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In this season, obviously we focus a great deal upon the birth of Christ. But His birth is only part of the story. The Bible tells us that this baby which was born was God, who became a man. The Bible also tells us that this God created the world, and the world is held together by him. This God that was born and came to this earth as a man is the God that created you. We speak often of His birth this season, but we often do not remember who this was. This was the all-powerful God. So the question might arise, "Why did He come to this earth at all? What could possibly be the reason for God to become a man, and live on this earth?" Well, mankind as a problem. We have rejected God. Romans 1 tells us that there are "none righteous, no not one." But God is holy. He has no sin. So how can a holy God and an unholy man have a relationship? God's law says that the soul that sins, it shall die. Because of your sin and mine, we are separated from God. We cannot have a relationship with Him, because our sin is in the way. The punishment for sin, as decreed by God, is eternity in hell. Eternity separated from God, alone, and forever burning. The Bible tells us that Hell is a place of unimaginable pain and suffering. You might think, "That doesn't fit well with the happy season!" But the truth is that Jesus birth played a very important part in your eternal destiny. God knew that man could never pay for his own sins. The punishment was hell, and the payments would take forever to pay. How many of you think that sounds like a good payment plan? God knew this, and so God had another way. Our sin had to be paid for, but God decided that we would not be the ones to do it. Sin requires a payment, but God decided that he would be the one to pay. Jesus Christ came from heaven, was born as a man, lived for 33 years as a perfect man, and then he gave his life on the cross. He died a cruel and painful death, and suffered. CRUCIFIXION STORY(SUMMARY). But he lived a perfect life? He had no guilt, no sin to pay for? So, whose sin debt was he paying? Romans tells us that he became sin for us, who knew no sin, that we might become the righteousness of God. Jesus, this baby whose birth we celebrate, became the sacrifice for our sin. He paid the debt that you and I owed. So, because he paid that debt, you don't have to. BANK EXAMPLE. So, through his death, Jesus defeated the hold of sin in our lives. But the story doesn't end there. Three days after he died, this same Jesus arose from the dead. He came back to life. So not only does he offer to you freedom from hell through his death for you, but he offers to you eternal life with Him through his life. He lives, therefore he can offer us life. So when we come to celebrate His birth, there is no celebration possible unless we remember His death. The question that His birth should force us to ask is: "What have I done with this Jesus?" Ephesians 2 tells us that this offer of freedom from sin, and eternal life with Christ is a free gift. There is nothing you have to do to earn it, there is nothing you can do. Jesus offers this opportunity to you as a gift. So, as we look back on the birth of Christ, we should remember that this was the birth of the Savior. Is he your Savior? Have you taken his offer of life? Have you accepted his gift of freedom? Christian, have you forgotten what he did for you?

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