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Amos 5_1-27 Love Letter sermon support

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To my beloved:

As I write this to you I have polished off a bucket of chocolate chip Häagen-Dazs, played twangy sad country music, and wept for you. My heart is broken; there is little joy as I splay out my inner self to you on paper. What we had could have been so beautiful. I promised you my love, my care and my support. I looked forward building a foundation on which to raise a new generation sharing in our love. The future looked so amazing!

            Now I see you strutting around thinking you can do it all without me. You don’t need our relationship or at least a relationship built on fidelity. Unfortunately a relationship takes two, and if you are unwilling to be faithful, I am tired of holding things together… enough is enough! This relationship has long sense crumbled… you had best not be counting on it.

            So what are you going to do about it? Is this the part where you come crawling back on your knees - weeping and apologizing? Are you ever going to stop seeing other people, I mean really you can’t have me and them too (as if I haven’t made that clear!). Just thinking about you with someone else makes me sick to my stomach. I can hardly breathe… what a horrible feeling.  I just can’t imagine you doing the right thing…. I think I am going to take down all my pictures of you… cards you sent… the teddy bears… Yes I believe it is the right kind of night for a barrel fire. I just can’t keep looking at this stuff. It really does break my heart.

            Do you know who I am? I am loving, caring, compassionate, and long suffering. I didn’t need to be in this relationship, but I chose you. I took you in and helped you when your freedom had been taken away. I have and could do so much for you. Yet how do you repay my love? – you’ve become a slime bucket! What is with that? Instead of standing up for me and for what is right… you join in when people are being bullied and abused. You don’t stand up for those who are hurting. It is all about you isn’t it? You have turned out to be self-centred and selfish! You think if you take care of yourself first everything else will be okay, you are wrong! You can’t be selfish and be in a relationship! You can’t abuse and take advantage of people… and you can’t take me for granted! You can’t sleep around and expect that I’ll be waiting for you! It is time to stop being a jerk, a cheat, and a looser!

            But I know your history… jerk, cheat, and looser are hardwired into you! So you might as well get a head start on things and start crying now. You can wail as loud as you want… but tears are not going to cut it. I will not coming running to rescue you from your “boo-hoos”. I know your heart. And I really am not going to feel that bad. Maybe you can run to your prostitutes or mistresses for support. Oh wait… they are probably not around unless to you are willing to pay for services rendered. Too bad… so sad!

            Actually, you disgust me. If you see me walking down the street… please stay on your side of the road. I will not be running arms wide open. You have shown your heart! Your slimy, two-faced, cheating heart… and I am not interested!

            Well guess this is it… without a genuine change of heart… this is the end… the final good-bye. Please do not come back with lame ideas to try to keep both me and all your cheating ways. I am not interested. Too bad we could have had something special.




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