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The Judgment: Everyone's opportunity to confirm that no additional
information or evidence would change their stance on God or His law.

John, I hear you loud and clear and I think you have said it well.  Alan
rightly challenges us in Re: The thief on the cross.  May I submit that
that I don't see a conflict between the two.  The thief had a history the
Bible doesn't give us except in the notion that he was a thief and was
being brutally dealt with by a civil government that used crucifixion as
a deterant to external bad behavior.  I sense that as with a lot of the
others whom Jesus healed in the previous three and a half years, Christ
was reaching out to both thieves but only the one responded, because
only the one was willing to see himself in his fallen and rotten
as you report you did on that Mediterranean Yacht, and a willingness to
acknowledge his (and yours) need for something better.

Would you see light in the thought that had that thief not died that day,
would have been a most avid follower of Christ, and by beholding would
have been changed in the same way that the two Sons of Thunder were
radically changed?  Christ knew that and so declared him safe to save!
I'm thankful that Christ reads the intents and purposes (motives) of the
mind (and heart).  So in the same way, Christ says to us each, "Because
you have sensed your need and realize that without Me you are dying and
will die the death I died, you now become safe to save.  Stick with Me at
all times, and together united, as the branch to the vine, (John 15) you
and will bear the fruit of character which I can harvest into My kingdom
as evidence of what My love can do to heal you of the damage sin did
in your life."  That, in its simplest expression and form is
By Faith, i.e. as AGM has said so often, "God can and will save and heal
all who trust in Him."

Great Controvery 1911
      from Dan Standard

     It is beyond the power of the human mind to estimate the evil which has
been wrought by the heresy of eternal torment. The religion of the Bible,
full of love and goodness, and abounding in compassion, is darkened by
superstition and clothed with terror. When we consider in what false colors
Satan has painted the character of God, can we wonder that our merciful
Creator is feared, dreaded, and even hated? The appalling views of God which
have spread over the world from the teachings of the pulpit have made
thousands, yes, millions, of skeptics and infidels.  {GC 536.2}
     The theory of eternal torment is one of the false doctrines that
constitute the wine of the abomination of Babylon, of which she makes all
nations drink. Revelation 14:8; 17:2. That ministers of Christ should have
accepted this heresy and proclaimed it from the sacred desk is indeed a
mystery. They received it from Rome, as they received the false sabbath...

I'm glad you decide to give us your viewpoint. It was great. I agree with
you. The term "washed in the blood" has always confused me and it is
Biblical as near as I can tell. If I were to translate the words it would
be something like being "baptized into His life." Then it makes more
sense to me. By being buried and raised into the newness of His life I
have invited Christ to heal me by removing the sin that is there. Since
Sin has changed me into producing evil actions then He can enable the
good that is in me to grow and produce good actions. My beholding of
Christ's life and acceptance of His working within me causes a change for
the better. Jesus refuses to "take over" my life but will urge me to
cooperate with His hints and directions so that any change He has worked
in me becomes mine to keep as my own character.

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