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Sabbath Lesson:  Earthly Sanctuary

History:           Exodus…10 Commandments (Covenant) at Sinai…Ex. 20:18  People asked for an intercessor…Numbers 12:4…Ex. 33:7  Tent of Meeting…God talks to Moses as a friend while Tabernacle is made…

Documentations:         Bible – Ex 25-28, 35-40  (details…familiar constructions Egypt)

                                                1 Kings 6

                                                11 Chron 3-4

                                                Ezekiel 41-43




Alter of burnt offering:  Fire was never to go out…coals carried when moved.

                                                                                                 Both outside tent………..

Laver:   Large basin holding water for priests ablutions

Table of Shewbread: 12 unleavened bread loaves, renewed every Sabbath by new priests, eaten by outgoing priests.  Levites made it…1 Chron 9:32

Sign:  of gratitude for His provisions of food

            Christ was the Bread of life  John 6:29-38  12:24-33



Candlesticks:  made of 1 talent of solid gold = 81 #  burned continually by olive oil.  Lit at evening sacrifice and extinguished and trimmed and filled at the morning sacrifice.

            Sign: God’s provisional guiding

            Christ was the Light of the world  John 8:12

            Christ lights every man…John 1:9

            God’s final and ultimate revelation  Heb 1:1-2

Alter of Incense:  Lit each morning and evening by coals of fire from alter of burnt offering…special mixture of spices and gums.  Formula given in Ex 30:34-38 and was banned for private use..penalty of excommunication.

            Day of Atonement:  High priest takes coals within the Holy of Holies and

sprinkles incense of the fire preparatory to sprinkling the sacrificial blood before

the mercy seat.  Lev 16:12-14

            Sign:  Christ portrayed to us as our intercessor  John 17:1-26  Heb 7:25

                        Through Him our prayers ascend to God as sweet perfume.  Heb 13:15

                        Ps 141:2   Rev :8   8:3,4




 Family of Aaron chosen for priesthood…challengers paid penalty.  Num 16:17

Nadab and Abihu slain for improperly offering…

King Uzziah stricken with leprosy for insisting of offering incense against the protests of the priests.  11 Chron 26:16-21

Zecharias, John the Baptist’s Father, was offering incense when visited by the angel…

Ark of the Covenant (Num 10:33) or Ark of the Testimony (Ex 25:22)

Inside Holy of Holies…had led called a covering or by Martin Luther “Gnadenstuhl” which translates “Mercy Seat”.  Ex 25:20, 22 

Had two cherubim  Ez. 1:5-14  general description..standing position (2 Chron 3:13) facing another looking down on the seat with wings forward in a brooding position.  Ex 25:20  Deut 32:11

Between the Cherubim the shekenah glory rested…Ex 25:22, 40: 34-35, Lev 16:2

VISIBLE manifestation of Yahweh’s presence…

Contents:  2 tablets of stone Moses copied of 10 commandments

            Copy of the law written by Moses…Pentateuch?  Found later by King…revival…

            Golden pot of manna  Ex 16:33-34

            Aaron’s rod that budded  Heb 9:4  Num 17:10

Powerful…went before people when they traveled…water parted…Jericho fell…

Sign:  Perhaps symbol that angels needed this too?  Watching great controversy?  Watchers and helpers of men?


  1. Portrayed heavenly reality  Heb 9:23-24
  2. Typical of the CHURCH “habitation of God through His Spirit”  Ex 25:9  Eph 2:19-22
  3. Typical of individual believer who is a temple of the Holy Spirit  1 Cor 6:19  22 Cor 6:16
  4. Holiness of God demonstrated – He exists apart from sin…High priest once/year came into His presence with sacrificial blood.
  5. Demonstration of the grace of God – that He would dwell with us….?!
  6. Chief Significance of the tabernacle belongs to the theology of the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ.  John 1:14  Word was made flesh

Col 1:19, 2:9  Fullness of God was pleased to dwell in Him. 

A principle bridge between Old Testament and Christ.  On one hand…

   Furniture of the court:  symbolized man’s approach to God.  Alter provided forgiveness   

   of sin.  Heb 9:22

on the other hand:  Furniture of the Holy of Holies spoke of God’s approach to man.  Here holiness, grace and sovereignty of God were demonstrated in God’s provision. ;’’

Christ our high priest took sin on himself…Heb 9:11-15  10:19

Furniture of holy placed pictured Christ’s work as mediator between God and man.  Why?  We asked for it…

Jews in Christ’s time (most devout/worst enemies) were seeped in this symbolism but they hated the God manifested in Christ.  They accused Him of doing away with the system and even Sabbath.  Mat 5:17…He came not to destroy but to fulfill and explain what they misunderstood.

DA p157  Christ ached for the poor because they could not afford good blood….?

Power is not in the blood…Hematolotry….it is the meaning of the blood…Shedding of Christ’s blood means He died.  His death demonstrates his love and proof of trust.

1888…Why then the Law?  It was an emergency measure to lead us to Christ.

How do we explain the Heavenly Sanctuary?  Will we misunderstand what Christ is doing like the Jews did all those years and echo the devil’s insinuation?  That Christ died to satisfy the wrath of a God angry with sin?

Jesus before he died…told his disciples John….14..Show us the Father

PLAIN LANGUAGE:  Not dark speech       15…Servants/Friends

                                                                        16…If you’ve seen me…I will not say I will ask the Father to forgive you….He loves you Himself….

Study next week and week after on Judgment……….

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