word using the word using the scriptures using his promises using the gospel all the time. Not everyday life in our everyday situation when we wake up and we have a bath when we go to work when you go to school and everything School stabbings in a classroom. Stop looking at work places. Baby shower of recessions when we heard of problems here and they're using the word in everything that we do when we go to sleep. We can save we will both lie down and sleep in peace for you. Help me dwell in safety and everything we do we can use the word the first point. How do we abide? In Jesus, we need to abide in his word abide in his scriptures. Second Point abiding in his love John chapter 15 verse 9

15 + 1 Commandments remain in my love. This is I have kept my father's Commandments and meaning is love. If you keep my Commandments and be my teaching you will remain in my love just as I have kept my father's Commandments and remain in his love to Jesus himself says he has made in my love. Just love me. Just just just love me and be with me worship me Adore Me remaining in his love means worshipping him thinking of him. If you're in love with someone, what would we do with them all the time in? Talking about them thinking about them all the time just like that to biting in the love of Jesus. Worshipping him all the time from morning to Night by we do our work while we do a walk-in office at home Ellicott vegetables while we do our homework, whatever we do abiding in his love. One person who really did abide in God's love is David.

David he was amazing. We know me read about him in the book in the Old Testament. Bertram all the songs from all the times that he's written. He's always talking about. He just wanted to Jesus. He's always talkin about dwelling velling with God being with God meaning with God. In Psalm 32 verse 7. He says you are my Hiding Place 84 was saying he says better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. He wanted to be with Jesus with God. Psalm 23 verse 6 says I mean well in the house of the Lord forever and he knew that when he does dwell in the house of the Lord forever goodness and mercy will follow him in spite of all that was going on around him some hundred and some 57. He says my heart is fixed on you got my heart is fixed on you. His heart was just fixed on God. He jiali dwelt abided and was fixed on God.

So biting in his love biting in his love being in love with him from morning till night till we go to sleep everyday. Third point is bleeding and living by the power of his resurrection 56. You Eat My Flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him crucifixion resurrection and living violet He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me and I in him. So what does this voice actually mean? He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood. Making his living in a way that his his address of his crucifixion and Resurrection is a reality in our life accepting his his invite to communion. Believing in the power of his resurrection and and living by by the power of his resurrection. If you have if you if any of us are sick believing that his sacrifice his his all that he did for us on the cross has the power to heal us. James has all of us into believing and living by the power of his resurrection. That's what it means when he says he who eats my flesh and drinks. My blood abides in me. That is power Lake Havasu said to be there is power in the breaking of bread because he broke his flesh. What US? He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me. These are the three points how as to how we can abide in our everyday lives. The word abiding in his word abiding in his love and believing and living by the power of his resurrection. So I'm almost ending the the word now, but before that I just wanted to explain the Departed this party. I'm standing the whole background of this worse. And that's that's what really spoke to me. This is mentioned in John chapter 15. And when Jesus was talking about all this in his to his disciples David in the room having the Passover feast in John Chapter 13. He had just finished washing his disciples feet and from John 14 to 18. He's giving his disciples like this crash course pep talk just before he he goes for his crucifixion and for his sacrifice. It's like it seems like a nice talking about he being the truth the way and the Levee the truth and the life John chapter 15, he saying I am the True Vine. John 4:14 to 18 is Jesus talking to them. And I think at that point of time Jesus was was really upset. He knew what was coming what he was supposed to take up and until then until then. Jesus walked with his disciples he was living with his disciples. He was grilling with them. He was I think he was really enjoying being a human and having a human relationship with the people on Earth. He was an absolutely enjoying it and he knew that he had to depart until then he was he was inviting them. Everybody. Come come to me John chapter 1 verse 39. I think he says come and see where I'd really like them all to their house. John chapter 6 verse 35 says come and eat I am the bread of life. John chapter 7 verse 37. He says I am the Living Water. Matthew 11:28, he says come and rest with me he's been inviting than you like. Come on guys. Come on. Come be with me be with me. I'm the one I'm the I'm your drink. I'm dressed. I'm your everything. He's been inviting them and what happened in John 6 verse 66 John chapter 6 verse 66 some of his disciples found some disciples found that his teachings were a little hard and they left him.

So now Jesus is stalking in John chapter 15. Jesus talking to his disciples. He knows in 24 oz less than 24 oz Peter is going to deny him outright his closest closest friend and disciples going to deny him. And he knows all that he has he has to Bear all the beatings. He has to bed all the whipping and he has to be nailed to the cross and now he's actually departing from them. I'm sure he was absolutely upset. He's a senior that he's not going to be physically David them but he wanted them to continue. He wanted the disciples to continue abiding with him. Just like how he did when he was on Earth. Which is why he says I am the True Vine you are the branches abide with me the same Jesus is now telling all of us that is biting me abide in me come and rest with me come and eat with me come and drink with me. I'm the to mine. I'm the only one who can give you rest. I'm the only one who can give you peace. Like, I'm the only one who can make you bear fruit much fruit.

We can find. A home only in Jesus only Jesus do we find Comfort do we find peace. We find rest feeling sort of economic slowdowns around us video of people getting dominated. A lot of things in God of Wars video of all sorts of bad news. But let's just biting him and enjoy his peas and enjoy the comfort and and the growth and everything. He gives us.

Hey, man, please God wonderful good.

Feeling at home if she takes you so much at all. Right the message. What is so beautiful. I just want to tell you a couple of things here in the scriptures. What is a wine? And what is a vine? What are the wind? What does wine which is a drink you get from this and the other one is Vine Vine and that's why he said take this Heart of Mine, which is the plan that you saw the picture that you use Alicia showed the plant the plant is that small thing that comes out what the branches were just translate in the scripture is a small thing that comes out of the rain. Which holds the grapes? Hanging down that is a small branches. Stop supporting scriptures and that is worth it says he'll cut you off if you don't produce good fruits. And what is a good fruits and it is a fruit. What is coming out of you is a fruit or behavior your words and that's why Galatians 5 verse about patience goodness. These are things part of a fruit. Okay, so don't get mixed up with different Vines wine is a Vine wine, which of the wind is very common in the food culture of the people of the Old Testament. Do you know what is the first calculation that was done after the floods? What is the first thing calculated was the first miracle of Jesus did? Water to wine is a very important part of the culture and it's very important because it's used as a disinfectant in the water. It's used as a health drink, but talk about alcoholic drinks alcoholic wines with Viber translate. The strong wine. That is not something you're supposed to consume of the Bible. Paul says I shall not bring this drink that okay, so don't get mixed up with the w i n e v i n e and the different kinds of w i n e. Let's abide in Christ. OK what's are some of the butt? Abiding guys feeling at home. Let's bring service time.

Let's stick to the scriptures and let the Holy Spirit speak to each one of our hearts that the fruits that come out of shipping according to what is written in the scriptures liquidations 5 to be what comes out of us a patient's Lovejoy. Let long-suffering let them Jordans come out through us. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Father because you are the one you are the vine the get attached to and then unload help us to True Vine. Let love flow out to us. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for the scriptures father said your word. Thank you for blessing of this word. Thank you for the given to her Lord. Jesus the comfort zone the power switches in you to buy in your presence. Thank you Jesus.

Alicia and be blessed Robin Andrew Belle and the new baby that is coming. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Father. What is a Madman?

Listen to the benediction May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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