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I Kings

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I Kings

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Put this in the larger setting of the whole Bible with God’s plan of restoring peace to the universe, and setting of the GC.  Rev 12:7  War broke out in heaven…Michael and his angels fought against the dragon…accuser of the brethren thrown down.  They have conquered…Rejoice…woe to earth..time is short.  Genesis…God accused of lying.  Job…Satan accuses, life of Christ…conflict, John 8:44 Jesus says, “you are children of the devil”.  No truth in him…father of lies.

Bible is record of this conflict…what do you think of God’s way of winning this conflict?  Romans 3…Paul refers to God’s people.  What if some are unfaithful?  Does that nullify God’s faithfulness?  No, let God be proved true…win your case when you take it into court.  Win case when He is being tried…God does not use power to win this war.  Truth!  That is why we have so much evidence…Judging being judge…who could take God into court?  He has invited us…We are not judging anyone else.

Luther not clear about this…”fancied about a war in heaven”.  James 2:19…Devils tremble at God’s power…not issue.  Has God told the truth and can he be trusted?  Without trust God cannot have anything he wants…doctors can’t heal patients without trust.  God wants friends not faithful servants…John 15:15.  Friendship needs trust which eliminates fear. 

In old days God spoke to us through prophets…then through Son.  Do you find Kings helpful?  Old age of David…how they kept the king warm…”KNOW” insinuates intimacy…Adam knew Eve…Jesus…go away I never knew you?  Hosea 6:6 desire steadfast love and knowledge of God not sacrifice.  (Parallel lines compliment each other…)  John 17:3  To know God is life eternal.  Why mention this story?  More details of life under the monarchy?  Abaishag became part of the court intrigue later on.  2:5,6  David asks Solomon to eliminate 2 people…

Why didn’t David get to build the temple?  Solomon did some questionable things?  Solomon took foreign wives…people were sacrificing in high places.  King went to Gibeon to sacrifice…some much talk about destroying the high places.

Solomon’s request granted wisdom…how could Solomon be blessed with such wisdom and make such a fool of himself later on? 

Baby story?  Great demonstration of wisdom…building of the temple and bringing up the ark.  Cloud filled the house of the Lord…glory filled…8:22  Solomon says…

41…foreigner comes because of your name to pray…so all may know you and fear you.  46  if they sin against you and you are angry and give them to an enemy and repent with all their hearts and pray to you…hear and answer and forgive. 

Ezekiel says it is God’s name that needs to be reverenced…people are not changed or good to be returned…

2 Chron 7:1  fire came down and consumed sacrifice…

Ecc lists Solomon’s achievements….how did Solomon collapse?  11:1-8  loved many foreign women…daughter of Pharaoh…Moabites, Edomites…concerning which the Lord said you should not marry into them…what about Ruth and Boaz?  Wives turned away his heart after other gods…not like David’s.  He even burned his own children in the fire..built a high place…(Molek) did the same…built the high places.  Maybe he thought he could introduce them to his God but was gracious to build theirs to comfort them?

God looks very generous here…Tears out the kingdom…no in his lifetime…not during his son’s.  How Neh 13:26, could Solomon do this?  People went right back into intermarriage and involving heathen worship. Foreign women made even Solomon sin.  Wasn’t he supposed to be wise?  Does wisdom take away our freedom?  Consequences of freedom.

Lucifer…was he flawed?  Perfect environment…sinless…perfect…God gives us the ability to go our own way.  Solomon comes to his senses and God has him write Ecc. 

God  looks good in the story. 

God could have made us differently…we wouldn’t even have to know…but what does this say about God?  Freedom means this much to Him?  God values nothing higher than the freedom of his creatures.  God will not manipulate us to love him.  A lot of the awful stories of the Bible are consequences of our own actions. 

Jeroboam and Reaboham…Prophet lying story…what’s the purpose of this story?  Why lie?  Do we do what we do because of what we know or what God is said to say?  Do we hear other speaking in authority?  Younger prophet could not say the older was a liar?  Could he have gone back to God for the answer? 

If someone should arise…Deut  God is testing you? 2 0…angel of the Lord told me…if God said it, I believe it…don’t be to quick to believe.  Jesus even warns many false prophets will arise…how do we know?  John tells us to test the spirits?  Look at the times…king going after other gods?  Elijah story…he was convinced! 

Ahab’s wife…Jezebel…he thought he was the only good one left…7000 others.  He stood alone and showed his faith.  God moved with great power…when excitement moved away he became depressed.  Went to cave…Go out to see  the Lord…wind, earthquake, fire…moved everyone on Mt. Carmel…but no…still small voice. 

By might and power God had a great victory…even slaughtered other prophets. 

God wants to be friends…Judas despised it…John on Pathos…writing Rev and remembering this One washed his dirty feet.  Which do we prefer?  Meekness is despised…Moses saying it was not a compliment.

John 15:15…God prefers this method.  Elijah learns this and then is translated. 21  King Ahab to north…he was evil.  21:25    21:8  Jezebel

Vineyard story…depression because he could not purchase it…Jezebel gets it through deception.  Naboth killed unfairly…22:4  Battle plans….inquire of the Lord.  400 some and they said go…(it doesn’t say they lied).  Miciah inquired by Jehoshaphat.  Miciah held true…he told the truth.  Truth didn’t mean anything to the king.  Evidence comes when it happens.  

Evil sprits?  Who did they come from?  King did not believe but put on a show of religion…400 prophets.  In those days, still small voice had no influence over these at all. 

Next book, king consults god of flies!  She bears…

More sinful we are…better God looks.  Ch 22:45  actions written in book of annuals…

Light moments….widows feeding the hungry stories  read on…2 Kings…God gives them up

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