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Here are three of my favorite tools for structuring group dialogue:

            Interviews – Select one to three people from each perspective on the issue.  In the presence of the entire group, interview them about their viewpoint.

            Group Spectrum – In a spectrum, the leader draws an imaginary line and designates one end of the room to represent one extreme viewpoint, and the other end an opposite extreme viewpoint.  Individuals are then asked to stand somewhere along this spectrum corresponding to their personal views.  The spectrum quickly sketches a picture of group opinion.

            Samoan Circle – Usually eight chairs are placed in a central point in the room.  Five persons are chosen to serve as the core discussion group.  They take their places in the circle and begin discussion of the chosen issue.  Any other persons who wish to join are welcome to come forward and take one of the three “rotating” seats. - Ronald S. Kraybill

Leadership, Fall, 1986, page 36, 37

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