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The Shield of Faith

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Ø  Intro

o   Jeff Loven – student ministries intern & worship leader

o   Spiritual Warfare series

§  Armor of God

·        Sandals of peace last week

·        Breastplate of righteousness the week before that

·        Shield of faith today

o   Pray before we jump in

o   Structure of message today is answering questions

Ø  What is Spiritual Warfare?

o   Basics of spiritual warfare

§  Satan is a real being

§  Satan hates God and everything God is about

§  If you love God, Satan hates you

§  He will do anything he can to ruin your life…ANYTHING!

§  A spiritual battle is going on around you every day

§  If you are a Christian, Satan has lost his authority over your life.

§  You will spend eternity in the presence of God and Satan can’t stand it

§  Now he wants to make you ineffective in all you do

§  If you are ineffective as a Christian, you will not reach others for Jesus – and Satan loves that

§  An ineffective Christian can even turn others away from Christ – which Satan loves even more

o   Basic definition

§  Good (God) vs. evil (Satan) in your life

Ø Who is the Evil One and What Does He Do?

o   He’s Satan

§  The one waging spiritual warfare on you

§  The one launching the “fiery arrows” at you trying to ruin your life

o   Satan’s stats

| God | Satan |

Truth Father of Lies
Faithful & True Deceiver
Creator Destroyer
Perfect Evil Schemer
All-Powerful (Omnipotent) Limited by God in his Power
Supreme Authority Will One Day be Banished for Eternity
All-Knowing (Omniscient) Cannot See the Future or Read Thoughts
Everywhere (Omnipresent) Can Only be in One Place at One Time
Giver of the Shield of Faith Shooter of Flaming Arrows

o   Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour – 1 Peter 5.8

Ø What are the Flaming Arrows of the Evil One?

o   Anything that Satan does to try to ruin your life

§  Greek words for fiery & arrow

·        Completely destroy by fire

·        A projectile with a sharp point, a pointed weapon, javelin, especially arrow

o   Anything that Satan does to try to make you an ineffective Christian

o   Anything that Satan uses to turn you away from Jesus

o   Any way Satan uses you to turn others away from Jesus

o   Specific Arrows Areas in Life

§  Family

·        Isaak’s dad

·        Mom’s cancer

·        Divorce

·        Abuse

·        Hurt feelings

§  Friends

·        Peer pressure

·        Wrong group of people

·        Betrayal

§  School

·        Image

o   Marching band trip party & drinking

·        Lying

·        Cheating

·        Jealousy

§  Personal Life

·        Health

·        Finances

·        Doubts

·        Fear

·        Temptation

·        Blasphemous thoughts

·        Desire for sin

o   How many of you have had a ____________ this year/month/week/today?

§  You’ve experiences a fiery arrow of spiritual warfare

Ø What Does “Faith” Mean in this Passage?

o   Play “faith” video

o   Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see – Hebrews 11.1

§  Basic definition: choosing to believe that certain things you can’t see are true

·  Have no visual evidence

o   Everyday examples of things we have faith in

§  Gravity

§  Wind

§  “Car” – guy in video

§  Chair you’re sitting in right now

o   “Faith” in this passage

§  Not a salvation faith decision

§  An everyday living faith that trusts in the promises and power of God

·        Crown of life, inherit kingdom, grace in time of need, Psalm 139, Isaiah 40

·        “Things outside of our control will be taken care of” – movie guy

§  This type of faith requires action on our part…we must prove our faith genuine with our actions…that’s what makes it and everyday living faith

·        Faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead – James 2.17

§  This faith is a giving over of ourselves to what we believe (the unseen things we know are true)

Ø How Does our Faith Help us Extinguish the Flaming Arrows?

o   Our faith shields from the flaming arrows of the Evil One

§  …take up the shield of faith…

o   Understanding the shield

§  Used in defensive warfare

·        Block and extinguish the flaming attack arrows of Satan

§  Protected the whole body (2.5’X4’) like a wall or door

·        Look at picture

·        Protects our mind, body, heart, etc.

§  Protected the soldier’s other armor (belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, sandals of peace)

·        In addition to all this…

·        Protects all parts of our walk with God

§  Anointed in oil to preserve them and make the arrows slide off of them

·        Imagine our faith shield being anointed in prayer

§  Soaked in water before battle to extinguish the flaming arrows

·        Imagine our faith shield being soaked in the Word

o   Using the shield

§  Extinguishing the arrows

·        Greek word

o   Quench, stifle, suppress, put something out (on fire), damp down, restrain

§  Whenever Satan shoots and arrow at you, block it with your faith shield

·        Family

o   Isaak’s family

o   Mom

·        Friends

·        School

·        Personal

o   Ankle injuries

§  No matter what arrow you’ve got coming at you, your faith shield will hold up if it’s true

§  The shields connected together at the sides and top

·        Don’t go it alone, use the buddy system

·        Proverbs 27:17

Ø Food For Thought

o   What was the last flaming arrow I faced? How did I respond?

o   Where part of my life is most damaged by the Evil One’s flaming arrows? How can I fix this?

o   How genuine is my faith? Do my actions prove this?

o   How strong is my shield? How can I make it stronger today?

Ø Pray

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