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August 10th…Tuesday

Tom and I are anxious to get away…all is packed and ready to put in the car…just waiting for noon to get off work. I was packed and had food for the trip ready.   He showed up with a smile and a hug and after checking the UV light on the fish filter that was leaking, we were off.

We topped off the car with gas and set the mileage reader.  Tom made good time and the only traffic was after Seattle – 41/2 hours, 250 miles, and 29 miles to the gallon.  We just missed the grass fire and the other accident with a semi by ½ hour or so….

There was a slight mix up at boarding…the captain thought 5ish…we didn’t all get there until 8:30 and then the first mate had to be called at a movie to come catch up on the smaller Zodiac.  While we waited, of course, Tom entertained himself by feeding gulls…7-8 cheetos and he was feeding them by hand. 

Of all things, three women show up and make a comment about Tom’s car shirt.  They are car people…racers with the Cascade Car Club.  It was funny but it gave them something to talk about while waiting. 

As we were waiting to take off, 7-9 herons were flying around and landed on the dock next to us.  One set looked like they were courting, well, one was, the other definitely wasn’t interested.  The male was very persistent.

The crew was a mixture of young girls and an older man from New York.  He was late because of the movie.  The Captain seemed aloof and cold although after later interactions, and seeing his sense of humor, it must have just been not having coordination.

When we could finally get on, Tom was very assertive to make sure that we got the two front bunks by the air vent.  As I went downstairs, though, I knew I was going to be in trouble with the first whiff of mildew.  .

It was waking up the next morning that was hard.  I had a really bad sinus headache.  It really scared me that the whole trip could be like that, but I tried to take my Sudafed and started feeling better.  Tom knew something was wrong even though I tried not to show it.  We made sure we slept outside the next two nights. 

As we took off from the dock the night before, Tom was giving me a hug and a kiss, thanking me for the trip and the Captain came by and said, “You two break that up! – Come help me!”  Tom followed him and took the stern…actually started driving the boat with the large, beautiful wheel.  I’ve never seen Tom more excited and happy as he sailed us into the sunset, got into a cove, and dropped anchor. 

The Captain was disappointed because he had set crab pots and was hoping to eat them that night but it was too late.  We had a short talk about what was expected and assignments that would be given out the next morning.  All would have a sailing station, clean-up duties, and a 2-hour watch.

We stayed up on top as long as possible before we went to bed that night and to be honest with you, I was so tired by 10:30ish that I didn’t care and fell asleep pretty fast.  I unpacked my sleeping bag and fell fast asleep with my earplugs in.  Tom didn’t sleep too well, as he was way too warm. 

The first morning was tough, as I woke with a sinus headache.  I tried to keep a smile on but I was nauseated also and that was tough as I was stuck on a moving ship.  Tom was very kind and got me coffee and we had oatmeal for breakfast.  It wasn’t long before I was feeling better.  Tom was pointing out all of the small schools of fish that made it look like the top of the water was being rained on.  We also saw jellyfish. 

We started our watches.  1.  The chart room – where you learned how to read the map and tell where you were if you couldn’t see landmarks.  It was really very interesting, as I didn’t know anything about that part.  2.  The second ½ hour was actually taking the helm and steering the ship.  Tom made sure he got me on video in a humiliating moment of the Captain making a snide comment about my driving.  I didn’t think you could keep turning the ship if there wasn’t any wind!  It was not as easy as it looked.  3.  This was my favorite watch…bow watch.  You sat on the main log that held the front sail and reported logs, sailboats, and especially low flying aircraft.  4.  Messenger is the forth ½ hour watch.  It was fun for the day and with 24 people, they rotated and you only had to do it once.

Tom has already got out name on the champagne in the icebox.  He seems excited about the trip and is having fun.  We just saw the Lady Washington…The Interceptor on Pirates of the Caribbean…beautiful with its full sails.  We are passing each other going different directions and as we pass, she shot off her cannon.  I got it on video!  Our crew was busy trying to fill water balloon thinking we could toss them over.

We ended up in a beautiful bay and got in the small boat and took a hike hoping to get good shots of the Zodiac.  We went to the end of the island but when we got to the end, you couldn’t even see the boat!  Then we looked at the time and had to jog back to make the deadline to get back to the ship.  We had 5 minutes to spare…I was wet…there were a couple wasps nests and a nose tree (with a little imagination).  As we ran back, I would pause and take pictures of the beautiful bays we were passing.  All we could do is watch our feet as we ran and hurried…I was determined to get pictures.

Dinner that night was spaghetti, bread, and salad: very good food.

Thursday morning brought a beautiful sunrise for Tom and I.  We slept under the canopy and it was very comfortable, fresh air, and stars beyond belief.  Tom saw the Milky Way for the first time.  No sinus headaches this morning!  I teased Tom about being “impulsive” but alas, the only humping was somewhere in the ocean by the whales…ha ha.  We were right on top of the roof to the main room open windows…I was glad he didn’t call my bluff.

The seals slapped a lot the night before but it wasn’t annoying.  They do that to fish.  The birds are songful this morning…sounding though like needy young.  Oh!  Two eagles on the beach ahead of us waiting for Mom and Dad to feed them.  They are the needy ones.  The sea lions are barking but otherwise, all is quiet.  Tom and I are the first awake.

Generators go on at 6 am.  There is fresh ground coffee at 6:20…Tom is the first down to get some.  I’m very comfortable here.  It’s awesome not be concerned with looking perfect….

I really believe God answered Tom’s prayer for me to be better with my allergies.  I can’t believe I did that walk without any asthma and both our stamina’s were better.  Exercise is helping the two of us.

Tom shared that he wanted pictures of his father with his guitars.  He’ll start lessons when we get back and when asked, he said he wanted the black guitar.

I’ve taken so many pictures and videos.  I’m surprised the card isn’t full yet and today will get the new card and battery.

You know, I probably shouldn’t enter this, but it is a real part of my journal.  I did have an uncomfortable experience.  It is definitely my problem.  When I see Tom lay on the charm with any young girl (the cute one with the weird hair) I get that sick feeling in my stomach again like I was back at the kitchen table and he was telling me he was attracted to someone else.  Why can’t I get over that?  Maybe admitting these events will help me in the long run.  I tell myself that was then, this is now….He is always telling me he loves me and giving me that look…I need to trust that.

We sailed some Thursday morning.  Not much wind.  It was fun seeing all the sailboats come to us and take pictures.  Tom got into a small boat and took everyone’s cameras in a five gallon bucket.  He teased that he was going to take pics of all the other boats instead of ours…you know Tom.  He got some awesome pictures for everyone.

We went to Friday Harbor and got some ice cream and tee shirts for Jerry, Paul and a visor for Nikki.  Tom did find an octopus for Paul.  (He ended up loving it!).  Dinner was grilled salmon, pasta salad, and fresh corn.  Tom loved the fish.  Breakfasts have been good too…oatmeal, pancakes, French toast.  Lunches were chili, turkey sandwiches, and vege wraps.  There always was fresh fruit, snacks, and drinks available.  It was nice to have cheese, crackers, and fruit with our wine.  I actually helped clean the anchor chain as we got ready to leave the harbor.

Next morning was heavy fog but not at first.  It was clear in the bay and Tom and I watched the fog roll in over the island.   .  The Leonid Meteor shower was last night…we saw several but not near like the ones Paul and us saw a couple of years ago.   The constellations were different in this area but the Big Dipper always seemed to be on the port side.  The ship was anchored sideways so we had a little more pitch and roll as tide came in. 

This is the first time Tom and I felt trapped.  We started getting ready to get back home.  We watched a video on a huge wooden ship that carried cargo by Cape Horn and storms it went through.  Incredible footage.  On our way here last night, we got out into larger sea water and we stood at the bow and enjoyed the pitching.  They were fun swells. 

Our last job for the day was me cleaning the anchor chain and Tom crawled down that small hole to get the chain in order (not tangled).  We got out of the fog and put up the sails one last time.  Tom hit the sailing station just right because he ended up steering the ship back into the opening of the harbor where the Bellingham harbor was.

Tom and I bee lined home and it was great to have a bath!

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