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Galatians 2.1.10

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Another revelation

·                     A revelation

·                     Present the Gospel….Acts 25:14

·                     Preached to the Gentiles….κηρύσσω (kēryssō)..Rev 5:2, Mk 5:15-20

·                     Influential people….Acts 15 (Jerusalem Council)

·                     Run in vain…Run….τρέχω (trechō)….Vain (empty, w/o results)…κενός (kenos).

·                     Titus (Greek)….circumcision (Timothy…..Jewish and Greek) Acts 16:3

False brothers and false pretenses

·                     False brothers…..ψευδάδελφος (pseudadelphos) (fake believers) II Cor 11:26

·                     Secretly and spy (lie in wait and plot against)

·                     Freedom….ἐλευθερία (eleutheria) (curtain torn down)

The concept of freedom is expressed as a negation of control or domination, for example, ‘where the Spirit of the Lord is present, there is no longer domination.

·                     Slaves (make subservient, bring into bondage) to what? II Pet 2:19

Stay in the battle

·                     No surrender (military term to come under)..I Tim 2:11, 3:4, Titus 2:9

·                     Not for a moment…Matt. 8:5-13

·                     Truth….ἀλήθεια (alētheia), John 14:6 (I am …indicative mood)

That which is in accord with what really happens, facts that correspond to a reality, whether historical (in the time/space continuum) or an eternal reality not limited to historical fact

Empowered and entrusted….


·                     Entrusted…I have faith and  believe you can finish the work. Mark 16:17,       Rom 1:16

·                     Empowered….ἐνεργέω (energeō)  to cause to function…I Cor.12:6

·                     Be a pillar….I Tim 3:15, Rev 3:12

·                     What am I entrusted with and empowered to do…II Tim 4:1-5

κήρυξον τὸν λόγον

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