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Stay Wk 3
2 wks ago we started the series on Rest
If you will recall we are breaking down the word rest by letter and that has been the topic for each week
So for the first week the Letter we talked about was R
Church we are called to refresh ourselves
If you will recall that part of rest is to get away so that we can refresh ourseles
We are to get away so that we can be given new life and refreshment so that when God sends us back out we are ready to pout into others lives
When we don’t get away to refresh we often become burnt out and then bitter because we often fill we are the only ones doing anything
Church do you understand how important it is to get away with Jesus so that you are refreshed
Then last week
The word for the week was Ease
Church you and I to run to Jesus and we can off load the things of this world
See what we do through out life is often times we pick up the junk through out our life time
News flash you and I were never intended or designed or built to carry the junk of this life
We were created to carry the load Jesus gives us
It is lighter than the junk of this world
You and I are to be running to Jesus to find physical rest
Sometimes church you need to take a nap to physically rest your body so that you are ready to be used of God
So through out the first two wks of this REST series we are called to go away with Jesus to refresh our souls and we are also called to physically rest
Church if we are unwilling to do those things then I believe we won’t be any good to the body of Christ
We are more of a sore muscle, it hurts and is difficult to accomplish our intended purpose
This week our word for the week is STAY
You might be wondering what I am talking about
And I am so glad you have asked that question
an object that is used to support something
To stay is to remain in the constant
You might wonder what that has to do with rest hopefully be the end you will understand stay in terms of rest
Often times when we don’t rest we ride the waves
We ride the waves of life rather then staying constant
So what are the waves of life
We have highs and lows in life
We have births and deaths and we have good news and bad news, and we have drama
Those are the highs and lows
And often times we get caught up in the highs and lows that we begin to focus just on those and then our relationship with God because dependent on the highs and lows
When our relationship with Christ becomes dependent on the highs and lows of this world it ain’t good
You know what I mean when things are good you believe that is God and when things are bad you often point the finger at God and struggle with your relationship
When you struggle in your relationship because of everything going on around you you may take a step back and go what is going on
Church its because your stay is no good
The things that supports you and I is Jesus
If your stay is Maranatha Baptist Fellowship your stay ain’t good
If your stay is Pastor Jeremy your stay ain’t good
Church if your stay is your family’s relationship with God your stay ain’t good
See your stay must be Jesus and it must be through a personal relationship with Jesus
That is only way that you and I will make it through the highs and lows of this life
That is the only way you and I will make lemonade with life gives you and I lemons
That is the only way we will hit a home run when life throws a curve ball
Is because our stay is Jesus
Our support is Jesus
So this morning because I am willing to bet some of our stays in the room are weak or non existent I wanted to give you some stay from the word of God
Church this is a reminder to stay
This is a reminder to remain in the constant
The people in your life will fail your, your friends, your parents, your kids, your church family
You will struggle with your job and school and family and friends
But church the one thing that remains constant is God
Here we see that God is calling the nation to remind themselves that He is their stay
You and I shouldn’t be afraid of anything because God is with us
You and I shouldn’t be nervous about anything because God is with us
Understand church that our wellbeing, our financial well being our health is not dependent on how well we are paid, how well our insurance is, how good the doctor is, how smart they are and it is not left up to luck
Our wellbeing rest soley on the creator of the universe
God is our support through this lifetime
God will strength us and God will support us
We understand that it is through a personal relationship with Jesus that this is accomplish
God doesn’t just create you then support you
God creates you and pursues you and desires to have a personal relationship with you and you have to decide
Some more stay verses
We understand that Jesus is preaching to a crowd
But to us this morning He is reminding us that if we come to Him we will never hungry or thrist again
We don’t have to drink the water of this life again only to continue to chase the things of this world
When you and I come to Jesus we are full, we are filled up, we are satisfied
Church this morning Jesus is calling us to remain in the stay
It is a call to memorize the word of God, it is a call to go away with Him to be filled up with the Spirit, it is a call the rest physically
Church Jesus is our stay helps us not ride the ways of this world
Jesus helps us remain constant through the storms of this life
So if Jesus is the bread of life and the living water then we are satisfies then we don’t need to chase the things of this world
Because chasing the things of this world only lead to highs and lows
When we stay we are remaining in the constant
You and I no longer have to be deceived by the things of this world
Often times we run after the things of this world and we can’t see where we are going wether it be up or down and we trip and fall and we are lied to and cheated
Church Jesus again is calling us to stay
Jesus is calling us to remain in the constant
Jesus is calling us to seek Him our for support
When we seek Him out though we cannot remain unchanged
When we walk in the light, we are changed people
When we walk in the light we see things for what they really are
When we walk in the light, we are spending time with Jesus, we are resting, we are memorizing, we are reading, we are asking questions, we are remaining constant
this morning church I wanted to end with this verse
This verse is a reminder of who our support is
This verse reminds who Jesus is
Jesus is the only way
Jesus is the right way
Jesus is the truth
Jesus is truth
Jesus is life
These characteristics show us that Jesus is our stay
Jesus is our support and our constant
Rather than chasing the things of the world
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