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Sunday, August 25th, 2019 - AM - The Disciple in Community, Pt. 2 (Matt. 5:21ff)

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Be killing your lust, or it will be killing you.

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For those who are we listening to this service outside These Walls by the beach, maybe online or some other way to listen to the services Broomfield Baptist Church. This is the pastor bring into Sunday morning as we continue our studies on how Jesus is expanding the spirit of the law in light of its letter and that will be found in Matthew and chapter number 5, you can join us and follow lump in Matthew chapter number 5, I'll draw your attention as we begin to 1 verse but we're going to go back and look primarily beginning and verse 27 if you would look with me at Birth number 48, you chapter number 5 and verse 48 Jesus begins to transition into his major Topic in The Sermon on the Mount

he closes his first major point about the law and how it needs to be received by one of his followers a disciple with these words. He says in Matthew chapter number 5 and verse 48 you stalking to the group. How to sign the word perfect means mature it means that I don't read sinlessness into this maturity. Be therefore perfect. Even as your father, which is in heaven is perfect. Now Heavenly Father we come before you and ask that you would be that we would learn something from your word this morning that would help us to walk in a little more maturity than we did yesterday as we follow the lord Jesus Christ near this morning myself included would be able to grow from the grace and knowledge of the word as we learn more about our savior has invited us to learn if we do. So this morning in Jesus name we pray. Amen, amen. And that is that if we protect our heart.

That will allow us to project our testimony. And when we as Disciples of the Lord as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ project our testimony from a protected heart that will lead us to be able to prevent the good news of the Lord. Jesus Christ is all those that are in our sphere of influence. So simply reminding you that means the projected are projected testimony means opportunities of a presented gospel. Jesus Christ called his disciples by the Sea of Galilee and they followed him and they left all some of them left everything and followed him and asked him and he opens his mouth as he was sitting on that Hillside that day. He caught them with the beatitude blessed are blessed are blessed are blessed are those attitudes if we will live that way we can expect tribulation. We can expect trial to come as we follow the lord and we can expect to be an abrasive element in this sinful world that God originally created as very good. Indian man has plummeted far away from God and his followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn't mean we're better than anyone else. It just means we found a way of proof and we found a way of what we promote that as we share that with other we're going to have to eventually tell someone they're wrong because everybody can't be right. We know the Bible says let God be true and let every man be a liar and so as we encounter tribulation Jesus Christ is going to help his disciples learn how to handle our difficult time even when it seems like it shouldn't be coming from the people that it's coming from These difficulties arise attitude be how should we respond to tribulation? How should we respond to persecution when we're simply trying to follow Jesus? That's all we want to do. We want to live for Jesus and yet we find out that there's trouble along the way will Jesus says number one.

Count it all joy, James would say the same thing that men and women have done to all of God's Messengers that they have rejected and deny the truth of his word. He says rejoice and be exceeding glad because well the world might not observe that while the world may not see that you're going through and they might they might have other ideas in mind about why you're going through what you're going through. God see and God knows in one day. He will reward those who Faithfully live for him until the end. She continues to draw their attention to a major problem within the religious life of their day. The disciples are going to live for the Lord. I see that ride from the outfit. He is already preparing his disciples for what he knows is going to come down the road. I take you and your mind to John chapter number 6 that great turning where the Lord said some difficult words and many went away from him that day so much so that he has to 12 evermay. Will you go away also? And from John chapter number 5 when he healed the lame man at the pool of Bethesda distracted expanded it written about all the work. They were the Commandments of God never thought that he never never instructed about the minutiae of the detail them. The religious leaders hadn't had fallen into Heart was far from truly Walking with God Jesus confronts their hypocrisy major point and he encourages his disciple don't fall into that trap. You don't want to be the one who becomes that that lawbreaker because you look at it you rationalize it away. And you say well, you know the losses there. So I'm going to live this way and become your hair right when you get all the external is right, but your heart begins to wonder if you wind up in religious mechanics and it's ceremonial. It looks real good. But your prayers are probably not getting answered the way that they really should and your hearts drifting away from God. Jesus said don't fall into that trap. He encourages his disciples to go and be model disciple maker teachers of disciple makers what we need to be discipled.

Richardson Elementary things down discipleship is the knowledge of Christ to others that they can influence and they become disciple teacher and they're teaching other disciple makers at that point. And that's where we see the early church going out.

I know it was Jesus Christ is helping his disciples in this section. After telling them. They would be the salt of the earth after instructing them about how they would be the light to work. He goes into this aspect of the wall and helps his disciple the one who would follow him. What's it like to know how to operate in community around them? How to deal primarily with passion is what we're looking at in this segment in verses 21 through 32. We're seeing how Jesus Christ is helping his disciples learn to deal with Iran word passion because what comes out of the heart is that which drives person in Solomon said he thought heart with all diligence for out of it or all the issues. It will set that watch over our heart. It will have that Watchman at the door of her heart. Then things will be a lot easier. Sometimes we go to sleep on the watch and Jesus would remind us to watch either Ford pray for you know, not when our presentation with time. But as we follow the lord, let's not forget. This is in a legal context every one of these is a reference to the legal system and the legal structure of Israel primarily on time. Has been written been said there was an oral tradition that, as I mentioned earlier that began to corrupt the whole system of Judaism. They were drifted away from God. We need to be alive in the first deals with that now, could you thought about it last week for those who were here to advocate for Christ in the People's Court? You've heard that it has been said it was said by them of old-time Thou shalt not kill.

Adult murder or you're going to get in trouble and you're going to have to go to jail for it's not just the external a converter that Godsey and will judge the act of hatred in the heart because that's the beginning of that seed that was planted enable are in pain that caused him to murder his brother Abel all the way back in the garden. And so it's that heart issue that Jesus Christ is concerned about not the letter of the law. And so Jesus goes on to say I say unto you that who that who took over his angry with his brother without a call notice the exception called there. Is there an exception clause With that statement hang on to that because that'll be important in just a moment whosoever shall with his brother hold on to it. She'll be in danger of the Judgment. That's where it starts in the heart. And if you go beyond that with a bracha will have to go before the Sanhedrin you'll have to go before the council and you'll have to deal with the same system in that you're going to have to go another way to the Sanhedrin. You're not going to just have to go to the local Municipal Court. You're going to have to go all the way up to the Supreme Court of the land. You're going to have to give an account for how you are dealing in treating wrongly your brother. Now. We've mentioned a brother you're angry at without cost at Dental School. If you think about who you shall be in danger of Hellfire, could you see the progression you got to see the progression it starts on the on the inside and then it makes its way that escalates is God and he will do what's right. He will bring into this point because this is a serious matter. buenos

the deal with this problem He says he goes on to say alright, you bring your gift to the altar. You got to worship God and yet you've had this had this going on and now you come to the altar. Let's deal with a different scenario. You're not the angry one. But you remember that your brother is angry with you and you're coming to try to worship God and the Holy Spirit brings that back to your mind. What do you do if you wanted to talk or see it right? Don't make it right as best as you can and then come back and offer and you can worship God always reconciliation with God. He's always about putting things back together that we have put on humility.

High point out that in Roman law someone could drag you. Let me literally physically drag you if you wouldn't go with them. They can drag you to the authorities and settle the matter settle it before it comes before law and legal situation. I'll just say this again because I said it before you are not hold on to be a doormat. as a Christian Please let that sink in when the testimony of the Ford is in per view. It is going to drag his name through the mud in the middle of the of the world that we're trying to reach. That's when these things apply specifically to the contact. Be reconciled be reconciled and there's a continuing progression here. You know, he goes on left anytime to the judge the judge to Liberty to the officer in prison. Don't let things simmer. I'll talk with a friend the other day that showed me a pot that was missing some of you who cook a lot of pressure cooker. It's nowhere around. Because whatever happened, you know, those pressure cookers safe, and then they reminder take deal with it when it's early on don't let things simmer and don't let them pressurize in the heart because there's three ways that you can deal with your anger primarily you can load with your anger and you maybe know people that do that. They just fly off the handle. There's other people that sell pressurized no build up pressure until find it at straw that breaks the camel's back.

And it said please is like this just let the steam off. Okay, just let the pressure down how you do that and say you know, what? Why am I fighting for this? There's a right that I perceive. It's been violated that I have. Usually it'll come down to that somebody that you have This is hard. This is the hard thing to do because you have to come before God and recognized that you as a Christian Americans. We believe that God damn unalienable rights and sometimes we would not be here today. If we didn't get angry with a card when 9/11 happen, then we wouldn't be here today. So I could hear on warfare and pacifism and all that stuff to the list. I think you understand what I'm saying? When we don't deal with it. Why do we should how do we deal with it? You need to acknowledge as a Christian. You have no rights before. Why can I say that? Why do you have no rights because you gave them all at Calvin you laid them all down. Instead I will take up my cross and follow him as a disciple. You're going to have to relinquish your right. This is where that person take that wrong you and you say you know, what? Vengeance is mine. I will repay saith the Lord. This isn't my fight anymore. This isn't my battle more. This is God's and your anger will start and you can let that steam off. You don't have to wait till you blow. You don't have to be the dynamite that goes off deal with it. All right. That's just a little helpful advice in the People's Court to the next court Jesus Christ in verses 27 to 30.

Not just in the People's Court, but in the private court now, we're getting more to the heart matters and the heart issues in verse 27 of Matthew chapter number 5. He said she said it was that bad. Dial shalt not commit adultery.

What I'm saying to you again parallel what you said about what it begins in the heart. He said whoever looks on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already are

Will difficult for you. That means what it says. It says what it means plain and simple if you need to understand that better make an appointment.

If you look on a woman now, this is a man looking out a woman obviously to lust after her he has committed adultery with her already in his heart. There's a bunch of men that are going to grab a woman.

the question he that is without sin cast the first stone.

interesting how he handled that scenario As we look at what Jesus the same here, it begins in the heart. It's so important that we set Watchmen at the gate notice. He's going to continue reading and he said it. Are there any stabbers with a crust in the heart is equivalent in God's Court in the private Court to adultery. Anything outside the marriage bond outside of marriage bed. That is how God would see this anything outside. That would be considered adultery in God's eye weekly. Then he said and if I ride on that is if your right eye offend thee.

Walk It Out and cast it from thee British profitable for thee that one of them members should perish and not that whole body should be cast into hell So do you see the progression again. Just as before you start with the council and then you move up to the same eventually to gosport. So here if you don't deal with it quick if you don't deal with it a heart in the heart, it will escalate and it will burn fire beyond your control.

Be sure your sin will find you out. Deal with it in the park as a disciple of the Lord. This is where we must do bad. This is a spiritual warfare in which we are engaged and we must bring every thought captive to the Cross of Christ because his name and his testimony is at stake If thy right eye offend thee pluck it out. There have been aesthetic months who took that quite literally. suggest to do that

look at it for what Jesus's meaning here. If there was anyone in church history and I use that broadly the term Broad and all that. They thought about a key doctrine that you can read about Minnie the writings in their Systematic Theology and Doctrine centers around this term that you find in the Epistles mortification.

Find me to some of mortification simply put mortification of the Puritans.

Put sand in your life to death or it will put you to death. And so Jesus says the place to deal with mortification is not once it's manifested out here with the hands in the feet and the eye he says we're to deal with it is in the heart. The only way you're going to be able to deal with this is where the power of the Holy Spirit by the way if you do it in your own strength and turn over a new Leaf. Can you give up on God God gave up on you?

Because it's from the inside out. What do you want? What do you desire? Well for young men at a certain age, then there's only a few things.

Maturity remember our birthday with begin with there for mature therefore perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect. think of the greatest image imagine the perfect father to be Answer over and step over a boundary line that he shouldn't as a true loving father. I submit to you unless he breaks down in the near here. That you stupid. What is our heavenly father is the perfect picture for us? We know that that is a picture of true genuine fatherly. Love. And when your eye is causing you to stumble because you can't look at a brother or a sister in a way that you would look at it as truth. Disciples of the Lord in you got a heart issue and you need help and in the middle of the sermon is not the place to get that help. That's why I'm telling you in all seriousness make an appointment with me. Nobody else has to know but you and me just come talk to me as your pastor. I would love to help you and it can just be between you and me and nobody else and I give you my word on that and I will do everything that I can to help you within my power to do that. I can play with you. I can help you. Don't leave here if you need help. Do not leave here. If you need help in this area. I want to help and we have a whole America filled with churches the Mystic I heard. broke my heart He may be over 50% And then I heard 60654 1075 80% is typically men in churches across our country deal with issues like pornography.

You have 10 people in the church. That means seven and a half of them.

We need help. And this will destroy your life faster than anything else. It will it takes down Ministry Pastor after Pastor if we're not careful the church will hurt and our life will be put under a bushel in Arkansas will have lost its Savor and we will be no good for the Lord Jesus Christ and the world needs us to be good. It needs us to be deceived to where we can bring Christ to those that need it. Most severely he says to deal with this if it's your eye pluck it out if it's your hand cut it off. Why because it's better that you do with the member and stop at their then let it continue in your whole being suffer the whole body.

What do we do with cancer?

If we can cut it out. treating get rid of the same principle

a little makes a hold of Rights a little sin in the church causes the whole thing to break down no matter the size of mature God help us. He says cancer from the it is profitable for thee that one of them members should perish and not of that whole body should be cast into hell notice. It's singular there. There's a lot of teas. Let me let me just emphasizing will have heard that it was said by what's that for her if she has committed adultery with her already in his heart singular individual? At one of them average person. That's why I take it you all this together. I didn't come up with this, but this is good.

What we have what? What do we have Liberty? I said it on these matters. What number do you have for this is what Jesus said if your eye is causing you to send.

Let me try that again if your eyes causing you to look okay, that's better. What is causing you to send.

when do it

Just don't.

Easier said than done. Sometimes it's in it. So this is the rule that Jesus laid down hypothetical. It's not Universal. So he was not requiring all of his disciples metaphorically speaking too blind or maim themselves. That's not what he's aiming for. But only those who ties hands and feet were a cause of them sitting. It is they who have to take action. Both of their eyes somebody else, of course. Even though they need to refrain from certain Liberties out of a loving concern for those weaker consciences are weaker Wills, but that's another $14 American is necessary for all those with strong families dealing with you. If you have any or all of us as a general principle is discipline. In guarding the approaching of 10. Are you with me?

Houston illustrate the posting of centuries That's commonplace. Military tactic. Is it not we had watch me that watch the shore certain islands in the Pacific during World War. We had we had those signals and they would be at the Watchman on the wall. In the cities in Jesus's day would have those watch. Watchman what of the night what are the night now? Let's think about our own Temple of the Lord.

Posting of sentience. This is commonplace. Military Tech. Moral Century duty is equally in dispenser. You cannot live unscaved in this day and time and not have a century at your arms and your hands and your feet. Joe said like this, I've made a covenant with my eyes wherefore. Should I look upon me? Who set that watch at the gate when it comes we deal with it there before it ever entered into the city now. Because the heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. So the moral Century duty is indispensable.

Those are good words. Let me give you a modern-day equivalent. Is your computer causing me to scan is your computer of any of your smartphone causing you to look at things? You shouldn't cut it off. Here's a little thing in the wall. There's a little thing in the back of your phone. Call the battery.

Unplugged the thing. Are the power off? And I like how fast the rainbow used to say. If you think you have it all down and you are going to have computers make sure you have that thing locked down so tight I couldn't get in there if you want to do that's how he put it in my life.

It's not working.

You've got to be ever diligent. You know what? I mean? It's everywhere and it's not just at the XM were here Colorado. You just drive down the freeway and it's click click.

Buy your weed online. I mean we are just inundated in Wyoming yesterday and I came into Colorado and immediately.

And if it was a medical provider.

whether it's drugs alcohol West we have to deal with it. Before it becomes a cancer that eats us from the inside out. You're not going to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. And keep your eyes on the cross if you're constantly distracted with all these other left and anger and these issues that we were looking at. Are being an advocate for Christ in the People's Court on Jesus and on the cross and remember why he's called you to do what he's told you to do that is to follow him and he would make him become Fishers of Men but you can't you can't watch the line. You're all distracted over here, but this is going to get away. That stole is going to be one that you miss because you're engaged in other activity at some profitable for you. And when you stand before the Lord Jesus Christ, you will give an account. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. And wishing and here I can be a friend as long as you let me know and I can save you right now with these words from some of that future anguish and pain but you got to do for you. You have to get it. Following Jesus and I play with you and just trust in the Lord. Don't provide for all your needs all those things you're worried about. It's going to take care of.

You need to learn to trust him.

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