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That Ain't Your Bussiness!

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One of the reasons (I feel) that it becomes hard for many Christians to give is of the joyneccessity of it is not heartlove directed. And even Church conflicts are primarly because peace is not love initiated. Paul tells them that love must be sincere. God's love has been given to believers by the Holy Spirit. We share that love with others in the Spirit and with those who also share...... We spend to much time seeking, finding, concerned, about other people problems when that really isn't our bussiness.

Paul says [Rom. 12:9] "let love be without dissimulation" he suggest to us not to be fake. Don't say you love me and your action speak otherwise. Be sincere about your intentions. Then he says for us to "hate evil"..... We should not work on being coniving misrepresenting ourselves as Christians............

*our bussiness is serving the Lord. [Rom. 12:11c]. How should we serve Him?

Fervently meaning we should do it with excitment. Fervently, suggest to boil, very hot, glowing with power. Because we are slaves to Him we serve with excitement, joy, enthussed. People should be able to see our spirit and be positively afflected by it. When we come into the presence of the Lord we should be filled with excitement. So much so that it becomes contagious to others.. I should not take my dutyrelationship with the Lord lightly without energyslothfulness but with a fervant spirit. (hot,boil ready to run over, pure, with excitement). !When we becomelazy in Church or while doing the Lords work we are absent from the bussiness. And when we are absent from the businness to long we go "out of business".

We are often seeing is Saints who have gone out of bussiness. There sign of worship and service is still up but they are not in bussiness of the Lord.....ect. [Luke 2:49] Jesus says, "How is it that ye sought me.....I must be about my Fathers Bussiness.

So it is in this text that Paul suggest 4 ways we stay in the bussiness. or what is our bussiness


My hope is Christ. my hope is reaching beyond my pain, sorrow or trail into an eschatelogical future. Know that there is hope a better way and day in Christ. I rejoice because I have hope. When things get bad or out of hand my hope is that I know that the Lord is able to bring me through whatever I go through. There is nothing to hard for Him. There is hope in the cross; there is hope in the cleansing blood of Jesus the Christ; my hope is in His righteous reign..........ect.


There are times when God calls us to suffer. Many times it is not for us personally, rather for those around us. Our bussiness is beingbecoming a witness of His goodness even thru tribulations. When we fail to do so we move into an area thats "not our bussiness/". It is in tribulation that we learn how to trust in God; wait and depend on God. I may not can see where I am going or how I will get there but, I will wait on Him until....ect. I can serve because I know how to wait even when there seems like nothing to wait for.


We should always have consistency in our relationship with the Lord. Prayer brings everthing together. It is the ancoring hook that secures my hope and patients thru good ant the bad times. I should not have to wait for the bad times to pray. He suggest that consistent prayer is in line with our fervant service to the Lord. We can not have a relationship or serve the Lord without prayer.


Ther bussiness of the Lord needs your finacial help. I don't wait until someone ask or need . The word given sugguest in the greek is pursue. We should go after hospotility. Be agressive in our approach in giving. I recognize that we really can't beat Gods giving and His pursuit in showing me love. All this becomes easy because I love the bussiness. This is my bussiness; serving, love, joy, happiness, sharing, giving, mission, ministry, is my bussiness because God is pleased.we think of other more than ourselves when He becomes first in our lives and all His Work.... because serving the Lord is our Bussiness.

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