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Eschatology Compels Us To Pray

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Eschatology Compels Us To Pray


>       Last week we considered the man of lawlessness in 2:1-12.  He is a false messiah who claims to be god.  He will have satanic power to perform supernatural works & signs designed to deceive & seduce unbelievers to trust in him.  Jesus will utterly destroy him by the word of His mouth when He returns.

>       Eschatology is the study of last things or events…  Because there has been so much error regarding eschatology, we must be very discerning.  Test & examine teaching with the scriptures.

>       And we must diligently pray in faith & in the power of the HS.

I.       You Should Pray For Other Christians

A.     Give thanks for salvation (2Th. 2:13-14)

God is the author of salvation; He alone saves.  Paul is re-minding these believers of how & why their new life began; why they are different from unbelievers that will be deceived & seduced by false teachers & signs.  It is because God “chose” them & the power of the HS thru the gospel being preached “called” them to the glorious life of salvation.  Every Christian is a “brother beloved by the Lord” & for this we must always give God thanks.  When we face trouble & confusion, we must remember that our new life began only because of God & He will be faithful to the end (Phil. 1:6).

B.     Pray for perseverance & comfort (2Th. 2:15-17)

Paul has reminded these believers about their past con-version & promising future in the Lord.  A biblical under-standing of your past & future encourages you to stand firm & obey the scriptures in the present, “hold to the traditions” or teachings.  Because God has been faithful in the past for you personally, He will not fail you nor forsake you in the future = comfort for your heart.  There is no need to worry, be anxious or fear because God has predestined the believer to “obtain the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ” (2Th. 2:14b; Rom. 8:16-18, 29-30, 38-39).

II.    You Should Ask Other Christians To Pray For You

A.     Pray for the success of the gospel (2Th. 3:1)

After reassuring these believers, Paul now ask these persecuted, afflicted, weak, confused new believers to pray for him & the success of the gospel.  Some of the most effective & powerful prayers are from believers who suffer severely in this life.  As we have said to you before, many poor & suffering believers in others countries are praying for us in the USA.  If you are involved in gospel ministry, you should not hesitate to ask other believers to pray for you regardless of their troubles/suffering in life.  Success is not automatic; people who suffer understand the need for prayer

B.     Pray for protection & deliverance (2Th. 3:2)

Evil & wicked people oppose the success of the gospel.  They planned to harm Paul & any other gospel messenger. God is faithful to protect His people in gospel ministry, but He expects us to pray & ask for protection/deliverance. We must not presume that we will be safe & protected.  Following Jesus means that we are opposed & hated; it may be subtle & restrained, but it could break out in violence at any time… (1Jn. 3:13).  Therefore we need prayer…

C.     Pray in faith (2Th. 3:3-5)

Paul encourages them to pray in faith & confidence that God will not fail to carry out His will for these beloved brothers & sisters.  He will assuredly establish & protect them; grant them grace to love, obey God & persevere thru it all.  Nothing & no one could ever prevent God from doing His will for His people (Ps. 115:3; Dan. 4:35).

ILLGod made promises to Moses & Israel; God even told Moses His plans for Israel’s future.  Yet Moses still had to pray, seek God’s wisdom, help, protection, provision & deliverance along the way because life was filled with difficulties & troubles.

APPLKnowing God’s future plans for us & having His promises does not mean we pray less & live presumptuously, but rather we pray more.  Because our lives are also filled with difficulties, tests & troubles.  But we have victory thru prayer; grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, love of God our Father & fellowship of the Holy Spirit.


God will not fail us.  Not one of His glorious promises to us will ever fail.  He cannot lie and He would never bring shame to His own name & testimony.  The same was true with Israel; He did not deliver Israel from Egypt for His promises to fail even in their disobedience.  God is faithful, but we must pray to Him; we must seek Him, His wisdom, help, protection, provision, guidance, strength, love, grace, deliverance…  In times of trouble & confusion, call upon the Lord.  Call upon Him in faith & in the power of the Holy spirit.  Pray at all times & pray all kinds of prayer; pray for yourselves, pray for other Christians, ask other Christians to pray for you; never lose heart; never give up.  He will answer you.  God knows the glorious plans that He has for your good; plans for your future & hope, but you must pray.

And if you are not a Christian today you must pray too.  You must call upon the Lord for yourself.  Call upon Him to save you; to forgive your sins; to take away the guilt & shame of sin; to give you hope & a glorious future; to make you His own child & to make heaven your home.  Do it today; do it right now!

If you are not a member of a church or considering membership at a church, you must pray likewise.  Ask God if this is the place for you to join.  He will answer you & we would love to have you join us.

SUBJECT:  Eschatology Compels Us To Pray

TEXT:  2 Thessalonians 2:13-3:5

LOCATION:  New Hope Baptist Church

DATE:  January 13, 2008

OCASSION:  Sun. Morning Worship



Prepared by Willie D. Woodmore

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