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Wise vs. Foolish

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Matt. 7:24-27

I.                   The Wise Man

a.       His foundation-the rock. Not little, but a great mass of rock. This is referring to Jesus. *(See previous context)

b.      His end-safety through the storms.

II.                The Foolish Man

a.       His foundation-sand. Whatever you want to interpret this as, it is unstable.

b.      His end-when the storm came, he collapsed because his foundation was not tested and true.

III.             The Point

a.       What is Jesus trying to say? His point is not that we should build our lives upon the teachings of the Bible, but that we should build our lives upon Him. The rock is a reference to Jesus Christ.

b.      What is the application to us? Neither of these men thought that their house would fall. It isn’t as if the foolish man built his house intending that it should fall. He thought his foundation was sure. Until the storm came. If we take previous context into account, then there are several applications we can make.

                                                              i.      We need to test our foundation. This is why Peter says to make our calling and election sure. Why? Because if we do, then we will “never fall.” A foundation that is untested is never as sure as a foundation that has been tried.

                                                            ii.      We should be careful of the lives that we live. In the previous verses, Jesus says that by their fruits we shall know them. Paul tells us in 2 Timothy that the way we tell between the vessels of honor and dishonor are whether or not they try to stay pure. John tells us that a true believer will not remain in sin. My point is not necessarily that we should go around accusing people. But look around you. Not only do the people in the liberal churches live any way they want, but people in fundamental churches live much the same way. We tend to think that the fact that we said a prayer when we were five is enough. It is not. No prayer ever saved anyone.

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