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What Will Become of Your Dreams

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What Will Become of Your Dreams?

Interrogative- What will it take to bring you down?

Introduction-In our lives, we develop many dreams and aspirations. As we grow, we have plans of what we want to do. Into high school, these plans begin to take a more realistic form, and as we enter college, we begin to develop the plans and dreams that will decide where we go, what we do, and how we do it. In this story, we see a young man that has many dreams and aspirations. These stem from the literal dreams he had. When faced with adversity how did he respond? When faced with a group that did not like his dreams, we see that Joseph held on to them. When faced by a woman who did not like his methods, he refused to compromise. Let us look at two lessons that Joseph learned which enabled him to continue, even when he was in tough times.

I.                   Joseph learned that when God makes a plan, He would accomplish it. If the plan is our own, it will fail. We can be sure that in the pit, if his dreams had been his own, Joseph would have been quick to get rid of them. But he did not. Even when faced with slavery, he held onto the hope that God knew where he was going, and how he was going there. This plan and this dream was not his own, but from God. That assurance is the only thing we will have to hold onto.

II.                Second, Joseph learned that when God makes a plan, His ways are not our ways. Joseph probably did not expect God to bring to a position of leadership through that exact route, but that was the plan God had for Him. When we set out to accomplish God’s will for our lives, we must remember that He will not always take us by the paths we would have chosen, but His paths will lead us to where we should be.

Conclusion-For many of us, our dreams will amount to very little. Mainly because we are either unwilling to bend to God’s plan, or we want to do it our way. Joseph was willing to suffer some hardship on his path, because he knew that God’s plan always works, and that God’s ways are always best. So what will you do? What will become of your dreams? For many of us, we allow any little thing to hamper our dreams. The slightest adversity comes along, and we assume that God is not with us. We see an aspect of the call that looks hard, and we assume that we can let it slide. We take and use our own methods, simply because that is what we think will work. Let us learn the lessons that Joseph learned, and not let anything stop us from accomplishing the dreams that God has put before us.

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