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85. To know God is, in the scriptural sense of the term, to be one with Him in the heart and mind, having an experimental knowledge of Him, holding reverential communion with Him as the Redeemer.  Only thru sincere obedience can this

communion be obtained.  R & H  Jun 30, 1910

86. True character is a quality of the soul, revealing itself in

the conduct.  Mara 223..GC 161-2

87. Obedience to God brings the soul into agreement with the

highest laws in the universe.  UL 25

88. The righteousness of Christ is not a cloak to cover unconfessed and unforsaken sins;  it is a principle of life that transforms the character and controls the life.  DA 555-


89. The atonement of Christ is not a mere skillful way to have our sins pardoned;  it is a divine remedy for the cure of transgression and the restoration of spiritual health.  It is the heaven ordained means by which the righteousness of Christ may be not only upon us but in our hearts and

character.  BC  1074

90. Watch out for false prophets.  They come to you in sheep's

clothing but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.  Matt 7:15

91. The commandments of God diligently studied and practiced, open to us communication with heaven, and distinguish for us the true from the false.  This obedience works out for us the divine will, bringing into our lives the righteousness and perfection that was seen in the life of Christ.  1 BC  1118

MS  43, 1907

92. There are many in the church who at heart belong to the world---Where is the self-denial, where is the cross-bearing that Christ has said should characterize His followers?  The reason we have so little influence upon unbelieving relatives and associates is that we have manifested little decided difference in our practices from those of the world.---When we reach the standard that the Lord would have us reach, worldlings will regard SDA as odd, singular, strait-laced extremists.  "we are made a spectacle to the world, to angels

and to men.  FE 289

93. Thru disobedience to God, Adam and Eve had lost Eden and because of sin, the whole earth was cursed.  But if God's people followed His instruction, their land would be restored to fertility and beauty.  God Himself gave them directions in regard to the culture of the soil, and they were to co-operate with Him in its restoration.  Thus the whole land, under God's control would become an object lesson of

spiritual truth.  COL 289

94. Men were to co-operate with God in restoring the diseased land to health,---and as the land they possessed would, if managed with skill and earnestness, produce its treasures, so their hearts if controlled by God, would reflect His character.  1 BC 1112

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