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Expectancy, Acts 1:4-8

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Expect greater, when people are in oneness

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Hallelujah I really don't understand you once again to share the word of God with new pastor here and Johnny on closer here and everyone here treasure God's word is beautiful and

I called to share the word of God has you don't need to be standing on the pulpit to show the shadow would have gone but we all have the capacity to share the word of God. Yes. Y'all over there doing Saturday service how many of y'all doing this out of the service when it's out of the service? Let us in to write Sgt this message with some breathing exercise. Ready for some breathing exercise. Yes. Ready? I'll tell you why I'm doing this. Okay, I'm not teaching yoga boxes. Don't get me at all. I want to take a deep breath.

I want the sound to come. I just got a lock when I did that just do it.

once again

you feel better. Yeah. You feel alive. All the Americans are back and you feel alive. I just told you to do the simple thing to make you realize that you are alive.

It might look foolish. It might sound foolish. It might be a very simple that we do without realizing every second and every millisecond of our life we do that. But I made you do that to realize to make you realize that you are alive.

And if you are alive you have a purpose.

I say this to people.

When God is done with you if you're on the road he knows to take you.

You don't need to help him with the suicide. You don't need to help him with hanging yourself. You don't need your help him with things that you have to take your life. But when you're done with your life. God knows to take but if you're still breathing and if you're still alive is because God is not done with you. I like to challenge every time I I meet people I see people are getting an opportunity to pray that you are alive because you have

some situations in our life can be like a dead end. And you might be thinking God. I don't think I can come out of this. That's when you need to just take a deep breath and see.

That means that Miracle is still working on me. The very essence of life the wedding the very element of being alive itself is the greatest miracle of God.

I have met people not many of them a couple of them for them taking a breath is a Great America. I heard the story about a child I couldn't read it by the time we plan to meet in the child passed away. He was 10 or 12. Remind someone came to pray for him. And this is what he told that person. Can you just pray that I can take a breath peacefully because when he used to breathe it was so painful for him.

When we wake up everyday without realizing is very bread that we have inside of us is the gift of God.

We don't even realize it when we are sleeping. We're still breathing.

It's because God is not done with you. And I'm go to tell you that God has a purpose for each and everyone of us seated you. It's good to see the church. Full.

And this is my best opportunity to tell you that God has a purpose for each and everyone of you a man. You want to take a deep breath.

You know sign says breathing is a very good exercise. And they say that you need to go outdoors and do it not in the AC rooms.

Ready for the message ready for the let's have the title of you already have the title. You know, I'm not very good with PowerPoint. We have the pro here sitting every week after week who brings a beautiful PowerPoint and presentations about this very one thought comes into my mind that I love you. Can I see that I make the point in Gotham on Street the power that's my PowerPoint.

The titles of today's messages expectancy. What is it? On expectations to simplify it. We all have expectations in life, right? everyone of us the time you'll burn your parents of expectation even before you were born the expectation that is going to be a boy or a girl. Once they know it's a boy or a girl that the expectation comes on putting which name Will I put Wednesday born before they're born. They're they're wanting what they look like the father or the mother. They'll have the mix of both. And when they're born after that you have expectations about them growing up about your studies their future. They carry of their marriage expectations, right? Everyone of us, maybe some of that like really great expectation that aspiration some up very simple things, but we all have something called. expectation

And that is one attitude. We as Christians, are we who call ourselves believer should have

expectation when I come on a Friday or Sunday or wear whichever day of the week that you go to church or go for a prayer meeting. Our expectations are like stock market. Who's the preacher? Who's the man of God who's the worship leader? That's how my expectation goes up or down? I'm sure last time last week. Everyone's expectations are really high because today's Bible verse.

My God taught me the simple truth. And this is what I want to teach you no matter respective of who the preacher is who the worship leader is if you are coming to church or if you're coming to a meeting if you can put your expectation of God, you will never return disappointed.

At the end of the day anyone who hold this mic and stand there including myself is a man at the end of the day. But I know one thing when I put my expectation on God, he will never disappoint me. Because he has promised I will never leave you nor forsake you when when does the greatest disappointment in your life happen?

When does it happen? Your greatest disappointment is always equal to your expectations. Every time you are a disappointment because you expected something out of it, right? You don't just get up.

Today from 11 to 12. I've decided to be disappointed in life expectations in life. That is when this appointment creeps.

And I'm sorry to tell you that whenever we put expectation beat your spouse video Pastor beat your leader beat. You're a boss beat your T-shirt anyone summer or the other we are going to be limited in many ways, but when we put our expectation in the God, he will never never never let us down.

That's a powerful statement. A brother I heard this many times in church. Still I expect of God and nothing happens when I get disappointed. Can we turn our Bibles to Acts chapter 1 verse 4 to 8. Acts chapter 1 Words photo 8

you have heard from me. For John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized in the Holy Spirit not many days from now. That's what the heck up together from sing.

And he said to them it is not for you to know the times or Seasons, which the father has put in his own authority to be in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and the ends of yield. Amen, I will read this part by part. We will go and words for essays and being assembled together with them. He commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father, which he said you haven't heard from me for truly John baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now. I'm sure all of your family with the scripture I be but I've heard it many a times may be asked you is what we would have heard many of times. I've already found me a scripture about this is the prefix to what happened in Acts 2 Because many times when you get excited reading about next to and we like Holy Spirit Come like a wind and a rush and all these things, but we do not understand what happened.

This generation and all of us are part of this. We are part of a fast-food generation, right? We need everything. fast that's why the phospholipids make more money than the dining restaurants.

No, Queen release 5G. Okay, and all the qualities would never even bothered about Huawei want to go buy Huawei because that is only 5G phone in the market.

Everyone wants to go fast. Not that Fuji was we've been using that and we didn't have any problem Sunday something fast to give me one bats.

What is our expectation? And he sure is. Sing when they all the symbol together. This is what Jesus said to them but to wait for the promise of the Father, which he said you have heard from me for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.

And I'm shutting your about expectation of God.

How many of y'all have an expectation with the garden for God? The other day, I think it's just two or three days back. I woke up. I think it was the Jews day, which was a holiday. I woke up and I told her she wanna What is the meaning of life I just asked you this question?

Is it just going to deport a job 8 hours a day or 9 or 10 hours a day coming back and happy with the salary that we received every month into our account. Having children having family having a good and beautiful home. What is the meaning of life?

And I want you to know that God has Great and Mighty purpose to all of us that are seated in this please do not be satisfied with where you are in life now. Do not be because that is the greatest lie of the enemy to make you satisfied with what you have in life now. With that job with that car with at home with that job with that salary that because that's coming June month on a monthly basis to do not to be satisfied with that because you satisfied but always be expecting about what God can do to your life and in your life. And he was a disciple Jesus talking to the disciples who walked with Jesus for three and a half years and do so in and out of what Jesus was doing.

GM behaviors of Bible College of training hard core training one to one with God himself on Earth and Jesus Is Telling to the disciples? I don't want you to depart from this place, but I want you to wait.

Where they thought they had got the entire download for three and a half years while you're Jesus and I want you to wait.

And it seems like this. Commanded them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the Father, which he said you haven't heard from me for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit. And there are three aspects I want to touch on those if you can just have those slides. You can have the slides of your loader that slide if you can just have it one. obedience

weather expectation with God and for God Is link one with obedience when Jesus said do not. depart Trump pictures

Second it says wait for the promise of the father waiting is what? Mending Shed a message two weeks back about waiting is winning, right? and the third one is Assurant you shall be baptized by the Holy Spirit not many days from now. When your expectation has all these things one is obedience. Second is patience and third is the assurance that means when you're expecting something with hard and you know, God has promised it true the word be well assured that it is going to come to pass.

When and where it is, not a problem. praise God the disciples have to just wait for 10 days some of us have been maybe waiting for 10 hours 10 days 10 months 10 years, but I want you to know that if God has given you a promise it will come to pass. It will always for sure come to past the first point is do not depart from Jerusalem to Jesus was basically telling them I want you to see what you saw for 3 and 1/2 years what you thought now you got the skills and the training for Ministry and you know how to do it. That is not what I want you to have until you father why Jesus was telling the sting. I need these. I want you to wait wait, wait, wait, wait, he never told him a timeline, but he just told them. wait But then he give them a promise that it's a beauty about God. Although our journey in Christianity might be like, I have no idea where I'm going like Abraham was walking when God told him to leave and go.

We all have a promise. But sometimes when you're walking we are like Abraham with no clue. We know there's a promise land that is a promise over our life. But the journey that you're going through currently. I have no idea. Where is this leading to what do you need to be best and assured the Vanguard has given you a promise. It will surely come to us and were six days. I will read this therefore when they had come together. They asked him sing Lord, will you at this time restore the Kingdom of Israel? And he said to them were seven. It is not for you to know the times of the seasons was the father has put in his own authority. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you shall be witness to mean jessalyn in all of Judea and Samaria and to the end of the hot. George the disciples who walked with Jesus for three and a half years and before Jesus was getting ascended into heaven is giving a cash close to them.

3 1/2 years they held every message the Jesus story behind every Parable that Jesus miracles that Jesus did not even the Bible cannot run has not record it all. Does disciple. So but Jesus is telling them I want you to wait be patient because there is a promise that the holy spirit is going to come upon you and where 6 is why I want to read this folder is because I want you to understand the mindset of the disciples. Will you at the same time the store The Kingdom off? is there a If I was Jesus.

I would have told him go over the class put your hands up and standard. What have you been listening for three and a half years? Jesus never taught and preached about the restoration of Israel for all those three and a half years that he was doing Ministry. But he was talking about the Kingdom of Heaven in Waiting are he was talking about a spiritual Reformation. What was the disciples going with Jesus? For three and a half years walking when I was reading the scripture. I was like man.

Then what were you listening? And what were you falling for three and a half years when I was teaching the kingdom of God in Waiting art. You're asking me this question when I'm about to leave when I'm about to retire from my teaching career. You asking me before you go have the last question. And if they had an exam that they already filled. And we were. Call Jesus a failure as a teacher, right?

But that is the beauty of Lord God and I love that about God. Is that Jesus rebuked that he had all the rights to rebuild them can't imagine you are a parent has not joined school yet. He's going to place could be still, you know struggle, you know to make him do homework, but you have parents who have kids were grown up, you know your teeth and something specially mats. and all these subjects value no kids, you know, some of the kids are with you teasing your teeth and again.

If I had something I would have just smashed his head the holy smokes and uses standing in church. Now that is an attitude right man. Imagine. What I've had that attitude.

Now walked with me you have been with me that I've done all these things, but but but but you asking this question to me and when will you restore the Kingdom of Israel and I was preaching and giving my life and fasting and praying and meditating and all these things I was doing so that the kingdom of heaven will be established children. What are seven seas and he said to them it is not for you not for you to know the times or seasons was the father has put in his own authority. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you shall be a witness to me in Jerusalem and all of Judea and Samaria today.

That was a disconnect between the disciples expectation and the expectation that God had over mankind. hilvers the disciples telling Jesus so you have come back and you're going to restore Israel

And Jesus doesn't even reply to that in the way that they want to share the answer, but he says what? It is not for you to know the times and the sea. When when when the disciples were planning their life and they were planning their expectation. They were they were drawing what what according to them how God is going to move you have a god giving them a bigger picture. You're thinking about restoring Israel, but I'm going to make you a witness not just raised right but you're asleep and do all of Judea Samaria.

demands of the Earth if I was a disciple, I cannot being very disappointment disappointed at that point of time my expectation card when I walk with you for three and a half years. I saw you doing the Roman soldiers couldn't do anything against you bring you a time when to put you on the cross cross you defeated and you came out and you sending it into your dream of Israel at that point of time. They wanted to come out of the clutches of the Roman Empire. That was the agreement that wasn't decided they wanted to be free. But you gotta Jesus saying no.

That is just one aspect of your expectation. And today I want to tell it back to you. Maybe your aspirations to get that degree to get that job to get that finger of salary to build that house to buy that car and to be settled on that rocking chair and I want a piece of yours. I'm coming out to tell you all that is good, but be a witness for God be a kingdom Walker Beyond wrestling God's panda.

Do not be satisfied with what you have in life.

If you can be greedy about one thing in his life, I'll tell you something be greedy for God's things.

Not the materialistic we all agree for that how much of a holy and how much are movie previews 3D for certain things and be greedy for the promises of God for the plants of God for the kingdom of Being Greedy or doing the things of God establishing his kingdom on Earth. Be greedy for that give time for The Giver photo to read that Bible you to sit and pray to fellowship with people be able to just go ahead and hug someone.

to the next song My I want to just sell this example before moving forward. It does one week back one of the elderly person who comes to a fellowship. Does Uncle calls me up? At 11245 I got a missed call history is a you can make a movie out of it. Maybe stand if you're making a second movie. I'll give you a script for it. That is how crazy his life is. He's around 70 years old his wife and his kids don't have residency and Helios, and it's a big mess.

His uncle causes up calls me up at the middle of the night at 12:45. And I called him back and he sees I want you to help. My wife's people who his wife is around 65 years old and shot up to 2:30 by 1:20 medical staff will understand you can get into paralysis with that kind of a BP Finger by 120 was her bp reading. It's because they do not have money and she has not had her baby medicine for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

And Uncle calls me up and a week before. He says you're not going to just buy me this medicine and I buy him his medicine and give it he doesn't tell me because I have to buy from the pharmacies expensive. He just told me one medicine butter and he has to take two medicines in a day to control her bp, but she was only taking one and that was not controlling it.

NBA rush what I want to tell you is. I called him some someone at the middle of the night at 1.

And that was Jaden who's does seated yet? There? He is one man. I can call him any day of the time and I know she will help. We went we went to that house and the beautiful thing is when I was parking the car some some iron bar was in my tire got punctured at 1:50 in the morning.

That's fine. I open my spare tire and I so meant this is not what I expected to my spare tire to be. And we fix that in all these thing and we took that Auntie and Uncle today and we were like she doesn't have a residency. She has an old civil ID with expired almost a year back. Let me call the ambulance and the ambulance comes and there's a million of praise God from the Civil ID.

And what I want you to tell you is this.

Here was a man that I was ready to call and he was you know, the only reason sleep and that was event Tuesday or Thursday morning. We came back and I didn't want to sleep. I got I woke up at 6 and went to offer and I was text texting and I'm really thankful that you came. And I told this is how are Christianity should be?

We could have chosen to sleep. He could have chosen just give you could I just ignored my call. Because next day is working. Because I just don't know he was in fact, I know we just met and we went back or went back to the houses that night.

Challenge yourself and I told you I didn't does I texted him. This is it this is what Christianity is is not taking a mic and preaching the message it is when someone is in need you go out there against your comfort against all those abilities and disabilities that you know that I had money. I was like man, we just pray the prayer and I like men inside my mind has been there and we'll just call the ambulance. Because I you don't want me to go stop toilets when it's in the yard. It's an emergency. They will treat you after that. They kick you out of the hospital.

Come out of your comfort zone. Because the expectation that God has for you. Is much greater? His much bigger is much larger than its larger than the picture that you have painted for yourself.

Much bigger and you were the disciples again. You restore is running EZ's know I would make you a witness. Not just a Jefferson not just in some area but today and

to the ends of the Earth is what God has called each and every one of us a man. Can we flip a Bibles to Acts chapter 2 and I will I should be ending with this and this is something that really blew my mind and I want to blow your mind if your mind is already been done. It's okay, but I want to tell you this before I leave this place everyone that I know these pictures are like by heart for you this this particle, even when the day of Pentecost had fully come they were all with one Accord in one place and suddenly there came a sound from Heaven as of a rushing Mighty Wind and it filled the house. Where they were sitting then there appear to them divided tongues as a fire in one sat upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the spirit gave them.

When will you leave the scripture man? We have Goosebumps. I don't either younger days like when we got saved in Bangalore. BECU not give this this room has no AC and I'll just fans and those place we should keep this whole window opened, you know having this expectation that the holy spirit will come through that window, you know, we don't want to block him by Khia closing the window Teresa keep the window open. Download tickets tomorrow to become so we're not feel hot. But this is the kind of it might sound foolish.

And we have him in formulas in churches pray for 10 days 21 days 40 days this day is that this and nothing is happening?

I'm not telling you all this is bad, but I want you to bring you into an understanding. What is that at happened to the disciple? That don't attempt today is Holy Spirit decided to invade all that Jesus told his people or what? wait in the back of the doors, not 10 days within one month. No. No, he just told them to wait if someone tells you to wait water reaction. wait tell that person comes and the disciples waiting waiting waiting waiting and we know but the calculations of the days that goes 10 days that they waited on the 10 the day the Holy Spirit came.

And sometimes I like to just think a little more deeper when I'm reading scriptures and I was asking the holy spirit said that happened to these people in nine and a half for 10 days. On the 10th the day the Holy Spirit decided to invade their lives. Did they have enough training for three and a half years that when Jesus Departed the Holy Spirit immediately, There's no Jesus because he ascended into heaven. That means they are a prime target of the enemy. Cuz they had no help for the 10 days.

This is what the Holy Spirit told.

For nine or ten days, what was happening to this disciples was this? How many flcl roughly maybe forty of us?

I'm sure one of y'all is thinking about food. Got a person telling when will this person stop so I can go home and sleep in the evening to Avenues and buy some things other person might be thinking, you know some Melody Adidas. Okay the songs billboard.

right I think I just prophesying to certain things that y'all are thinking about.

What happened for 10 days was this? When Jacob was sitting there, that was me I was thinking about when this person. I'm so blessed by this message. I think this is a little too long and there's nothing wrong with his English vocabulary.

hundreds of time description this message

Dean weather started like that phone day 1 on Day 2 on day 3. What are the days progress all of them?

There's a holy spirit that is going to come. That is why we can print it is a fasting 40 days of fasting as a church in Baton Rouge doing but nothing is happening. With God nothing is going. I'm sorry to say it took them 10 days and there's all these days what I mean the tops of these disciples, but they all took 10 days I had to bring them in.

Come on. the power of the judges When the power of God willing the same song it will not happen when your mind is in one Accord with God is ready to do that is where the holy spirit will come down in the Bible.

He will not come on the Restless mind and try to make these things done. You'll always come on a peaceful night. You'd always come he decided to equally in bed. All those people were in the upper room on and asked is because he knew they were all insane. Speaking in tongues.

What happened for 10 days was Noah Jesus testing the patient or let me see. Let me see how many of them you get up and go from here. What he was telling his men. He realized it from the question does disciple Australia. Do you have no clue what is going to happen? Basketball restoration of Jesus no, no, no. I want you to sit together the end of yours of you know, how it Go one-to-one training is not enough. I want you to sit together and understand what it is to come in one has become the power of the church is when we come in Oneness that is where the power of God is demonstrated. What happened in Acts 2 is what it's a sin if you can just stand up by what I think I didn't tell you the scripture if we can quickly go to Romans 12:2 Romans 12:2. If you can go to Romans 12:2, if you take it for she can read it. If you can have the screen we can read from them Romans 12:2.

Hallelujah that is what happened to the disciples and do not be conformed to this world. Like you thinking I came to the stories. I know but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God. What does what happened to them in the Apple room for 10 days because they have to be renewed.

You might have to be renewed from telling that guard you are going to the shortlist. I know not the might have to be renewed to Oneness with the perfect will of God.

When we are lying to the perfect will of God that is when God's power will be demonstrated to a life.

When God's will is right and you're going in the left side and you telling God, where are you? You don't love me. You don't like me.

Atlanta we align ourselves to the perfect will of God that is whether to demonstration of God's power is Unleashed or alive. If you can just have the Greek meaning of the word one Accord. I just went and such this as today if you can just have that on the slide. I think that is the third slide and we land with us. the word one Accord means homo to Madame which means one and the same Unison to most temperament emotion of the Mind principle of Life feeling and thought is an adverb is denotes the unity of a group and means with the same emotion the same passion with one persuation and one

I was amazed when I took this I just thought I just go check in Greek. What does this one called me in because Holy Spirit places and then what is not just Phyllis Holy Spirit doesn't Place fillers in the Bible?

This is what happened for 10 days. Did they all could come in one mind and one spirit in one passion in one perspiration in one understanding and when Holy Spirits off the all those people were seated in the group was thinking the same you decided.

I think the Holy Spirit over dog on imagine standing and prophesying I'll be looking for what is he doing? What are you doing this right?

But no one there question when the tongues of fire can that have something new? Everyone had the opportunity to question what is happening? But all of them were in June.

People don't have questions. We will not have misunderstanding because we all all-in-one will with God 1 understanding with God when someone stands and say something like Amen to that.

And that is what we as a church with strife. To be in one that's that is where our churches will explode that is better churches will have Revival that is where the charges will grow that is where our churches will be on fire for God.

And the only question people the people who had was those people that work outside of the room. They were the only people who have questions who said they're drunk is something wrong with them because they were not in Oneness with those people but everybody wanted the Apple room didn't even bother what they were telling me. They would just took that and did what the Holy Spirit unction them to do because they were all in one mind in one nest and that's where God decided to move.

It all starts with an expectation. And I want to end up with this if you can all stand up if you can have the worship team come here. It all starts with N. And the seed of expectation was laid with Jill by Jesus when he said wait do not depart because the holy spirit is going to come. And many of us have had that she dropped into our lives in many forms in many promises. But you need to understand there's a process to it. There's a process it does not always Holy Spirit invading our lives, but if you don't keep ourselves prepared, it is very hard for the Holy Spirit to come and invade our lives. He's very hot. And that is why you're in my part comes into play of me disciplining myself in prayer and reading scripture that says out of your belly flows rivers of Living Water. This is what the prophet prophesied over me yours back when I got saved. And I should think it's not flowing Garden start flowing out of my tummy on my belly.

You know, why because unless you yourself with the good word of God nothing.

You open a tab? That's connected to a tank and if there's no water nothing is going to come out the purpose of the top you should bring out water. But at the tank is not full. Nothing is going to come out. You can blame that time. You can break that time. You can be disappointment with that. But you need to understand the source is not that unless we feel ourselves with the things of God with their dreams of God with expectation of God with the will of God with the promises of God. We can expect God to move to allies and in our lives. Don't get me wrong. When I said, you know, you take your degrees you take your jump you excel in every aspect of your life. God loves it and go to make influencers. To you in this world. Brezza, leave the stage today. I want to just drop this one seed have an expectation with Gordon Food God. Have an expectation to be a kingdom a kingdom Builder have an expectancy. God use me. Cuz I will be a lesson for your kingdom.... I want to have a dream that you. I want to dance with you. I want to come you on with you. I just want to just a heartbeat. Because I want my heart to be in touch with every Ice close. Heavenly Father we want to thank you God for this afternoon.

God taught to have expectation. That's what a school teaches that's what parents teachers is that is what family teachers or so, you going to have dreams and visions and we strive for it to go day and night to put in that extra hours ago. But I pray to God that all of us are gone when we leave this house today or God. We will have an expectation of God. Did I want to be a God kingdom worker? how to be an instrument of God in the hands of God I want to be an influencer for the kingdom of God.

I want to have an expectation with God. Go to line me. Oh God.

That I will walk in your ways to God. I never know your ways, but I will discipline myself for God.

We all have our weaknesses. We all have temptations. We all compromise We All Fall.

What time does that YouTube get up dust yourself? Get back on track with God. Your past failures are not a concern for God even today if you are disappointing God you can just say no to it. Cheap lingerie and he will do what he needs to do to your life. Go to help me build my expectation on you got on your promises on your perfect will. Attention We Praise You In The Name of Jesus we pray.

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