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Eternal Security

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Eternal Security

I.                   The Promise from Jesus-John 10:28-29

a.       Jesus is telling the Jews that they don’t believe Him because they do not belong to Him.

b.      He tells them that those who believe and belong to Him will never be lost by Him

c.       Imagine this-we are in the hands of Christ, and the hands of God. This is the strongest bond.

II.                The Theology of Eternal Security

a.       First, we have spiritual life through Jesus Christ

                                                              i.      This life is eternal, it cannot end.

                                                            ii.      If we were raised from spiritual deadness, and given the life of Christ, we cannot lose that

                                                          iii.      Col. 3:3, our life is hid in Christ, therefore as long as his life remains ours does, too.

                                                          iv.      It would be one thing if we were living our own life, but we are living the life of Christ. Gal. 2:21

b.      Second, we are adopted children

                                                              i.      What can you do to cease from being your parents child?

                                                            ii.      God loves us more than anyone else, so if He was willing to give us His son, then do you think that He will give up on us? Rom. 8:32+

c.       Third, righteousness comes by faith through Christ, not our works. Gal. 2:21-22

                                                              i.      Paul goes to great lengths to explain this to the Galatians

                                                            ii.      If righteousness could not be gained before salvation, then how can it be gained afterwards? It is not a matter of continuing to do what we should, it is a matter of continuing to trust who we should trust.

                                                          iii.       From a judicial perspective, this makes no sense. If we have been declared righteous, then how can the judge change the ruling? Rom. 5:19; 2 Cor. 5:21

                                                          iv.      If we say that our sins can remove the effects of salvation, then we are placing ourselves under a variation of the old system.


            There are many things that people have said about assurance. But it boils down to one idea. I spent a lot longer on eternal security because I think that if you have that foundation down, then you will have assurance. There are several reasons why people doubt their salvation.

I.                   They don’t understand eternal security

II.                They are living in sin-2 Pet. 1:9

How do you fix it?

1.      Confess your sin-Ps. 32

2.      Make sure of your foundation-2 Pet. 1:10

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