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Lee Corso - Sports Announcer for ESPN was announcing a college football game in 2003 between TCU and Southern Mississippi. At the time, TCU was shocking the college football world - they were undefeated. Southern Miss was destroying TCU and Corso said, "I know of two things that build character - one; How you handle adversity. And two; How you treat people that you DON'T need."

I want you to think about that for a minute. I want you to think about the way you are treating people. If someone can help you - maybe in your career, or with your education, or financially or any other way. We treat people pretty well when they can help us, or recommend us. But how do you treat people you don;t need?

The seminary I attended hired a new professor. This guy was a "mover and shaker". I have a good friend who at the time was working on his D.Min degree (Doctorate) (Bruce Webbis my friend)

My friend was thrilled that the seminary hired this "heavy hitter" preacher to be their new professor of Bible at seminary. My friend, as quickly as he could went to the new prof(heave hitter's) offfice to see when they could eat lunch together. The secretary put it on the calendar - a month or two away.

My friend counted the days when he could go to lunch and dine and learn from this "heavy hitter of the faith". Finally, slowly the day came. My friend went to the office - no secretary and the prof appeared to be asleep or in prayer.

My friend said, "I'm scheduled to have lunch with you today."

The heavy hitter mumbled and fumbled and finally said, "Well, everybody has to eat." My friend is a little slow - but even he got it - this guy does not want to have lunch with me. My friend said, "look you're busy - I know what that's like - I was budy once...if youl'd rather reschedule lunch - I'm faine with that." The heavy hitter said, "Look, we all got to eat... lets' go to lunch."

My friend is thinking..."Do I really want to go to lunch with this guy?"

In the car the heavy hittter is obviously annoyed to be going to lunch with such a nobody. Now the third time my friend says it, "Look, I'm really fine to do lunch some other time..." The heavy hitter looked to my friend and said, "Don't be neaurotic about it - I AM going to eat lunch with you."

Well, what a lunch, right?

Actually when the prof learned my friend was not a lowly master's student but rather in the DOCTORAL program - the heavy hitter percked up...."Oh, I didn't realize you are a DOCTORAL student." The heavy hitter begins to treat my friend a little better.

Then he learned my friend was pastor of the Island Baptist Church in South Padre Island. The heavy hitter beamed!!!

The heavy hitter gushed over the pastor. Now he was "SOMEBODY!" The heavy hitter said, "I love the beach...I would love to do a revival at your church!"

Folks, nobody wants to be treated like a jerk. How do you like to be treated?

With respect. Honor, well once in a while would be great. How do YOU treat those that can NEVER help you?

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