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BOOK                 MATTHEW        MARK                 LUKE                  JOHN

THEME              KING                   SERVANT          MAN                    GOD

                                    Zech. 9:9                     Isa. 52:13                    Zech. 6:12                   Isa. 40:10

Date Written          A.D. 58-68                  A.D. 55-65                  A.D. 60-68                  A.D. 80-90

PRESENTED      TO JEWS                  TO ROMANS           TO GREEKS                        TO WORLD

                                    (Religious)                  (Pragmatic)                (Idealistic)                   (Universal)


ANCESTRY       To Abraham                None                           To Adam                     God

                                    And David

Traced To               Royalty                                   None                           To Humanity               To Eternity


Symbol                    Lion                             Ox                               Man                             Eagle

Theme                    Messiah King              Servant/ Redeemer      Perfect Man                Son of God

Emphasis                What He                      What He                      What He                      What He

                                    Taught                         Wrought                      Sought                         Thought

Provision                 Righteousness             Service                                    Redemption                Life

                                    3:15                             10:45                           19:10                           10:10

Key Word               Sovereignty                 Ministry                       Humanity                    Deity

Pictured                   Promised                    Powerful                    Perfect                        Personal

As                               Savior                          Savior                          Savior                          Savior



Pre-Existence of Jesus                                                                                                                        1:1-3

Jesus’ Birth                 1,2                                                                   1,2

John The Baptist         3:1-12                          1:1-8                            3:1-20                          1:6-42

Jesus’ Baptism                        3:13-17                        1:9-11                          3:21-22

Temptation                  4:1-11                          1:12-13                        4:1-13

1st Miracle                                                                                                                               2:1-11

Judean Ministry                                                                                                                      2:13-4:3

Visit To Samaria                                                                                                                     4:4-42

Galilean Ministry        4:12-19:1                     1:14-10:1                     4:14-9:51                     4:43-54

Abut 2 years                                                                                                                            6:1-7:1

Visit to Jerusalem                                                                                                                    5:1-47

Later Judean               Ch 19,20                     Ch 10                          9:29-24:1                     Ch 12-19

About 4 months         

The Last Week                        Ch 21-27                     Ch 11-15                     19:29-24:1                   Ch 12-19

Post-Resurrection        Ch 28                          Ch 16                          Ch 24                          Ch 20-21



Christ was going to be presented to widely different types of men, who made up the world. Each race was capable of appreciating one particular kind of presentation more than another.


There were four classes of people in Jesus’ day that represent four types of men today. The Jew had his special training. He was steeped in the Old Testament scripture and the prophets. Matthew writes the story of Jesus’ life on earth especially for this people. If the Jew was to be impressed, it would have to be by one of his own race. His teacher must be a man versed in the Old Testament, and in the customs of the Jews. They must know that this Jesus came to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament. Over and over again we read in Matthew. “THAT IT MIGHT BE FULFILLED.”” AS WAS SPOKEN BY JEREMIAH THE PROPHET.”


Mark wrote to the Romans, the masters of the world at that time. 90 percent of the people were Slaves. The Romans wanted to know what kind of work can this man do. The Romans knew nothing about the Old Testament Scripture. They were not interested in prophecy being fulfilled. But they wee vitally concerned over a remarkable leader who had appeared in Palestine. He had claimed more then ordinary authority, and had possessed extraordinary powers. They wanted to hear more about this Jesus, and what He had done.

The Romans like the straightforward message of one like Mark. 1,375 times the word “and” is used in Mark. It moves on in a beauty and force all its own. Mark’s Gospel is filled with deeds, to back up his words. Clearly it is the Gospel of the Ministry of Christ.

The Romans of Jesus’ day was a type of the average businessman of today. He is not concerned about the genealogy or a King, but what can this man do? “Who is Able”’ a God who can meet man’s every need. Mark is the businessman’s Gospel.

They were concerned about his work. So you will not find his Genealogy or his Great Sermons, because people do not care where a worker came form or what he really has to say. They care about can he do the work


This Gospel was written by a Greek Medical Doctor, to his own countrymen, who were loves of beauty, poetry and culture. They lived in a world of large ideas. Their tastes were studious. The Gospel of Luke tells of the birth and childhood of Jesus. It gives the inspired songs connected with the life of Christ. We find the salutation of Elizabeth when Mary visited her. Luke 1:42-45. We hear the song of the virgin mother Luke 1:46-55. Even Zacharias burst into praise when speech was restored to him Luke 1:68-79. At the Savor’s birth a chorus of angel voices ring out Luke 2:13,14, and then the shepherd’s song of praise to God in Luke 2:20 is heard. The Greeks were interested in the perfect man Luke presents the only Perfect man.

The Greek is the type of the student and idealist today who is seeking after truth for he believes that is the goal of happiness. The Greeks wee concerned about he Ideal man, the Ideal leader, the Ideal teaching. Luke a Medical Doctor gives us the details about Christ conception and birth. He gives us the Record of Mary’s Genealogy to show that Jesus Christ is the perfect man.


John is written to all men, that they might believe that Jesus is the Christ. Christ is portrayed as the Son of God. This Gospel is filled with extraordinary claims that attest His divine character and mission.

The “all men” of John’s day were like the masses today who need Christ. They include the “whosever” who will believe on the Lord Jesus because they have a sense of need and want to receive the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ the Lord.


Matthew ends with our LORD'S RESURRECTION                                               MATT. 28

Mark     ends with our LORD'S ASCENSION                                                        MARK 16:19-20

Luke      ends with our LORD'S PROMISE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.                   LUKE 24:49

John       ends with our LORD'S PROMISE OF HIS SECOND COMING                        JOHN 21:20-23

Thus we see that

Matthew, the Gospel of the Messiah-King should end with the resurrection-the crowning proof of His Messiahship.

Mark, the Gospel of the Lowly Servant, ends with the lowly One exalted in place of Glory and Honor.

Luke, the Gospel of the Ideal Man, ends with the promise of a Comforter to Man.

John, the Gospel of the Divine Son, ends with the Lord's own promise of His return.

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