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HAGAR, participating in a picnic alone, sits on top of the hill, looks heaven­ward, and says, "I pray and pray and pray and yet You never answer. What have I got to do?"

With that, a Voice comes through the clouds and the rays of sunshine, "Don't talk with your mouth full!"

I have the feeling that we quite often speak to God when we ASK for some­thing, no matter how good or well-intentioned, and that we do so from a heart that is filled with anger, frustration, hatred, and, perhaps, even prejudice, and our Heavenly Father, with tears rolling down his cheeks, says with a voice filled with sadness,

"Don't talk with your mouth and your heart filled with such things!"—Dr. John Bardsley



One evening the people of the community gathered around the rabbi as his son Mendel asked the question, "Is there a blessing for the Tsar?", the ruler who was persecuting them.

The whole group waited and listened attentively, and the rabbi answered, "May God bless and keep the Tsar." The rabbi paused and then concluded, "Far away from us."

The prayer service scheduled for Super Bowl eve was called the "Super Bowl XXII Chapel."

A crowd of 1200 included Denver Bronco head coach Dan Reeves and Washington Redskins head coach Joe Gibbs. Attendance at the two hour service was taken but many of the professional football players were expected.

Still, some felt uncomfortable with this chapel setting. "I'm kind of old-fashioned," said Washington Redskin linebacker Neal Olkiwicz. "The night before a game, I don't want to see anyone, actually."

Commissioner Pete Rozell doesn't have any problem with the two teams together. "IF they pray for the same things I do—a close game, good weather— I'm all for it. I have no reservations that on Sunday they'll be no less competitive with each other."-(NY Daily News, 1-30-88, p. 29)





While out in his fishing boat, a man was overcome by a sudden storm. Waves smashed against the craft threatening to shatter the boat and drown the man. In utter desperation, the man cried out to God that he had not called on Him for help in over fifteen years and promised that if God would just help him now he would not trouble Him for the next fifteen years!

Titled PRAYERS ARENT IN HIS GAME PLAN, the small article said: ATLANTA-Federal Judge Ernest Tidwell barred Douglas County High School from allowing prayers before football games or other athletic events in the school stadium on grounds that they violate the constitutional separation   of hurch and state.   He granted a preliminary injunction sought by William Jager and his  son, Doug, 18, who had sued to stop pregame prayers at the school. Young Jager asserted his rights were violated because he is not Christian, but as a member of the school's marching band he is required to go to the games.--(NY Daily News, 9-25-86, p. 64) A

At the height of his fame as a preacher, Dwight L. Moody, the great evan­gelist, visited the owner of a large orchard. The host informed Mr. Moody that he was to make himself perfectly at home. Everything on the farm was at his dis­posal. He said, "Mr. Moody, if there is anything in the orchard that you would like to have, it is already yours, just take it."

D.L. Moody commented on his experience in the orchard later: "When I wanted an apple, I did not go to the apple tree and pray that an apple would fall into my pocket, but I walked to the tree and took the apple that I wanted. It was already mine."—Don Emmitte

Two little girls were cutting through a field on the way to school. An angry bull began to chase them. One girl screamed in fright, "Let's stop here and pray that God will protect us." The other girl, a bit wiser, said, "No, we'll run and pray."


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