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The Spirit of Whoredom Part II

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The Spirit of Whoredom – Part II

(Hosea 1:1-9)


Hosea (the prophet of God / representing the salvation of God) is given the challenge

To call the nation of Israel to remembrance of the covenant that they made with God

After their deliverance from Egyptian bondage and their lodging in the wilderness.

Hosea says…

You remember how Jehovah protected you from the army of Pharaoh at the sea

You recall how El Shaddai led you during the day with a cloud (night – fire)

You reflect on how Jehovah-Jireh provided you will all your needs

And knowing how good God has been to you, Israel, why have you gone and played the harlot?

Hosea is given the charge from God to help Israel appreciate the consequences of their breach of covenant and announce their judgment from the Lord.


Hosea, I want you to take a wife of purity (respect, love, commitment)

And I want you to father children with this woman

But the woman that you will marry will become bored with your affection

She will become annoyed with your concern for her well-being

She will begin to despise your trust, that she will defile your marriage bed

And become a woman of harlotry (whoredom)

And your children will follow after their mother and prove to be heavy on your heart

Illustration: Children heavy on parents’ heart

Hosea, the names that I give you for your children

Will show you how Israel have left their true love and prostituted themselves with the world.


Each child represents a generation of Israel’s rebellion (Israel’s breach of covenant)

And each generation their apostasy gets worse.

Read: Hosea 1:4

(Jezreel) – (Jez-re-el) – God scatters / God sows

The reference that Hosea gives regarding Jezreel is found in I Kings 21

Explain: Story of Naboth & King Ahab (Queen Jezebel)

Naboth’s vineyard was located in the valley of Jezreel (scattered)

Vineyard was next to the palace of King Ahab (Ahab decided he wanted it)

(Ahab) – acting like spoiled child (sulking)
(Queen Jezebel) – setup a dinner, lied on him, and had him killed

And Ahab took possession of the land


In response to this God spoke through Elijah and predicted the kind of death that

Ahab and Jezebel would suffer and announced that the house of Ahab would be cutoff

From the land of Israel

Hosea (Because of adultery, God will scatter the people and bring an end to the Northern Kingdom of Israel)

(Jezreel – represents the scattering that is soon to take place)

Read: Hosea 1:6

(Lo-ruhamah) – Lo-ru-ha-mah

(Lo – means “not”) (Ruhamah – means ‘pitied’ or ‘loved’)

It is through the second child that God declares to Israel

That He will no longer pity or care for her


See, when a nation or an individual consistently turns its back on God

And rejects His compassion and His love and mercy

God will stay true to His own nature and withhold His pity from you

So that you may learn to turn back and trust Him

Illustration: Why is this happening to me? (God needs us to know our strength is in Him)

(Paul) – 2 Corinthians 12:10 (When I am weak…)

Read: Hosea 1:8-9

(Lo-ammi) – Lo-am-mi means “not My people”


Israel, in their bold, vicious sinfulness declare with their upper lip curled

In their haughty spirit that they don’t care for God

That they don’t believe He is the God for them anymore

Regardless of all of the love You have expressed to us

Regardless of how You have nurtured us

Regardless of how You have protected us

Regardless of how You desire a relationship with us

We no longer have room in our hearts for a god

(Reference – Psalm 14:1 – The fool has said in his heart…)


What does it say about the depths of Israel sins

When they could hear this judgment from Hosea before it happened

And not be driven to repentance in sackcloth and ashes

And how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation

By once more playing the harlot with the world and worldliness

Prostituting our religion (Christianity) with the world

Which once held us in darkness

After our Hosea; our salvation; has paid such a price to purchase us as His bride?


When we walk in the path of sin, we will begin to realize

That the longer you stay in it, the harder it is to get out of it.

Because sin begins to (blind / deafen / dulls sensitivities)

Therefore, before healing there is sometimes a pushing away; a rude awakening


(Prodigal son found himself starving and feeling unloved)

(Boy in I Cor. 5 – father’s wife / disassociated with the brethren / left on his own)

Israel, after many years of…

spiritual adultery

blinded and desensitized to the call of her spiritual husband

Found herself uprooted and carried away (scattered, unloved, without God)

So that when God finally reclaims her she will be prepared to turn back to Him

Read: Hosea 1:10-11


Because God still desires to save Israel, in a sudden change of tone

God declares that despite all of Israel’s unfaithfulness

Israel will be restored to her husband

Where once they were scattered, they will be brought back to God


Jez-re-el has two meanings in the Hebrew

(One – scattered / Two – sow or planted)

So, during Israel’s adultery, Jezreel means “they will be scattered”

But in their reconciliation, Jezreel means “to be planted or sown by God”

Then we have another change of names for the children.

Read: Hosea 2:1

(Ammi – no longer not-pitied) (Ruhamah – no longer not your God)

But they shall be “pitied” or “loved” and they will be “the people of God.”

Church, we too, should have confidence knowing that even in our mess ups

God still wants to save us.  He still wants to have a covenant relationship with us.

(Reference – Ephesians 2:11-16) “Therefore remember that formerly you, who were called Gentiles in the flesh…)

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