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2-LJ 10 Last 3 Months

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TRACKING JESUS in His The le&ers A-D are from the Outline on the next page. Each le&er gives you the geographical loca=ons and what happened at those places. MINISTRY - LAST 3 MONTHS Lesson 10 Sea of Sea Galilee of! 7 x 13 Gal. miles GALILEE ea D SAMARIA JUDEA D Ephraim ? C A Jerusalem y than e B t We s Jericho D B Dead Sea 10 x 50 miles nS a e an err t i d Me Jordan River 156 miles long DECAPOLIS PEREA thany East Be A LAST 3 MONTHS of MINISTRY DEVELOPED OUTLINE th 4 year 31 AD - Jesus is now 37 years old. 18 miles; then thruout Perea 1. Teaches in the villages of Perea 2. Eats in the home of a Sanhedrin member 3. Heals a man; teaches in parables A. Jerusalem to East Bethany Jn 10:40-42; Lk. 13:22 - 17:10 15 miles John 11:1-54 1. Jesus raises Lazarus; Caiaphas the high priest commands the death of Jesus B. East Bethany to West Bethany C. West Bethany to Ephraim John 11:54 1. An unknown area of Judea province; Jesus spends time alone with the apostles D. Ephraim, Samaria, Galilee to West Bethany Matt. 19:1 - 20:34; Lk. 17:11 - 19:28 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Heals 10 lepers Teaches thru illustrations, parables and answers to questions Answers the rich young Sanhedrin member Heals 2 blind men between the 2 towns of Jericho Eats and teaches in the home of Zacchaeus Returns to W. Bethany 6 weeks after raising Lazarus 2
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