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Health in Our Church Family

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Health in Our Church Family

In the book of Leviticus chapters 12-16, God gave specific instructions to the children of Israel regarding cleansing after childbirth, regulations regarding infectious skin diseases, how to deal with mildew, and discharges from the body.  These teachings were provided to help maintain the health of the community of God’s people.

The elders have discussed this topic of the health of our church family, and decided to bring this lesson this evening.  We are not sharing this lesson because of some specific incident, but rather to help inform and educate us all.  Our two goals this evening are to help protect each of you and to provide information to increase our readiness.  We do not want to alarm anyone this evening.  We do want to inform you and help you and your families to be prepared.

Much of what I will share with you this evening is based on a recent pandemic flu exercise that was held at the Phelps County Courthouse.  Many government, health, media, school, and emergency services organizations were present to discuss potential obstacles to rapid response, and how various agencies could most effectively work together.

In one study, only 58% of female and 48% of male middle and high school students washed their hands after using the bathroom. Of these, only 33% of the females and 8% of the males used soap.    In another study of adult handwashing behavior, 97% of females and 92% of males said they washed, and of these only 75% females and 58% males actually washed.  Often “washing” is little more than a quick rinse.  Perhaps it was the way you were raised or trained, but it is important for everyone, male and female, young and old, to wash their hands with soap after using the restroom.  If you are not washing your hands, you are not part of the solution to spreading disease, you are part of the problem.  For the sake of all those whose hands you will shake, with whom you share a door knob or a song book or the Lord’s Supper or a fellowship meal, please wash your hands.

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