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Lies bring brokenness, truth brings freedom. There may be a number of reasons why we lie but God is clear, he detest lying lips and delights in those who tell the truth. Although lying may seem like the easier thing to do, one lie has the potential of leading us down a cycle of lies. With this in mind, let's be quick to confess and quick to forgive all the lies.

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Catchy Introduction

The University of Mass did a study on lying
60% people cannot have a 10 minute conversation without lying
This message—less than 10 minutes—to insure I don’t lie
The average person lies 4x a day
This problem does not start when we get older
By 4 years of age—90% of children have learned and use the concept of lying
This is why the parent stands at the door way of a kids room and say:
Parent— “Clean your room.” Kid— “I did.”
Have you ever had that kind of conversation with someone?
You don’t have to be 4 years old—adults lie just as much
You may know that person you love is lying to you—they will not admit it and you’re about to go insane
Why do we lie so much?
We can’t blame lying on anything genetic—so why do we lie so much?

Introduction to Series

If you haven’t noticed—today we’re talking about lying
Part 2 of Throwing Shade
Throwing Shade means to publically criticize or express contempt
Which = putting others down
Pastor Kevin started last week—words matter
There is either life or death in the words we speak
The quality of our words determines the quality of our life
For the rest of this series we’re getting specific
Lying, criticizing, complaining, gossiping
If you find the quality of your life not so great—maybe it’s because we have a problem with one or more of those items
But it’s no secret—we all lie—some of us have done it so much we think we’re good at it
Here’s the thing about lying—it does more damage then we could possibly imagine
Why do they need to know this?
If you have yet to experience that public damage—hopefully we’ll recognize how lying affects us and others
And learn the secret to setting us free from this habit
I want to start by reading God’s thoughts on lying:
, “The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in those who tell the truth.”
Why so dramatic God?
God detest it?
How many things in the Bible does God detest?
mentions 7 things he does detest—one of those 7 being a lying tongue
Why do you detest it?
In first couple of mins—asked two questions
Why all the lies?
Why does God detest them?
These questions are going to guide our discussion today


Some say they are good at telling if other people are lying or not
There’s a TV show called brain games—there’s a magician who plays different con-games
He takes some dice—asks them to put in cup—shake up
He guesses which number is in the cup based on the way they say no when he calls numbers
He states in one of the episodes, “When you hear of con-games—you think convict or con-artist”
When it’s really all about confidence—this guy can exploit people’s confidence to win the game
So their “confidence” really is false confidence
All of us—I believe—have this confidence—really a false confidence in lying
We believe that lying keeps us safe, away from harm, away from hurting others—not true
I did a series called my big fat mouth with the youth—got sermon series title from another church
In that we talked about lying
I asked our youth, “What are some reasons we lie?”
Their answers: impress, avoid conflict, shift blame, “be nice”
We discussed a very hard reality
This reality is found in
Jesus is disputing
, “44 ...He [the devil] was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”
44 ...He [the devil] was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the
truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native
Here’s the hard truth: when we lie, we are speaking the devil’s language
If we’re not careful—there’s a cycle to lying we can get deeply intrenched in
language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
Lying to Others
We’ve all heard of the little white lie
“They’ll never know.” “I’m doing this for their benefit.”
Protect someone you love
These little white lies may look like:
Exaggerating story to impress friends
Cheat on test
Lie about who your hanging out with
starting a rumor, spread a rumor (always check with the source),
Leave out details in a story to make yourself look good
Lying to Ourselves
This begins when we lie so often others that we begin believing the lies we made up
Happened to me in high school—mom—sorry about this next part
When I was in high school—partied—drank/smoked—lying about where I was/who I was with
I lied so much I began to lie to myself and that lie sounded like, “I’ll never get caught.”
Probably number 1 lie we tell ourselves
Years went by with me partying like this—lying to myself—got caught by dad buying cigs at gas station
Mom—I love you—dad did punish me but he didn’t think I needed to die
, “He who walks in integrity walks securely, But he who perverts his ways will be found out.”
Living a Lie
This may not be all of us but it may be some
If you think you would never get to this point—reference Proverbs 52:7
In the words of Justin Bieber—never say never
If there is one thing about my humanity—I constantly surprise myself with the trouble I can get in
True for all—either looking in the past or right now
Can look like:
You're nice to everyone at work but treat your spouse with disrespect
Amazing life on Instagram—Fight depression and discouragement
List could go on—you say and believe one way but act a different way
I think we can see why God detest lying and how we get in these cycles of lying
You may find yourself in the midst of this cycle—what do you do?


Craig Groeschel put it like this: Confess to God for Forgiveness and to People for Healing
, “Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.”
, “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”
If we find ourselves in this cycle—ask God for forgiveness
Tell those you lied to the truth so that relationship can be healed
Lies bring brokenness—whether or not that person knows the lie you’ve been telling
Yes—there may be consequences—betrayal = must painful human emotion
That person may be mad, may leave
Lies bring brokenness, truth brings freedom
Freedom to your soul—baggage will be off shoulders—you have nothing to hide


Introduce main power of the text
Why do they need to know this?
Why do they need to know this? Application What do they need to do? What’s one main to do? Conclusion Why do they need to do it?
says to pray for each other and you will be healed
If you find yourself in this cycle—pray
What do they need to do?
Because the reality is the devil wants you to lie—easy for him because he doesn’t care about you
What’s one main to do?
But Jesus does—if you haven’t started following him—pray
Why do they need to do it?
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