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Chapter 1.2-5 Of Scriptures of 1689

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But I'm going for it anyway, so today 69 Baptist confession of faith, and I talked a little bit last week. The 1689 is just an organized a bunch of preachers got together in the year 1689 and they said what do we believe why do we believe it? And how does the bible fit together and they brought all these doctors from all over the scripture that were the foundations of the Fate until what we're going to be doing probably over the next year is slowly going through this on Wednesday nights. I'm recording it. I'm not putting it out. I'm just recording it for posterity sake butter and I want to do the small group style. So anytime you want to talk or or chime in please talk and shine in that's the reason we moved out the auditorium. We're trying to get more of a small group filter. I'm trying to get more interaction trying to make it more family-based. So chime in if you have any thought so Bruh, look at past chapter 1 paragraph 2 through 5 paragraph 2 says this and this is 1689. It says under the name of the Holy scriptures. For the word of God written are now contained all the books of the Old and New Testament, which are these 66 books and the actual 6089 list the 66 books. I didn't want to do that on a slide Genesis Exodus not playing. All right, all of which are given by inspiration of God to be the rule of faith and life now, that was the big thing we parked on last week, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time parking on paragraph Yes Man.

That's up to the parents if they can if they can pay attention and pay attention and they're allowed to do whatever cuz listen I know children sometimes I expect my childhood and listen, sometimes I know the mic and only door with the seat can and they sit all day at school. So Wednesday nights are one of those things it's it's a little bit more, you know, that's it's, you know your child. So the scripture last week 2nd Timothy 3, and they're welcome to bring phones tablets coloring papers to that. But again, that's Mom and Dad's discretion. From a childhood you have been acquainted with the the sacred writings which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ, Jesus. We look at that Timothy Paul writes about Timothy says Timothy since you were a kid since you were young you knew the word of God, which made you wise unto salvation now, it's interesting. What what what made him Wiseman salvation the writings of God? It's so important that we let our children are we lead our children be acquainted with the word of God? It's so I I love her Junior Church, you know, where can we kind of mix it up? Because we think it's important for kids to see their parents worship. But I also think it's important that our kids get something that they grasp and I think to a certain extent sometimes we sell them short they can get more in a church service to me like to give him credit for my my my Carson has asked me questions about stuff I preach before and I'm just floored, you know, but at the same time I love the fact that they have people that Miss Kathy who spent almost a year going through catechisms with the kids and teaching them the word using the catechism teaching the Bible. She spent a year going through Pilgrim's Progress and bring it out all the doctrine in it as a tot through it and but just doing it in such a way that it comes alive to the kids cuz we want our kids to hide their word in my heart. We want our kids to know the words. Can I tell you I went to a Christian School And I memorized a lot of scripture that meant nothing to me anybody else experienced that Yeah, I had memorized so much Bible before I was even saved and it meant nothing to me. Then I got saved lore starting to work and those words were already hidden in my mind. But the Holy Spirit bought them for the men to come alive and they've been a companion to me. So listen, people say, why would I teach my kids to memorize scripture? They're not even Christians yet? praise God Timothy's grandmother and mother made him memorize scriptures before he became save he became wise salvation before the scriptures lead towards that they push towards those who God is And they're the rule of faith and practice for our lives. So I'm not going to spend a lot of time there. I'm going to jump on. 2 paragraph 3 the books commonly called the Apocrypha not being a divine inspiration are no part of the cannon or rule of the scripture and therefore are of no authority to the Church of God nor to be any other eyes approved or made use of than other human writing now. Who knows what I'm talking about when I talk about the Apocrypha? Okay, anybody ever pick up an old Catholic Bible? There's a lot more books in the Catholic Bible. Y'all have y'all at who hears ever thumb through a Catholic Bible? Yeah, you you're swimming through a Catholic Bible and you're going to gospel what you're looking at these different name a couple of them. But for some reason my brain's gone blank right now the Book of Enoch isn't Apocrypha book. There's a lot of these Apocrypha books. You got to understand something. They were they are not considered part of the Canon scripture. Now, I'm going to go over what a cannon is in a minute. They're not considered part of the Canon of scripture, but are old writings helpful. Yes or no. Yes, they can be and so Riders hear the 69 their talents in the Bible is our only Authority and there's other books like the Apocrypha that we should look at like human writings but not as God's work now. It's not saying that it's not helpful. It's saying it's not God's word. There are things in the Apocrypha.

Heretical some of it Jesus turning killing kids because they wouldn't play with them and and making Playboy Playmates out of dirt and you read the stories and you go. Oh my soul. I know the man who wrote this is burning in hell right now, but what do we get from those? Why would you read something like that? Well, the reason why it's beneficial its cuz there's historical references that you can line up the things that we're going on History. There's cultural narratives where you can get pictures of what the cultures habits and traditions were from a different writer. So the only thing you can get from it is historical background. But it's not true stories. They're made up stories. My we were in the car driving to school this morning and Colin Carson get in an argument and the argument was was John Henry a real man. And they're arguing, psych John Henry born with a hammer in his hand. That's fake. And those who don't know the story. It's in one of y'all said something like that, and maybe some of y'all know the stories John Henry was a man who was a railroad worker who raced Against the Machine in American Fable the Fable of John Henry. Alright, John Henry American hero machine a real person. I said actually he was a real living figure and he actually was a legend in the sense that he was an amazing worker and The Story Goes that there actually was a challenge but he died of a heart attack in the middle of the challenge and in the middle of all that The story grew up around him and for all these Generations we talked about John Henry born with a hammer in his hand. Okay, there's a lot of stories that are true that are made up about legendary now if they make stories up about John Henry and John Bunyan, even our presidents Paul Bunyan trees and wooden teeth. True. I know that just broke your heart right there. He didn't have wooden teeth. No.

Don't be surprised if he had fake teeth, but they weren't wooden. They were mostly Timeless time. They were made of shells. They made him of different things, but they didn't make a move would.

The thing is is stories are made up of big figures and if they do it about men like Washington and honest Abe and men like John Henry. Do you not think they're going to make up stories about Jesus Christ? That's where a lot of these Apocrypha books come from and there's Old Testament Apocrypha Place New Testament pack replace most of it falls somewhere in the New Testament. But the point is is there's nothing wrong with extra biblical writings, but there never authority never Authority who was safe I have I don't read anything but the Bible if I ever meet that person. Bless God. I really think the Bible you read commentary. That's just man's opinion.

When you sit in church on Sunday morning, and that preacher preaches is he not giving someone of his opinion on it? He's supposed to be faithful to God's word. But ultimately his interpretation does play in a little bit.

But you listened to him because he's filled with the Holy Spirit and he's a pastor and then you search the scripture like a good green to make sure he was following God as he was preaching. Can I tell you something the majority's commentaries written by Spirit-filled men of God, and it's just like women from a preacher of another generation. That butt is a, Tori, Tori Authority. No, I'll give you some example extra biblical commentary read the Bible First, Terry's should not be looked at it. But there's nothing wrong with Gathering from other human writing. They can be beneficial. Okay?

And I think there's a reason why the right is 59 put this in there cuz if you noticed they have no authority to the church, but they can be made use of like other human riding. So they're not saying cast also reference other human rights. But our argument writing to Thornton. No, let me ask a question. Is there any example in the Bible of the Apostles referencing human writings while they are teaching and preaching?

Come on. I know y'all can think of one.

That's a good question. The one that comes to my mind is Paul on Mars Hill. Paul was preaching on Mars Hill quotes. They're poets twice. And twice he also makes a historical reference to their understood background history.

So the Apostle Paul used human writings for the purpose of explanation. But ultimately, it's still not the word of God we've got to be so careful the word of God is our only Authority for faith. In fact, it's the only truth or do we have But the same time don't become so snobbish that you also don't look the other faithful men and women of God has gone before us. That's one thing I have found out is that if it hadn't been taught by pastors and the church for the last thousand two thousand years and somebody last hundred years came up with something new. Guess what? Probably not going to line up the scriptures to the church. The church is teaching has not changed in 2,000 years all the documents that we stand on. You can find written about all the way back to the early church fathers. You should be that way. There's nothing new Under the Sun we stand on the gospel wants to live her body Apostle to us that's on what we can stand on the foundation of the Apostles and the prophets. We don't lay our own foundation. So we use human writings, but the Bible's ultimately why is it important to have no references when resetting the scripture anybody? Give me a good reason why an external reference might be useful.

You got to know what's going on because if you need to freeze the background of know what's going on.

about that hot cold

That was good.

It's not. It's not good or bad it saying any be useful.

Yeah, where most people will say with colds bad the warmest good? Yeah, that's that's that's good. Explain the Bible and all the sudden. He's like, well, I mean he's I didn't see it. But I can see him going on is chalkboard. There were two cities and drawing out a map and saying this city historical writer talk about his heart pool hot. So when you read that he's not saying hot sauce good in Carlsbad. He saying both are useful be one of the other but lukewarm is not good for any Okay, so if you get contacts from back I can I give you one that that hit me this week. Okay. I have been struggling teaching to Revelation on when it was published weather was 95-80 under the rules of mission or whether it was closer to the rule of Nero between 65 and 7. And I've been going back and forth on this cuz every commentary you pick up about 75 to 80. The majority will say 95. And the reason I say 95 early church fathers Iranians said something about John and its Revelation even to the end of our dates.

I thought okay. So the early church fathers tell us that day. I mean, I mean early church was only a third generation Christian. So that's a good style, So it probably was 95, but then I started reading other things and RC squirrel knocked it out of the park for me. He says he wants Iranians. He said everybody says it's because of this dick is investment calmly accept. It is also referred to the Revelation as an ancient Revelation sacred to the church if he just received it. Why would he call it? Ancient? He said also if you look at the Latin, he said this phrase and the way it's written out might not be understood as of John's Revelation. But John the Revelator was a like this we know John might have lived all wet for 95. He live to be a very very old man some estimate round 102 years old when he died. so and then he went backwards and said, oh by the way other writers of the early church fathers dated it earlier, too. Oh my soul. When is it dated and then put the nail in the coffin? He pulled the scripture and he started quoting parts of Revelation. He said the only way this will fit historically as if it fell during the time of Nero. And all the sudden the Bible and was interpreted as which king is in office and I'm not going to say it because I want to get ahead of myself before I get there says that King was in office when this all happen the Bible dates it so history dated it and the Bible dated it the other one history dated it with the reference of both history in the Bible dating it which one am I going to go with history in the Bible? So now I'm looking for 70 which makes more sense how to find out when certain books are written. By the way whether you believe Revelation was written under domitian or whether it was written under Nero radical it plays out. In fact, I'm not going to go there that's for Sunday morning.

but extra Authority It's not there is no extra 30. There's only one Authority. I said that wrong there's water authority gods were extra human writings. Can they be helpful? But folks was not forget. They're not gods were not cops were.

Show paragraph 3. Let's go ahead the Apocrypha. That is those those books that were written were never accepted by the Jews or Christians. The early church fathers utilized. It only has history never accepted it there was never accepted as Krishna thority until the Council of Trent and shortly after Council of Trent the Christians the true Christian started rebelling against it because they didn't believe the Apocrypha is scripture.

the the Bible this is important every Christian needs to know that when I say What does that mean? If simply means a rule of judgement the Canon is a rule of judgment rule of law for judging something scripture scripture. So if somebody came to you and said hey Carson, how do you know the 66 books you have in the Bible or God's word? Because all's I know is like I read the gospel of what some of this some weird ones which one of the gospels the Gospel of Thomas not that person who tells you you don't have the whole Bible. Have you ever heard the gospel Thomas? Do you want to go cuz it's not in the Bible. How do you make that? How do you how do you know the gospel in the Bible?

How do you know the gospel Thomas dates all the way back to some of the early writings? So how do you know it didn't belong. Are you going to understand people wrote about John Henry a mighty man and made a big mess of figure out of this guy who just simply had a heart attack while he was trying to set a record. Now he's a man who can tunnel through block with his bare hand. Okay, how much more are they going to make up things about Jesus and other people going to try to pass off scripture a scripture during the time of the Apostle Paul when he was arriving to the church. He had to come correct things because there were people of false apostles who are writing to them and who are showing up in preaching to the Apostle. Paul was not truly an apostle. And there was a warning that you're going to come in and sheep clothing and they're going to cost even back then they were fighting with the 66 books you have in the Bible or the Bible. I don't want to go over this and we're going to look at a article. I don't recommend everybody bookmark this website. But the Canon of scripture, so let me read this first I look at the end scripture but although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation. I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once and for all delivered to the Saints. How many times was the Faith Delivered to the Saints once and for all? So great by how many all of ever been to the website got questions. I love got questions. It's a Bible question thing. It's written by solid Orthodox Christians. It's pretty much mostly reformed MacArthur like Baptist that right. Yeah. Well, yeah Piper's written a couple things some articles have been linked in there, but they have questions and answers the question. Which comes from the rules all that was used to determine if a book measured up to standard? It's important to know that the writing scriptures were canonical at the moment when they were written scripture with scripture when the pan touch the parts. So first of all, we can understand the second the apostles put the pin on the parchment it became scripture whether or not man believe it or not. So is the Bible the Bible cuz man gives the authority to be the Bible as the Bible the Bible because God gives it the authority to be the Bible which ones are which weather is a couple things we can do. Measure standard almost upon an experiment used to determine which book should be classified as scripture key to understanding the process and purpose and the timing is Jude 3 which states the Christian faith was once entrusted to the Saints since our faith is defined by scripture Judas Ashley essentially the same scripture was for the benefit of all Christians, isn't it? Wonderful to know that there are no hidden or lost manuscript yet to be found its once it was all delivered for us down and they give some scriptural principles and Psalms 119. And this one's interesting to see if they need to test as an example the Bible claims that Jesus Christ is God and all these references many extra-biblical texts claim to be scripture. Jesus is not God. like the gospel Thomas talks about manhood A very simple solution is all the Bible is God's word and the Bible has to agree with itself was not the Bible and the early churches. They were led by the spirit of God. They were the apostles they preserved it for us when somebody wrote a letter that didn't line up with the letters the apostles in the Old Testament. They marked it as apocryphal. It's not authoritative cuz it's not lining up with God's holy word. Okay, but then they talk about something else the early church fathers Gathering Together. Early as in fact early at the Council of Hippo they started listing the canonical books where the church fathers are all gathered together and say discover all the letters that were given to us from the apostles all the gospels that were given to us from them and let's gather together in the church started Gathering all the writings started keeping track of it and by 303 ad the 66 books were perfectly list. Think about this John passed away around 100. So hippo happened before then if nautical books were being lined up very quickly. There's no question. There is no book. There are no historical references of A Gathering the book that have been more solidified in the Bible. We know we have the 66 books. All the way back to the time of the early Christians, they name the 66 books and they seen the Holy Spirit working on those 66 book missing the new the Christians who are you know, only 3rd Generations who read those when they were first written by the apostles and South they knew they had the Bible. And that was recorded for us. And so if somebody comes to you and says, well, you don't have all the Bible. I would simply say I have the same Bible the forefathers out of the church and I have the same six books in the Bible that the apostles intended for us to have and show me otherwise Has the gospel Thomas was rejected by the early church. I don't line up the scripture. So tell me the scripture. Where does the bible come from? Where does the Canon come from? God preserving his word through his church in the church organizing together to record that for us. And there's some rules of wall. It has to agree with itself. It has to be written before 95 ad because that's when John would have written at the latest his last book. Therefore. There are no new gospel set would have been over been written after that. Cuz John was the last living Apostle last one with the authority to write like that. so there's a lot of What if there's a lot of standard I said there a lot of the apocryphal books were written after John? That right there tells us they're not part of scripture. Can they be useful? Yes read it has Fiction with some historical truth hidden in it.

That's how they're that's what they're useful for. All right. any thoughts

Oh I had to ins on there.

Got it.

Maybe not you but I get up in the Pulpit. I'm like

there's weather 1st 2nd Corinthians Oh, yeah. Yeah, the Bible reference is another letter. preserved does it's funny cuz when I was teaching 3 Corinthians, I remember them talking about that Nate talk about another writing the Bible references a writing but it wasn't preserved for us and we have to trust the Holy Spirit didn't allow the church preserve it cuz it wasn't for us. Guy, that's what it comes to. Yeah. Well, I would just say since since 3:03 ad and even before that the church that have it preserved for them because it was. Didn't intend for it to be preserved and everything that God intends for his church. If he has the ability to save my soul from hell and hold me. He has ability preserve his scriptures for his things. That's the plan today if my God can hold me and salvation. If my God can come the Incarnate live a perfect life died and raised from the grave if my God can do all those things. What makes you think he can't preserve word for his church. There's a faith issue that underlines this ultimately but it's good to know where your Bible comes from. It's good to know these things. show paragraph for and I actually I like this paragraph. The authority of the Holy scriptures for which it ought to be believed. Depends not upon the testimony of any man for church, but wholly upon God who is truth itself the authority of and therefore is to be received because it is the word of God. The question is is why does the Bible have authority is it because the church has it has Authority is it because we already know it's because God is Authority. That's it. It's his work the word became flesh. There's there's a connection between God and his word and his written word included. God said it. You know I R C Sproul get mad about that. God said it I believe it. that settles it Yeah, yeah, that's that is not famous bumper sticker. God said it I believe it that settles it and RC Sproul said that's the stupidest thing. He actually that was the stupidest thing. Said it.

It's God's holy word. It's we looked at this last week breathe out breathe out the on estas breathed out by God, you know, think about this if it's breathed out by God.

God is self authoritative. God is self-sustaining. We looked at Holy Holy Gods burning in the bush before Moses and his pointed out that the Bush was not being used for fuel because God is self-sustaining.

I don't need fuel if self-sustaining he's got and I would say just as if God just as God is self-sustaining his word itself authoritative. Authoritative simply because it's hymns.

Do what? What word?

All self-authenticating that is a tongue Tire.

Okay. So 2nd Peter chapter 1 verse 19 through 21. And we have the prophetic word more fully confirmed to which you will do well to pay attention as to the lamp shining in a dark place until the day Dawns in the Morning Star rises in your hey, we have God's sure word. I mean 2nd Peter was writing in 2nd Peter. They were riding. We have a more sure we have we have prophesied week. We have God's word. Look to it till the end. Look to it to the end. One more scripture verse 21 actually knowing this first of all that no prophecy of scripture comes from someone's own interpretation. What does that mean?

Interpret it to him. That's that's a very good point. No scripture is of any private interpretation who can tell me the application to that verse so much to this worse. Is all scripture No prophecy of scripture comes from someone's on Temptation. None of the Bible was written because man thought something was written because God sets the little kid, you don't write a book and finish writing a book for days on end with a Bic pen. And when you get to the end you put a cover page on it. Can you put by Bic pen? You wrote the book. It's your words big pain with support the tool and I would say the same thing the apostles were the tool and God's hand the writers of the scripture the profits. They were telling God's hand and I argue. Well, there's definitely Newman inspiration because they have different vocabulary in different styles and different and I haven't had a professor in Bible College have explained it beautifully. It was actually the class of homiletics about preaching the the the study of the art of preaching. And he said this he said he said God use the apostles like different pins in his hand cut some of them are quills and they have beautiful eloquent language some of them or ballpoint pens. They're very simplistic to the point that are easier said then you got the occasional person who is a felt pen. They are hard and deep and they bleed through the get the point across. He says that's why I reach different different writers, but it's still God just using different types of pens. He said you preachers the same since I'm new preacher for meatball points set up your a ballpoint Rejoice your ballpoint see if your and you're one of those people who can get up in the pulpit and tell big elegant poems and draw out a huge word illustrations be equipped. He said if you are a marker praise God you're a marker and when you preach in the pulpit and be a marker very true God use the apostles and he allowed who they were to come through as a tool on the scripture, but it's still God's word god uses creatures and he allows us to be who we are but we're still 2 for claims. I stay at the Lord not that we're being prophetic since we're speaking but we're not giving prophecy. Okay, there's a danger there is a difference. All right, we look at that and we go different because they were different types of tools and God's hand that's all but it was still inspired and written by God. the rain by God God use different types of tools they had different vocab words he used.

Also, I mean I might as well stop on this. What up, what else can we learn from this verse anybody? No scripture comes from someone's own interpretation.

Yes, I agree with that statement. One thing that I've always gathered from this is that you can't take a single burst and say well this means to me. And that's not a sort. What does that that's one of the worst things and that's a thing is inductive Bible studies. I like inductive Bible study. I think individually inductive Bible studies are useful. I think when you do an inductive Bible study in the group, sometimes it goes off the rail. It's like well, I feel I don't care how you feel. What did the author originally well, but the holy spirit is showing me. Well, yeah the Holy Spirit showing you something that goes against this first this verse this person this for so you're telling me that guy that's going against his own writings. Well, I mean, I didn't know it was you didn't know the Bible and so your feelings you're interpreting us the Holy Spirit dangerous dangerous.

A simple way of looking at this is it's not of any private person for protection. It's not someone's interpretation. What is the best thing to interpret the Bible by the Bible? Yes.

I have but not in the sense of what it is interpreted, but how it applies to my life and that there's a difference because there are things that we that apply to apply to us but aren't necessarily well it is but there's a difference when I get in the Pulpit. My job is not to my job is to say thus saith the Lord and the only way I can do that is by I'm not going to I'll never take a Bible verse and just preach off that bike what I have but always make sure it's in the proper context, but you don't take a Bible verse and just reach up Bible verse but you look at the the whole context in which is written and that letter. How do you look at the whole context in which it fits in the whole new testament and the contents of which it fits into Christ narrative in the whole Bible so difficult theology the whole picture.

And then ABS Supply and the interpretations always saying I know what it means but there have been times that the Holy Spirit showed me away that apply to my life. I wouldn't have thought of before, you know, there's been several times that it's like, you know what I need to grow up a little bit cuz you know, so

For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of men but men from God men spoke from God as they were carried Along by the Holy Spirit and that's that's that says it all. Yeah, that's says it all.

1st John 5:9 if he received the testimony of men The Testament of God is greater for this is the testimony of God that he was born concerning his son now. Why is this verse up here? Think about this real quick The Testament the testimony of men versus the testimony of God. Which one do you take? Not think it's a no-brainer but people will for any reason 2D emphasize the authority of God's word in their life. But I talked about what I'm talking about when I talk about the great downgrade and the Southern Baptist. queso the southern Baptists became a very liberal very unorthodox organization in the 1960s and 70s because there was a group of preachers who said bless God God's words infallible and inerrant. It's our only thin and they ran away from him because the seminaries were teaching You know the Bible's archaic and we have to you know in the second the Bible no longer comes to final Authority, but all the sudden we got to look at history and culture. Post-modernism you're going down a hole of liberalism that leads to a gospel of damnation to those who hear it. Yes, that's what Unitarian Unitarian has that position unitarians. Take a position. Well, it is a good word written by Great Men of God, and there's definitely a spirit to that's not the Bible. My Bible is infallible and inerrant and inspired by God.

And that's a thing. It's mature Christians learn to renew their mind and not you know.

What happened in the mood? They took out infallible in the air.

What denomination is as much as I was?

Denominations also do that mean and this this new post-modernism all these churches put and rainbow flags up and we accept you. This is a safe place the Methodist Church. Listen, I got a call a couple weeks ago and some or not a call a message on Facebook come to find out the guy was texting me but it kind of threw the question was I noticed something. Are you guys are we were looking for a church? It's good to find somebody who agrees with me. I want a safe place. I wanted a safe place where I can go work things talk about homosexuality and I said wait one minute. So there's a difference between agreeing with you and being a safe place. I said Grace the gospel, but that doesn't mean we have to agree with you and just cuz we don't agree with you doesn't mean we're not sick. And so there's this whole cultural Swift and what's happening is culture where if you don't agree with me that takes Peach and that's like I don't have to agree with you not to hate you I don't agree with my I don't agree with my daughter. That's the color purple is a great color. But I didn't mean I hate The Color Purple. I am wearing purple. I don't have to agree with the fourth graders in our school. All the 4th grader girls are every one of those young girls are in the unicorns right now. I don't know what the Unicorn craze going on. It's weird. But just cuz I think it's weird and I don't that don't mean I hate them.

The Bible mentions them one time, but I believe it was a horse with a horn that can fly anyways.

X it out here in a minute, but a lot of times people say the only word that was spoken what to do. Yeah, that's the thing has not translated till 16 11 11. So then that means god did not give up his Christians his word revealed himself until he spoke to the English people 1600 years after Christ died. That makes absolutely no sense.

But it's I'm going to say this and I'm I'm saying the slovenly there's two different groups one group sings on one group hangs onto it for ignorance. And that's the the group I grew up in that Day quote things out of order and they use circular thinking this passes. This doesn't therefore that must be wrong with how do you know that was the authorities again with the other group that helps to it? There's a group of Presbyterian and Reformed Baptist to hold to the King James because they argue that the Byzantine the Byzantine scriptures for been most used by God and by the church and it's the Byzantine family as what the confession 1689 is written off of nose. And it's it's best in order to line up with the confession of our forefathers. They take more intellectual position where they also don't throw away all the alexandrian family, but they just prefer the visiting family. So there's one group that doesn't intellectually her King James and I'm friends with him. There because of the reformed.

Chapel Library the King James only group

Yeah, I know. I don't know where they're at. Their were formed Chapel library, but they're there their 16r 1611 only so good on it. Why were 16 11 and I was like, how can I were formed group of people and by the way reformed preachers is it am I right in saying that the majority of intellects in the Christian faith or from the reform Branch? Yeah, and it's obvious because the presidents that are the most respected in the SEC or either reformed wants you now and in the greatest writers throughout all history almost all of them were Puritan or reform in the Puritans were pretty much a branch similar to the reform know most everyone on this are playing God. So it's it's just if you actually study out and I mean it's it's so it comes alive.

King James translated 1611 Christ died in 116 Christ died Christ Christ died in 2018

It's summer somewhere around that. And so are dependent over a thousand six hundred years somewhere around a thousand six hundred years. So you think about that way then it really don't make sense. And then think about this people who go well bless God America was founded on the I don't know how we got off on the King James King James and Son of the King James. Here's the fact look it up in your history books the Puritans who came to America rejected using the King James, you know, why because the King James was a government altered Bible and they were being persecuted by the by the church of and so the Puritans United States use the Geneva Bible and the Geneva Bible actually did more all the way up to the edge of the Second Great Awakening than the 1611 did the King James King James really was not all that popular at the beginning of America's founding. That's a misconception. Early Puritans and you can tell right then they would not have liked anything to come from King King George, you know, nothing that nothing that the King James or any of them would have stamp. They want to have anything to do with it. And on top of that if you read the Geneva Bible translate so close to King James. I have a friend who wrote a big paper on why he's Geneva only and they used every King James argument. I learn the Bible College and it fit perfectly. Man College got mad. The best knows better than to text real families the alexandrian family more. I have a book. You can borrow written by. Dr. James White that explains all translation textual criticism James White King James only. He loves the King James but he's like me is not a King James only it so he really

I'll let you borrow that book you enjoy. It's an easy reader to what was your question?

I believe so. I'll have to look it up.

It's not after death. And before Christ the year of our Lord and BC stands for something else, but people say before Christ that. That's the reason why in modern Rises have gotten the total away from it and now they BCE Before Common are because he never met after death. It meant year of Our Lord, which is a lot cooler a lot more biblical and so I can understand why the modern writers are getting away from that because it recognizes the Lord so Yes.

I'm not going to talk. We don't need to go there right now anyways. Most of them are members of secret societies that did some really bad things. You'd be surprised on American history fact, the capital is in the shape of a pentagram.

Yep. They're almost all Masons. We've definitely there's definitely no understanding that our forefathers. We were founded as a country that clean to gdl Christian value. I've told agree with that but to say we were founded as a Christian Nation. I don't think it's necessarily true. We were founded by Christians. I would agree with that the majority of them were Christians but a lot of them for not Benjamin Franklin a Christian lot of deus lot of these and that's the thing is coming back again because in the 1970s the whole movement of God's Not Dead God's not real we've come so far in our science and even our our understanding of physics that they're saying. Well there has to be something to it. So now intelligent designs come back around and now the end of lecture now also become a deist again, so it's like they've gone back to a lot of what kind of this country. You know, they believe there's a God, but what got, you know what you want. So anyways paragraph 5 and I want to read this and when I could spend a lot of time cuz we're out of time. May God be moved and induced by the testimony of the Church of God to a high and rev steam of the Holy scriptures of the matter of the doctrine the Majesty of the style. The consent of all the parts the scope of the whole which is given all glory to God the full Discovery. It makes of the only way of man salvation and many other and comparable excellency's and the entire Perfection thereof are Argument swear by it doesn't bonaly evidence evidence itself to be the word of God yet notwithstanding our full persuasion and Assurance of the infallible truth and divine Authority therefore he is from the n-word work of the Holy Spirit bearing Witness by and with the word in our heart. So let me put this in very simplistic. The Bible is awesome. It's beautiful. You can be taken away fired, but the only reason you really believe it. It's by the work of the Holy Spirit In You. People who buy the Majesty of tickly the King James they say the King James has won the most masterful a literary Works ever written and it does it. There's not a Bible that reads this beautiful skin James. It just reads pretty okay. ESV is the closest I found that's why I like it, but I'm starting not like the asphyx they make some bad translation problem sometimes but at the same time the only reason We truly read aloud. The word of God is cuz the holy spirit makes it come alive to us.

Didn't make any sense. I would also say this. Our God is a good God and the Holy Spirit. Also don't tend to feed me more than I can handle. You know, I read the Bible every year seems like I get more out of it and sometimes I go God, why didn't you show me this the first time because I didn't have as much of it in my mind and heart and now I'm starting to go up that Old Testament preset in the whole thing. And so as I've grown and Grace God's allow that to reveal his word unto me in a grander scope and I'm so I can see his match even bigger and even more beautiful Nevermore Grand but not it's not because I'm smart. It's because the Holy Spirit revealing his word towards me and that's one thing you have to remember folks. Nobody is close to God because they're brilliant. Some of them. Yeah, nobody draws close to God because they have a better grasp of theology. In fact, I would find that little faithful woman out in the woods Resort Bible everyday to be closer to God than many theologians who study in seminary. And the no more rap God. But I will tell you this. You need bolts. You need to be in his word digging pulling apart and walking with him and knowing him and the only way you'll truly enjoy and notes that the Holy Spirit reveals at 2. so

the spirit of God compels you into the word of God as Authority infallible and are inspired and it's what gives us saving faith and God's word. All scripture is breathed out by God proper for teaching for reproof correction for training in righteousness. If we received the testimony of man, the testimony of God is greater for this is the testimony of God. He was born for turning his son. But we always to give thanks to God for you Brothers to love it the Lord because God chose you as the first fruit to be saved by the spirit and belief in the truth the spirit brings you to a belief and the truth or where do we get truth from?

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