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You Need 100 Points

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There is a story about a minister who had a strange dream. He dreamt that he had died and was trying to get into heaven. When he approached the pearly gates, St. Peter told him he needed 100 points to get in.

Proudly the minister said, "Well, I was a pastor for 43 years."

"Fine," said St. Peter, "That's worth a point."

"One point? Is that all?" cried the minister.

"Yes, that's it," said St. Peter.

"Well," said the pastor, "I visited lots of shut-ins."

St. Peter responded, "That's worth a point."

"I worked with young people," said the pastor.

"That's worth a point," said St. Peter.

"I developed a number of excellent Scout programs," said the minister.

"That's worth a point," said St. Peter. "You have four points now. You only need 96 more."

"Oh no," said the minister in a panic. "I feel so helpless, so inadequate. Except for the grace of God, I don't have a chance."

St. Peter smiled and said, "Ah, grace of God--that counts for 96 points. Come on in!"

There will be a final judgment. God's justice and our freedom of choice demand it. Every person will spend eternity in heaven or hell. Our passport to heaven is simple. It's just a matter of saying to God sincerely, "I am a sinner for whom Jesus died. I claim him by faith as Savior and Lord." If you haven't taken that step in faith, do it today! Do it now!

Bill Bouknight, Collected Sermons,

Source: email dated 7/14/08

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