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Jesus Died to Rescue People From Every Nation

The Gospel of John  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  37:53
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God's Plan: Transforming evil plans and words for His plan. The Extent of God's Plan: The gathering of all God's people.

 QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER JOHN: THAT YOU MAY BELIEVE John 11:45-53 “JESUS DIED TO RESCUE PEOPLE FROM EVERY NATION” Sept 8, 2019 As you listen to the Sermon today, try and answer some of these questions to contemplate the meaning of the text and think about how it applies to your life. 1) What was the reaction to Jesus’ raising of Lazarus for the Jewish religious leaders? What did they plan to do and why (vs. 45-51) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2) How did God use Caiaphas’ words and the plan of the Sanhedrin for His own glorious purpose? What does this tell you about the nature of God and how He works? (vs. 51) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3) Write down your thoughts and speak with family or a friend regarding this question. What did Jesus accomplish through His death on the Cross? What is the difference between Jesus providing a potential salvation and an actual one? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4) As you compare this passage with Revelation 5:9, what does Jesus death guarantee and how should this affect how we approach evangelism both in our community and all over the world? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5) In a personal way consider the reality that if you are trusting Christ then you know that His death was specifically for you. He was very specifically dying to rescue you. That it was God’s plan from eternity? How does that make you feel and how should you respond? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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