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The Problem Is Sin!

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John 8:31-47


            Just a couple of weeks ago, a man entered a Unitarian Church and opened fire with a shotgun killing two and wounding six.  This past week, a gunman entered the Democratic Party headquarters in Little Rock and murdered the party chairman.  Tragically, these stories are not uncommon.  This past year, there were 44,891 violent crimes committed against Tennesseans.  Of these, 432 were murders and 2, 171 were rapes.  Every news cycle, the airwaves and headlines are filled with stories of man’s inhumanity to man.

            Religious and secular leaders try to explain the ugliness of our society.  For more than a generation now we have heard how disadvantage causes poor people to resort to a life of crime.  We’re told that violence results from the influence of movies and TV.  At the same time, the entertainment industry claims they are only mirroring what they see in the real world.  The senior editor of a major news magazine wrote: “Most Americans hate to admit we are in a crisis, but its bitter fruits are all around us---the racist, the wild kid, the price-rigging executive, the pregnant high school girl, the dope addict, the bribed athlete, the uncared for aged, the poor, and the criminal.”  It is amazing to me that we can design ships that can safely take us into space, yet in many cities we can’t walk  the streets after dark.

            This is not just an American problem, even if the rest of the world likes to make us think so.  Realistic people all over the world are realizing that we are in a mess.  And now it appears that we may be on the verge of WWIII.  Russia has invaded Georgia, is threatening Ukraine, and has even warned Poland that an alliance with the West could result in a nuclear attack!  The world stage is set for a charismatic leader to offer himself as the hope of mankind.  But that’s a topic for another day.

            Where has civilization lost its way?  I can tell you what the secularists say and believe.  They essentially place the blame on ignorance and poverty.


I.                   The Problem Is Ignorance (H. G. Wells)


A.    We need to get everyone educated

1.      This view is based upon the assumption that humans are basically good and need only to be educated to become perfect.

2.      This view resulted in Darwinism’s Survival of the Fittest.  First the Kaiser, then Hitler and Stalin used this theory as an excuse to kill millions

B.     Knowledge is not virtue, nor will it necessarily produce goodness

1.      If it were, then the best educated would be the most moral and ethical.  Go to any college campus and test the theory

2.      Men don’t need to know what to do; they need to know what is right and what is wrong!

3.      It is useless to ask education to do what it cannot

C.    Technological advances cannot effect the changes we need (cloning)


II.                The Problem Is Poverty (Karl Marx)


A.    Economic equality will produce the solution

1.      It will never exist.  At best we can hope only to achieve universal poverty

2.      The US has come as close as any nation without even getting near a solution

Note:  Even the poorest homeless person has more than the average Haitian or Ethiopian

B.     Money and happiness do not always occur simultaneously

1.      Those most likely to commit suicide are those with a college education and money in the bank

People erroneously believe that more money will make them happier

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