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The Qualities of Righteousness

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How to get What You Want in Life



Introduction-Many of you might think, “What, this guy is going to tell me how to get what I want in life?” I’m not supposed to say that, right? In Psalm 37, we are told exactly how to get what we want in life. There are three steps to getting what you want in life.

I.                  The first step is to delight in the Lord. vv. 4, 23b


a.     The first aspect of delight is the one we usually think of: to take joy in something.


b.    Delight is “to bend or incline to.” Use Playdough Illustration. We must be plyable to the Lord’s way.


II.               The second step is to commit your way unto the Lord. vv. 5, 23a

a.     When it says “commit, it means to give wholeheartedly with nothing held back. There are no strings attached. Use Bill Gates Illustration:

                                                             i.      Highest net worth: 114 billion dollars

                                                           ii.      Current net worth:24 billion

                                                        iii.      $6.70 to every person in the world

                                                        iv.      Could buy every sports team of every sport in America

                                                           v.      $189,577.58 per minute

                                                        vi.      8.95% of total Microsoft assets

                                                      vii.      Microsoft is a total of 273.92 billion dollars

There is a big difference to owning something, and owning all of something. God desires all of you. Part is not sufficient, He wants all or nothing. He will not settle for a portion of you. This is illustrated by the word steps…


b.    The “steps” here refers to the life, the walk of the righteous man. The word means each individual step, it is not the overall direction of the life, but each step, day-by-day, it should permeate every aspect of our lives. This word “ordered,” according to Webster’s 1828 carries the idea of “regulated, methodized, commanded, or managed.” The righteous person leaves the direction and management of his steps to the Lord. This shows how much of you God is interested in.

III.           The third step is that the Lord will bring it to pass. vv. 4b, 5b, 24


a.     It promises that the Lord will give you the desires of your heart. This doesn’t mean what we think it would mean. The Lord will give you the desires He want you to have. He will then uphold you, stay with you, and He will bring it to pass.


b.     If you say, “why do I want that? That isn’t really getting what I want out of life.” Let’s go back to Bill Gates. When asked what he would want for Christmas, he said, “one more dollar.” I ask you, is he getting what he wants in life? Your generation, the teens today, have more freedom than ever before to seek whatever they want in life, yet teen suicide is at an all-time high. Our generation is seeking what they want in life, but they can’t seem to find it. If you think that by going your own way, you can find it, ask your friends who are seeking their way if they are finding it. Ask them if they are happy.

Conclusion-Some of you might not think this is applicable to you. You might say I am living a good life, and I am not going out in rebellion. But remember what I said at the beginning. God wants all or nothing. He will not be satisfied owning part of you there is a big difference between part and all.

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