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03-25-07 - Genealogy of sin - James 1.13-15 - NSB

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Kay Arthur Tape on James (Tape 5) – NTSK – Plain talk on James by Manford George Gutzke – Ironside Commentary on James – Dr. Johnny Hunt’s Outline on James 1:13-16 – TBKC – The Deeper Life Pulpit Commentary on James -

I hope you came here tonight with a longing to look into God’s Word and that you did not just come here because you are stuck in a rut.

There was a particular church where the people were in a rut…

The pastor always started each service with "The Lord be with you." The people would respond, "and also with you.”

And this was every service for years.

The first words out of his mouth would be, "The Lord be with you." The people would respond, "and also with you.”

            "The Lord be with you." The people would respond, "and also with you.”

But, one Sunday the Sound system wasn’t working so the first thing he said was "There’s something wrong with this microphone." And the entire congregation responded, "and also with you."

So, we do not want to be stuck in a rut…

When we first started our series on James we began by talking about the trials that come into our lives

And we said that they had a goal of making us more like Christ

Now, I cautioned you that you can have temptations in the midst of your trial.

            But the trial itself, has for its desired result = Success = Greater Christ Likeness

Tonight we are going to be talking not about trials but about temptation.

And I have entitled the message,


So, Jason introduce us to our passage as we see what God’s Word and the brother of Jesus have to say about temptations.

<Jason read and pray>


First of all, temptations are different from trials.

Can be Independent of Trials

Desired Results = Failure

So, the trials that we spoke about and the temptations we are looking at tonight are not the same thing.

The first thing that James points out is the role that God plays in your being tempted.

The first thing we see in verse 13 is that…

God Cannot Be Tempted

            Why not?

Holy – Joshua 24:19

He is the provider of good – James 1:17

So, God cannot Be Enticed – Nothing in God to which evil could appeal – no sin nature


Now, not only can He not be tempted but God does not tempt anyone (v. 13)


We Want To Blame Someone

Well, actually someone ELSE

Adam – Eve (God) – Serpent – Gen. 3:12, “…the woman you gave to me…”

            You need to understand

We can’t blame God for our choices.

Some people want to blame God for the lifestyle they have.  They have their needs confused with their desires.

            (And we will talk about that in a minute.)

So… God does not tempt anyone.

Does Not Use Evil To Entice – 1 John 2:16-17

As a matter of fact…

Exhorts Us To Flee Temptation

So, what is God’s role in your temptation?

            He cannot be tempted and He did not tempt you.

Now, let’s look at Satan’s role.

Flip Wilson

In the 1970’s a new TV show came on the air called, The Flip Wilson Show and it did not take long before a large number of people were going around saying, “…The devil made me do it…”


Well, that was a cute saying but it is bad theology.

            If you sinned this week – the devil did NOT make you do it.

                        You chose to do it.

All Satan can do is bait The Hook

When the hook is baited, the fish is in no danger.  But when that attractive lure is pulled in front of the fish’s nose then he begins to lust for it or to have a desire for it.  Now he still is not in danger as long as he has enough sense to kill that desire and not follow through on it.  But, when he does follow through on his desire, then he is hooked.

                        And now he has a problem that may lead to death.

Are you with me?

I know these illustrations are deep but hang in there.

Satan may bait the hook and the desire may come right in front of you but that does not mean that you have to take the bait!!

Now, remember that James is writing to Christians here.

So, Christians, all you have to do to resist temptation is be smarter than a fish.

But, here is the thing.

            If you take the bait…

            It is a decision that you make

                        The Devil does not make you do it.

Okay, now God’s role is that he does not tempt you.

And satan cannot cause you to follow through on the desires that he puts in front of you.

So, that brings us to you – what is your role?

Look at verse 14 -


It looks like The Problem Is Inside You – (Turn to Mt. 15:18)

Here is the Genealogy Of Your Sin – Your sins can be traced back to your temptations and your temptations can be traced back to desires

You are confronted with a desire and you don’t kill it so it turns into a temptation and then that temptation turns into sin and that can lead to death, according to verse 15.

So at the top of the genealogy of your sin is desire.

            This is the best place to deal with your problems.

                        Do you remember How barney used to say, “Nip it in the bud?”

This is where it should be done

            But what happens is that people confuse their desires with their needs.

            We are like kids who say, “I need to go to that party.”

                        “I need to be with that boy or that girl.”


Don’t Confuse your Desires With your Needs

And …

Here is the secret – Needs are never contrary to the Word of God.

Philippians 4:19

But sometimes in the midst of a trial we get our needs confused with our desires.

            You may be having problems in your marriage

                        But God is not going to supply a partner for you to commit adultery with

                                    Be careful that your needs and your desires do not get confused.

Now, if you do not deal with your desires the next level in this genealogy is temptation.

Satan has baited the trap and you have given every thought as captive to God and now you are tempted to take your desires to the next step.

But, listen – although you should have already dealt with it and you have not…

There Is A Way Of Escape Still Available Look at 1 Cor. 10:13

Now, what happens if your desires are followed through on until they are temptations and then you succumb to the temptation?

Now, you are in Sin


Your flesh has won the battle


And James says that the offspring of sin is death

            It was in the garden

Sin has consequences

And notice that …

This is just the opposite of verse 12 where a crown of life waits for those who persevere under trials

So, what are we to do?

Deal With It Early – The more desires you kill the less sin you will have to deal with.

Avoid What You Can’t Resist

Your environment can impact your desires

Flee Youthful Lusts

Don’t take Satan’s Bait

David took the bait – 2 Sam. 11 and 12

The sin of David was a desire or a lust that he allowed to develop into a temptation and then when he followed through on that temptation it became sin which led to death.

Ananias And Sapphira took the bait – Acts 5


Joseph Did Not take the bait

Whether or not you sin is Your Decision

Person who Chose To Curse God

The devil always makes a desire look good and harmless

            No, he is not my husband but we are just talking.

            No, it is not company policy but everyone does it.



Desires Seem Harmless At First

Then They Consume You

There once was a lady from Niger,
Who went for a ride on a tiger.
They came back from the ride
With the lady inside,
And a smile on the face of the tiger.


Sin is Your Choice

You will either Rationalize It

I am lonely- My needs are not being met –

Its only a few drinks – they are only pictures

You need to look at 2 Corinthians 10:5 with me.

Or you will Recognize It For What It Is.


The Sin In Your Life Can Be Traced back To A Desire That You Did Not Kill

You Can’t Blame God And You Can’t Blame The Devil

You may be on the verge of or have already been carried away by your own lusts

Like a rip tide that is pulling you along


Maybe it is a desire right now or maybe it has progressed to temptation or maybe you are in sin


You can’t be passive about it- you will have to confront the issue.

If you do not kill it then you will fulfill it.


Is The Tiger Is Ready To Consume You

I a going to give you some answers –

What Can You Do?

If you are not yet in sin –

Walk In The Spirit…Galatians 5:16

Sin begins inside of you

If we habitually walk in the spirit then we will not fulfill the desires of the flesh.


You do not have to sin – You Choose to sin

If you already in sin – Repent

Seek the forgiveness offered at the cross.

Romans 8:1 says:
Romans 8:1 (KJV) 1There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. 

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