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So, how are we doing

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  So, how are we Doing  1 Cor. 1-15

EBC   7/20/08


  J. Vernon McGee- calls this person the unnatural man- He is unnatural in then he is a Christian but he is carnal. He’s a babe in Christ because he’s refused to grow. 2 Peter 3:18. This is a consequence of his relationship with the word of God. He has ability but no desire. 1 Peter 1:22. A new born babe has the ability to be a learned man but he also has to have the desire to be one.

  Climbing mountain in Madison County. Way got steeper and steeper. Many Christians have come to the same conclusion. Faithful Christian living becomes increasingly more difficult and more demanding. It is the furthest thing from a downhill ride. Christ does solve all of our important problems. He does bring peace, joy, meaning, purpose, and many other blessings of which the unbeliever knows nothing. But the Christian life is not easy. In many ways living is far more demanding than before we were saved.

  Why is it so hard. John MacArthur- Two reasons- the world and the flesh. From the time a person gets saved until he dies he is like a salmon he is constantly swimming upstream. The church has often thought of worldliness only in terms of dancing, alcoholic drinking, and the like. But, worldliness is much more serious- it is a way of thinking- trusting in human leaders rather than God, trusting in the government rather than God to meet our needs. Worldliness is accepting the world’s goals and habits as the measuring stick. The second obstacle is the flesh- it fact the flesh is what the world uses to get victory. Rom. 7:15-19.

  The only way we can have victory is by allowing the Holy Spirit to govern our lives.

I. The Foundation (3:11)

  A. The only foundation of biblical Christianity is Jesus Christ.

    1. If you are building on anything else you are wasting your time. The foundation isn’t religion, history or the church tradition- it’s Christ and him crucified and risen.

II. The Materials (3:12)

  A. John MacArthur- our concern should be that the materials we use to build upon Christ’s foundation is the best that we have.

    1. Are you giving Christ your best or are you giving his what’s left?

  B. As long as we are alive we are building. It may be a beautiful structure or it may be a heap, but it is something.

  C. Categories of materials

    1. Gold, silver, precious stones- these are high quality materials.

      a. The materials aren’t wealth, talents or spiritual gifts.

      b. John MacArthur- The materials represent believers’ responses to what they have—how well they serve the Lord with what He has given them. In other words, they represent our works.

      c. Every Christian is a builder and Christ wants us to build with the best materials we can.

    2. Wood, hay, stubble- these are low quality materials. These are not necessarily bad things nor sinful things they are just trivial programs. Those things that don’t have eternal consequences.

      a. There are many Christians involved in many things that have no eternal consequences.


      b. We build in three ways:

        1. Our motives- 1 Cor. 4:5- counsels of the heart Rom. 2:16-

          a. Why we do a thing is as important as what we are doing

            1. Singing in church and being concerned about what people thought of it is WOOD

            2. Singing for the glory of God is GOLD

            3. Giving out of fear of man is HAY

            4. Giving for the advancement of God’s kingdom is SILVER

        2. Our manner-

          a. 2 Cor. 5:10-

            1. Bad- worthless (no gain).

        3. Our maintenance-

          a. How are we using the spiritual gifts God has given us.

III. The Examination (3:13-15)

  A. God has strict standards for our building for Him. He will be the judge- not us, not national opinion polls.

  B. Fire- symbol of testing.

  C. As V.14,15 reveal this will not be a time of condemnation but a time of rewards.

    1. The Lord’s rewards varies but we know they are incorruptible. John MacArthur- We should be careful not to waste our opportunities by building with worthless materials, for if we do we will become worthless workmen. J. Vernon McGee- asks “Friend, what are you building today? What kind of material are you using?”



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