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Daniel 10: The Life and Death Realities of Spiritual Warfare

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Daniel 10: The Life and Death Realities of Spiritual Warfare  •  Sermon  •  Submitted   •  Presented   •  46:41
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Fantastic nice work. I don't have to go through the life had rigmarole, but it's on today though. Thank you Lord for working through my wife. Jay, most likely. Leah whoever did a thank you the blessing to me.

If if you if you caught me at the beginning she mention we're going we're still in the Book of Daniel. We're going to persevere through it and we were talking on stage because there are some books of the Bible to be perfectly honest that feel sometimes like we are going to persevere through this Daniel towards the end is going to be very much that some of this is very difficult. Am I picking my humble opinion very difficult scripture. It's not dry and it's not like here's the Ten Commandments right and wrong black and white. There's a lot of thought required here. I believe a lot of study and I think when we approach the seven if you feel like this is overwhelming to me and I'll even know what to think half the time but you said Is Gospel cuz I can't send anymore don't do that. We'd like to have conversations about it. The stuff that we are preaching is based off what we find in God's word alone and a bunch of seeing that with the support of a lot of other people that have studied this for literally thousands of years, and I've tried to understand based on the context of the word want. This is trying to say to us what's important what isn't So if you feel like when it's kind of a slug in some regards, that's fine. Don't be a put by that and don't for a minute. Please don't think for a minute like I lie. I wish I understood Daniel like Chris does because chances are you do if not better. So anyway, I just wanted to touch on that if you feel like we're going to persevere through this as a family because it's important every word and God's word is a word from God and they're not all real clear understand that they are worth study and I can say that unequivocally so as we get into this, let's go ahead and start and Daniel 10. We're going to read it and we're going to pray and then we're going to study it. All right to go. Daniel 10 in the third year of Cyrus King of Persia a word was revealed to Daniel who is named Balthazar and the Word was true and it was a great conflict and he understood the word an understanding of the vision in those days. I Daniel was morning for 3 weeks. I ain't no Delicacies no meat or Winery by mouth nor did I anoint myself at all for the full three weeks on the 24th day of the first month? Cuz I was standing on the bank of the Great River. That is the Tigris. I left it at my eyes and looked and behold a man clothes and linen with a bell to find gold from roof as around his waist is body was like Barrel his face like the appearance of lightning his eyes like flaming torches his arms and legs like The Gleam of burnished bronze and the sound of his words like the sound of a multitude and die Daniel alone. Saw the vision for the man who were with me did not see the vision but a great trembling fell upon them and they fled to hide themselves. So I was left alone and saw this great vision and nose. Ingles left in Me by radiator parents was fearfully chant was fearfully change and I retained no strength. Then I heard the sound of his word. Then as I heard the sound of his words. I fell on my face in deep sleep with my face to the ground and behold a hand touch me and sent me trembling on my hands and knees and he said to me, oh Daniel man, greatly loved understand the words that I speak to you and stand upright for I have now been sent to you and we had spoken this word to me. I stood up trembling then he said to me phir na Daniel for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and humble yourself before your God your words have been heard and I have come because of your words the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me 21 days. But Michael one of the chief princess came to help me, but I was left there with the kings of Persia and came to make you understand what has to happen to your people in the latter days for the vision is for days yet to come. What did spoken to me according to these words I turn my face towards the ground and was mute and behold one in the likeness of the children of man. Touch my lips. Then I open my mouth and spoke and said to him who stood before me. Oh my Lord by reason of the vision pains have come upon me and I retain no strength. How can my Lord's servant talk with my lord for now? No strength remains in me and no brothers left in me again, when having the appearance of a man touch me and strengthen me and he said, oh man greatly loved fear not peace be with you be strong and of good courage and as he spoke to me, I was strengthened and said let my Lord speak for you and strengthen me Benny said, do you know why I have come to you but now I will return to fight against the Prince of Persia and when I go out behold the prince of Greece will come but I will tell you what is inscribed in the book of Truth. There is none who contends by my side against these except Michael your friends. That's right. Heavenly father is we dig into Daniel again Lord. I pray that you will illuminate the scripture to us in a new way today Lord. I praise we study it that the truth of your word will become evident that we will draw close to you at in during this time lord, and that we will Elevate you to the proper place in our life understanding who we are and whose we are and in exactly where we sit with regards to the notion of spiritual warfare and how that can impact our lives or thank you for this time together, please Jaime safely behind your cross and allow your words be spoken today. So you saw the sermon title. It was about spiritual warfare. And so the first what is Don't Panic if when we read through that you weren't spiritual warfare wasn't evident. That's that's fine. I don't know that it's eminently clear and we're going to talk through some of this and what it means but don't don't feel bad. The last four chapters of Daniel are all tricky. That's my choice of words and I really feel that way in my heart. I feel like a moment I think. Oh, okay. I get it. And I guess what I'll do is read one more commentary or something that helps me understand the depth of what I understand and only to find out a no. No that was fundamentally wrong. What you understood know. This is a good point then another and another and it goes and goes and goes and it's a lot of these things when we talked about it take it with a grain of salt that this is my best understanding in a time that I studied but I'm not this is not God's word that I'm saying to you. This is God's work what we just read. That's the word of God. What we going to do here is try to understand it as best. We can apply it to us in this chapter you here to talk about the Prince of Persia that's representing an evil spirits working against got people who was the discussion where he's being there's a disclosure to Daniel but there is spiritual warfare occurring perhaps unbeknownst to dance to some specifics of what's going on. Right? I'm well aware that there's evil forces at work, but in good forces warring against them at all this coming together to work for God's glory and good and which is exactly what he's talked. to Daniel about we should clear up for this to Michael and an angel speaking to Daniel engage in Warfare. So as we move through this chapter, if you go in and do some more study, which I do encourage you to there's a lot of some agreement on what's Happening Here in some people that would debate it. But but as we move through this hopefully it'll be it'll be clear enough. So let's go to back to the game. This is Daniel talking and he's saying he he says he's in mourning. Right and he's he's been I'm I was mourning for 3 weeks. I ain't no Delicacies no meat or wine into my mouth Northern myself at all for the full three weeks and only myself meaning I smell bad right? I was Unholy it in her I wasn't doing anything to to to be presentable in the world. I was 100% focused on God and he's walking along the bank of a river and what we see here is a look at my eyes and looked and beheld he's walking and I say hear nothing does nothing to initiate this Vision now, it's not to say that God doesn't do things when we follow it faithfully and instruction given to him. That's not the point of this the point here is sometimes God will reveal something to us. In the midst of a time and we are just saying God. I don't know what to do. I'm sad because Israel to master. My people are a mess. My family is Iraq or whatever and I'm walking along a river meditating prayerfully focused on God. No sudden a vision God starts talkin. I'm still bummed out. This is stopped dead in his tracks and last bullet here as we study through this. This is God's word revealed and I put don't miss this year because I tend to do this. I tend to forget that what we are read and use the word of God or Daniels describing a vision that was given to him Daniels vision is the word of God. This is God revealing his word to the world. So this is a big deal right? When we do we know that Jesus is the word right? We we know that's there in Jesus was given and died on a cross front. But at this point in time Daniel is seeing God's revealing his word. You know what some of the songs like I only want a reaction time. You just saw some I don't like bronze. May God's getting ready to put something here in the world for us 2505 thousand years later to be able to benefit from this is a huge huge deal. What Daniel experiences is clearly Supernatural? So this isn't a man. He's not seeing a man. This is something outside of the world. It's above nature responds by nearly dying in the translation that says I fell into a deep sleep with my face to the ground, you know the kind of thing where where we will be praying for Daniel to pull out of this perhaps deep sleep face down. In NY lonely Daniel sees the vision tells around him were affected, right they they start trembling and they flee his peers a runaway Daniels or imagine you're walking along with Daniel and he looks out over the water. And all this face down and then you begin to tremble and you just run away. Like I don't know what's going on here. Is it, you know, have you ever seen the thing where they they like someone starts running in a crown is busy videos on YouTube of people do this is a joke the three or four people being a mall and I'll just start running now seems like it's sort of that Daniel falls down. These guys are shaken by this but I don't think they were just shaken by Daniel collapsing. I think the event what we see here is God's manifesting his word and when that happens, there's some shockwaves even those around the folks are actually saying the word. the last bullet here is is when we talk about Divine action Daniel seeks and is granted understanding that there's no notion in a Daniel's like well, I'll go back in and do a lot of careful study on my own and I'll sort this out and then I'll get back to you God he is he is completely beside himself everything that we see from this moment is a stepwise been effectively being being coached back into existence right spiritual warfare requires reinforcements given through prayer and fasting after you remember back in chapter 9, that's where all the started right Daniels in the midst of prayer and fasting he is spending time talking to God meditating on God's word studying God's word and Efficient does the 70 weeks of Daniel Tanner BC he was morning for 3 weeks. He ain't no Delicacies no meter why didn't know himself on the 24th day of the first month, right? This is 3 + weeks of him. Meijer down praying seeking God's will trying to understand where we go from here. Perhaps getting a little bit. We've been doing it for thousands of years. All we do is screw up. What's going to happen. Help me understand what I need to do for my people. God sees the morning and hears the prayers of Daniel it up there because I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I feel like there's some very specific event to my life where I felt I've got consumed with myself and felt very much like God was isolated himself from me in my time of desperation. Like where are you guys? I need something so bad. I just need comforted. I want this fixed or taken away or whatever and in nothing. I'm getting nothing right? It's hard sometimes to remember when we're stuck in the middle of morning or perhaps depression or confusion to remember that God is hearing our prayers. Always said it before that. You're not always going to get a yes and that sounds great when you're talking about. Hey, we want to take a vacation guy. Would you spray for vacation? And Who can see things that are really really important in our lives as we see it on this Earth loved ones that are ill Financial situations employment situation relationship struggle. We want an answer right away. What we see here is Daniel's not concerned with that this whole notion to tie revision. Is it because Daniel saying if I I've done all the work God, where are you? He's just walking along Train being in the depending on God. Yes, I'm sad and I know what you promised in your work. And I'm struggling to get from A to B. And I'm going to keep on praying and morning the situation until you fix it one way or the other or are comforting me and whatever else I can't imagine we will see about that. Daniel is constantly praying for peace and I'm tired of being bumped wakes up again tomorrow. There's no clue. Where does the Lord I will ask yet again, and he's been doing this for 24 days. What is printed vinyl Daniel isn't seeking this specific event. He's only seeking God. We don't hear anything that will what I'm going to do is take a walk by the lake and maybe God will give me a vision cuz that's what I'm going to need. I'm going to need a vision from the Lord he is he is doing what God has called him to do. He is being a faithful servant and God grants him this Vision Daniel nosek. You control I don't think I forgot about that. Call Sonos Israel's not doing what God expected in this Harkins right back to Daniel 9. He's trouble by the Sea trouble by how they're acting and what we talked about this in our group. He's part of that problem. He knows he's in his real life is not like a some sort of an outsider praying for a group of people that breaks his heart. These are people that he loves his family. His friends his his people group, right and they're in distress because they're not doing what God Called to do and no matter what he's doing. It's not having an effect. And this bumps are not what he doesn't know is what God will do and exactly when he will do it. It's going to respect that last time we talked about our prayer life we talked about. Well, I'm going to I need reinforcements. So I'm going to pray and fast for spiritual warfare reinforce. I think Spirits are coming against me. So I'm going to ask for a rescue playing fast because God called you to do it fast because God is God and you are not and he is Sovereign and will absolutely take care of you for his glory. This is why there's a book called Don't Waste Your cancer. That's sort of what it's about right when you're getting ready to eat when you're suffering in Affliction. It's a wonderful time to share with the world how great God is because he'll say things like how can you be so happy with such a terrible diagnosis. They could say amazing and could change that at all. I don't know. I'd be pretty depressed. Hell I was there. I was pretty depressed. I spent some time in the morning. I saw God and his word and I was encouraged by that and now I'm okay understanding that whether this cancer comes or goes. I love her. I don't know whatever else got still gone. I'm still good and that's okay. That's what Daniels about here. Now. We see the results of Daniel and the only point I will make his don't confuse the result with what Daniels up to he is not doing what he is doing to get this result. He is not only fasting so the God will bring him a vision he is fast because God told him too and got happened to Grant him a vision amen, but it ain't necessarily what's going to happen for us. Another word for us to read we get to experience his vision ourselves. We don't see it, but we can read about it and you can probably see it in your head even so much to be describing what he saw as best. He could write. But you know that the point here is Daniel's conflict should be all too familiar with us. If not, if when you read this you think I've never ever dealt with anything like that. I've never been depressed for three weeks. I've never been so bummed about something that I'll consider myself in the morning for 3 weeks and I would have to say hey.

What the state of the world what's going on around us the loss of life and country is of people starving to death in that don't know Jesus. Yeah, we should be morning that a lot more than we do not say we all walk around in sackcloth and Ashes for all eternity and Woe Is Us and God Save the World by the way, he is already taken care of that through Christ. We got work to do but the idea of coming in and out of this notion of my gosh. I'm overwhelmed with sadness about to be overwhelmed take it to God take it to God pray and fast and ask for supplication from the church. We will pray with you. We will work together as a family the prop some people up and move through this exact what's going on here. Daniel is not on the Shore by himself. There's people with them why I don't know other than my guess is he's our folks that know Daniel see his current state feel bad for him and spend time with him. Work together will play with you will walk with you. I will be there for you if you fall and hurt yourself or you need help or you haven't forbid see efficient upon your face will stay with you run away, but I don't know that I was trembling and saw Daniel fall down I got but I'm out of here whatever he saw is probably going to kill me for sure.

Took the sum total. Is this year's Daniels position? I think it's summer guards could be a stuff is bad guys. Good now what? Daniel doesn't know what to do with Sean chapter 9 it still here. God gave us we're screwing it up. I'm going to fix this right of course. God says Hold on a second, and I'll show you right could possibly write this wrong and now we see the vision begin right this massive thing. So Spiritual warfare can be overwhelming in its realities that kind of sounds trite but I think what we see here is clearly the truth. We want to be really careful not to get lost trying to fight our own battles. I mention it specifically in the world of spiritual warfare. We should absolutely be taking steps in our prayer life and not I don't mean is I don't know something. I'll just go to go to the Lord in prayer and let him deal with it. Right. I broke my leg. I'll just pray God will do it on here what I'm talkin about our battles that really we don't have much to contribute to other than trusting in God and praying that he will act either to bring us peace to address the situation when one of the other but it ain't our gig was ever heard the Serenity Prayer I can kind of take it or leave it in some regards with the sum total of it is got to I need to I want to know the things that I need to be doing and I need peace about the things that I can't do and I need to be be aware of the difference right give me the serenity to live with the things. I'm leaving to the prayer at the serenity to get to to know that there's things that I can't change the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Don't Mayer me down trying to work on something isn't for me and I don't know what you guys but that's where I spend a lot of my time. Unfortunately, if I'm not careful I keep going back. I'm trying to do something that God saying no not now Idiot. No, no, no. No, it's like like a Rubik's Cube that can't be solved right now. If you can you can move stickers around and make them unsolvable Packers and Lions and it's got to be you. Has to be you I'm done trying. All I can do is put myself in a position for you to work through me as best as possible. And for that I need to empty myself. I need to be in prayer and fasting for weeks at a time letting God be God and do through me what he will do through me and that's fine. And if that's destroy Israel so big.

There's a lot of bad theology related spiritual warfare. So study is warranted on there. So I'm not going to get into it. But there's tons of books written. It's some people that I really like it tried to be any books that are about like, you know, almost mysticism things you can do to do engage angels in your life and you want demons away and all this kind of stuff and we want to be really careful with that stuff spiritual warfare is real. There's Angels or demons or Spirits all throughout the Bible unequivocally, that's true. But this is where it starts to get tricky because Fort for us what we see here is Daniel not combating in this space. He's not called to go to war with this Prince of Persia that were being fought in the spirit Realm by angels and things of that nature Daniels led to believe this is happening. This is true why you're up against there's more than just you. It's more than just bad luck or what was ice right? There's something at play here. That's much bigger than you and your people right and God's got that handled too. But know that that's it's all going to be okay. We humans even father Chris are not equipped to engage in spiritual warfare alone. If there's ever any advice about how I feel that there's a universe of demonic forces at work over here Greg here's eight steps for you to do things to perform and you will board the demons away. But Buck, it's you're not going to see that in this case. We don't see anything about Daniel need to do something specific to yourself. You need to take a step there needs to be a thing. I told him it was none of that. That's all not. So in this case we were talking about in spiritual warfare is It says this is happening Spirits can come against us of course through principalities and all this kind of mess. We see it right here on equivocally. There's a spirit working in Persia and it's not good and Mike are there they're going to war the top of that In God's Time, right? This is happening you we stay the course pray God intervene. Now in this case, I would say if if you're if you engage anything that is not totally dependent on God, you're in trouble if there's something that I'm doing that has I believe has an 8th power. It's a problem vs. Like this people try to look at the Angels Behavior a lot of times and or what's happening in the spirit world. So that's what I'll do. I'll do what the Angels do. That's Folly. There's there was never going to happen if that's okay. We are called to be Angels We Are Not Angels we're not going to come angels. We weren't one saying we're humans were totally different from that. We don't engage in spiritual warfare in this manner we engage and spiritual war. Much like I might engage in surgery. I'm not a surgeon I can pray for surgeons. I know what surgeons can do. I know what they can take care of. But then again I'm not going to walk up to somebody and in the sounds like it. She's smiling if there's documentaries about people that scam people on a thousands of dollars by taking pieces of meat and hide in their hands and they rub on their stomach and they pull out infection that sounds like crazy. That's right people have died because of the stuff. They think that they're four they're taking the cancer away because somebody trips them and you want to believe that this person has the ability to do something but Supernatural Time and time and time again, it's false. Right? If somebody in this world telling you I know I have a Kia has special words. I know a chance. I know this. I know that there's a horse all of it, but it's bunk'd it is not a God. Tell us we're not supposed to be in this round and he proves it here at Daniel's free sorted out as a man of God goes once he doing what our best bet is Right pray fast to be humble. My squad are on the case. Then you don't need to go to war with this guy. You are not going to top all the Prince of Persia the evil spirit. That's an Empower over there. That's not your war is another word for that. We all think a lot of times think I'm pretty good Christian. I'm going to go to war with with demons and things like this and scrap it out with them and overcome them myself. Careful careful not to say that God can't work through somebody do something like that. Right? We don't see evidence of that in this chapter and a lot of these kind of self-help approaches are not pray fast to be humble before your Lord and He will fight for you as he sees fit. It's always good if all your other other other options rather are exhausted. God will show up and it will be taxing on us. What does the saying it's used a lot to God to show up and show off I heard that before.

I've got your ass up and shows off. We're liable to die because we can't we have no business looking upon God In His glory we want God's work to be done. No question about that. I know the spirit of that statement isn't we want the presence of God to manifest in Murder all the people that's not the point. But in this case God did show up most folks with account with that what he sees her to a christophany if you remember my talking about a long time ago, but an actual vision of Christ does match the description of Christ that we see in Revelation, so it doesn't necessarily mean that it is it's not stated that it is but the the notion of matching up and trying to see a scripture in one big context chances are the person that he sees the vision that he sees that but not turn out is Christ. Adani goes on its angels that have come to him and minister to him or talked about the those that have the appearance of a son of man. These are most likely angels that are coming to comfort him and tell him what's going on. Hey, we heard you break out soon as we got a message for you evil spirits were on that. Michael's coming. He's helping us now that we got this peace be with you. Right? But the first Vision on the floors him is a vision of Christ. And it's no joke. I don't want to speak for the whole church. But a lot of times I forget this we weave sing a songs about us sing songs about the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit with us and he's in inside of a snot spray. We want to be really careful when we start praying for the presence of the Lord unwisely. I'll put it that way Daniel knows what's going to happen. You can tell he does right? He's not enjoying himself. He knows how low he is. And when when the vision appears be recognized it for what it is and unequivocal down other men flee that can't even see it, but they're so shocked by this event. The presence of the Lord is no joke. No joke. It will likely affect us physically up to your dad just like that when we see God's her to move in in people's life as it's reasonable that you know, something's happening them. I'm just really really wiped out. I was in prayer and fasting and and God begin to just leave me the Pastors in the world and I I I I was just I couldn't stand hardly. I had to sit down and I went to sleep in prayer and I woke up in prayer again, you know a lot of times myself. I'm just tired. Also be that the Lord is working in your life. And if he's getting present then you you may be able to and find yourself a little bit more sleepy maybe all the way to near-death. Who knows right? But the point here is if if the Lord's going to move in our lives, we should expect something perhaps to impact us physically. That's okay. Not that don't look for it. Not every time I get sick Everytime We Fall Down, but that's not the point but just know that this is this is no joke, right? If you're going to get engaged in spiritual warfare, if you're going to start to pray and fast like Daniel doesn't and try to say I think there's a spirit in charge of this country that's running things a certain way and I'm going to start seeking out a way to fix that. It may not be a picnic. Now. The good news is still coming right? Of course as we should consider it a blessing that we're not in it alone. The fact that he sees Jesus the fact that the Lord has made present is awesome. It just is awesome. Spiritual warfare should result in spiritual refreshment. This is sort of the I don't want to see the Silver Lining because obviously seeing the presence of the Lord is wonderful, right but Daniels reaction to it on this world is not one like oh my gosh you guys, it's Jesus. I feel so so warm inside and I'm I'm just feel like everything's going to be okay. Nope down nearly dead people flee right? That's what the presence of the Lord is like a world that is sinful and not equipped for that. However, what is God start to do? We see evidence of he's on Daniels side. He wants good for Daniel. He sends angels to minister to him to let him know that you're loved we hear you take heed know right that we talked about last week because I love you situation, right? He doesn't need to tell Daniel to be heard in the course. He hears him. I talked to talk before I said and even if you were married and you said under your wedding day on I love you, and I'll never say it again because I already set it and we're married would have an impact on us negatively. Right? And God knows this like, I love you. I know I told you that. 1 years ago nothing's changed. I'll let you know if I stop loving you, but just assume that I love you and will never say it again. I love you. I love you. I love you. I'm here. There's a plan I got you. I'm Sovereign your prayer your fasting well done. Let me tell you about what's coming from here. This will help calm your spirit, but you can relax a bit annoying at Daniel's brought very low by this Vision literally face in the dirt low, but the angel restores him bit by bit and you know any Daniel comes back to life. I say in humility because it's as Daniel's there and they touch him again to stand up. He's like Lord, I can't even stand up. I can't speak or something. Like I can't even speak to you version to speak right this instant. As as he begins to to engage with these these this is Angel knowing what the present for the Lord the way these things with is he doing so with a very humble heart is as published Angels just like I told me about what's what are we up to know? He has a what's no part of that. He knows the danger that he's in he knows what what he wants and its death. God would be right to squash him. But for some reason God's encouraging him to stay the course and believe in and understand Daniel through this is left in courage and strength and we see this here I think towards the end. he says

How come my Lord servant talk to my lord for now? No, strength remains Amino Brothers left to me touch me and strengthened me said he loved one. Let my Lord strengthen me.

Bring it back to where it was. Probably most likely strengthen & Beyond that he's pretty bummed out, right. He doesn't know what to do. He's completely lost his dependence on God, we get to go to the Book of Daniel and read if it's encouraged by Daniel doesn't have this book. This word is being regulated new to him right here. This event is the word of God coming to him to encourage him for the first time imagine the strength as anybody read a passage of the book of the Bible when you're in a sad place or confuse place and been strengthened. I have this is happening to Daniel in real time. These are in the word of God the word of God brush for the first time and you better strengthen them, right? Any also leaves with understanding this kind of hearkens back to the beginning of the Sorcerer's Stone Cold from a like this is what happened perspective. They said the word was true. It was a great conflict and he understood the word in that understanding of the vision as this Vision begins happening is the words come Daniels being made to understand it but not because Daniel so wise because the angels are granting explaining things to him and they meet him what's going on the reason that you feel depressed and it's not that there's a war happening up there. It's a little bit outside of your purview, but just know that it's there. Okay. Well that's good to know. God works. But doesn't just waste time with visions. Now. We know this is the word of God, but if if we have got going to take the time if you will. The Times Really resource, he has to be concerned with but if he chooses to engage people these Visions are meaningful. So it does show up and tell Daniel about angels and spirits and what's the point of all that? That's a great question that will work right? We should seek the pray understand just a thing. God wants us to know that there is spiritual warfare. It is happening. It is being fought. it's there he wants us to know that he wanted Daniel to know it now because then you know we knowing All the details and deny that we don't we don't see anything here. None of this. Here is the exact protocol to do to support your spiritual Warriors. It's just this is occurring and if you believe the goddess of her know that this is occurring and you might feel put-upon a case you buy it by that's okay. Still good you might feel free and clear because they've been on something else fine. Still good know that it's their prey for it and and seek God's will in that regard. Spiritual warfare should not leave a Believer confused or daddy. We don't see Daniel getting up dazed and wandering away from them. Learning about what was happening is not like I was going on so confused. I wish I'd never even bothered to come out to this place know he strengthened. He knows more than when he went in he knows now that that there are there battles happening above above him and and that God is fighting those as well as the ones on Earth God is in control of me of firms that his life. Confusion about our normal as part of the process of sanctification but not as a result that use the word sanctification here because I think or us sing Revelation like this isn't going to be as normal. I'm not going to say God can't do it cuz guy can do whatever he wants. Right, but we don't see evidence of God revealing his word to new people most of times when people are talking about Revelation these days they don't people like that in their megalomaniacs, you know, they have a bunch of followers, they love themselves. And and now we've got to get a new visions and nobody told me and there's no real way to wedding. They stand outside the word. But when we talk about what we are up to. We spend time and God's word we leave when we are engaging in the study of spiritual warfare. We're praying because we feel that this is a this is a situation where you know, I'm helpless to fix it. And I think that there's probably some spiritual engagements going to need to happen here and I'm going to get in front of God with prayer and supplication it say God if there's anything that's happening here is spiritually Lord get it out of here. We can't we can't we can't be dealer just kind of spirits. We shouldn't leave feeling confused and doubtful. We should leave feeling encouraged where we should leave feeling strength and knowing that God's in control the process of getting there might be confusing when you read this. I don't know about that when I when I read this chapter for the first time there's some confusion doubt so much. I believe it's because of how do I find that? What do I need to do here? This is one of those chapters.

Oh wonderful time to get in the spiritual realm one of the here's to 15 Steps that you need to perform. This is the same thing as before Ray. Understand who goddess lift him up adore him spend time in in praise and worship of the Lord know that God's fighting in your behalf know that God's fighting on your behalf. Don't forget that there's a real benefit that down here is he now knows something that he didn't know before he does everything that's early to do but he's well aware you think an impact is Fairlife. I hope there's someone saying it is never heard about any this notion of angels and principalities and demons in them and evil spirits fighting it's happening and you should leave in her courage that God's got that in control 2 Just like our daily life. We say all God will take care of it. Yeah, he will also take care of all the governments and all the evil spirits all of its going to come underneath his his his Direction. It is underneath his direction today, but they will all every one of this all this will be purged Once Upon a Time eventually new Heaven and new earth. It's all squared away and that same person who did to Daniel he knows what's happening, but God still besides, you know, what is it going your way? Is there really here is a our poor choices and repercussions do not represent evil spirits. This one gets my goat because I There's a lot of people in my life.

Like a well I spent all my money on no fireworks in and then let them off on the 4th of July and I can't pay my rent and I'm pretty sure that's demons in me demons remind me take care of that might I think he's spending money on fireworks now, it can't be that got to be spiritual warfare. Like now you're an idiot right you and me both right? We do stuff. We do things Our God tells us not to do and they're like, oh, oh it's evil spirits are coming in here and they're making me make bad decisions in their there. They're taking it now that's not always the case. Now, there's plenty of bad things that occur that aren't related to you doing that think that's what I'm saying. I'm not saying this is a Prosperity play but a lot of times what happened is our poor choices aren't seeing this poor choices, but rather evil, The devil made me do it. I fell there he's attacking me again. I'm under attack because I you know made a bad choice and I don't know how to get back out of that. We do not want to get into this territory of saying everything. That's bad happening. Our life is a demonic thing put-upon. We have been saved. We give the devil a lot more credit than he's do. This is true. We do the devil is real demons Angel doll real but if you were the devil on your not omnipotent, you're not omniscient, you got a limited staff of demons and spirits to put the work. You're not going to come after me on vacation. All right, let's get 50 people in there. And what we'll do is we'll be there in a little left in a stub his toe call now to get down to it down turn the hole that is not a demon that I stubbed my toe and it was a couch cuz I'm walking in the dark. The demons are going to spend their time will we see here is not

Legends in place. They want to leave entire countries away from God. That's what's happening here. And we feel oppressed as a people as a society chances are I'm not going to make a lot of times. We we make bad decisions when you know, it sounds crazy demons again. Like we begin to elevate them to a place that they shouldn't be out here is Believers are insulated member being possessed, right? I grew up I grew up and never heard anything like this but the idea of like a a saved believer the Holy Spirit dwelling you there's no room for the rights of someone's IP. I was saved but I was possessed by demon. I did something bad there either weren't saved or was that report to call act images do not fear. Do not fear the first thing it's basically said here stop being afraid. If you are afraid the demons can come and take something away from you that Jesus gave you you don't understand what you just gave you if you're afraid that demons can get one over on God and turn the course of history and all crazy. It's impossible. There's nothing to be afraid of with regarding with regards to spiritual warfare. If you're fighting with if you don't have God, but the I guess not the reality that is not that doesn't really need much out of you. Right if you're not a price that you know, how many time for Jesus. Well, why would I waste any time trying to harm you or the devil gets out just watching people. Which we see he's a murderer right? He's the ultimate liar. So yes, he does seek destruction, but his his sights and his arm is going to be focused on something of much more impact than a single person. So we need to know that that can cause a fearful response when we read through this and like, oh my gosh, I never thought about that or what about you know, it's a war happening right now. And that's not of God that's fear of doubt in a fear is not of God. We can pray for that to go away and will If it's typing I'm still struggle with it back in the word back in prayer and fasting Daniel was sad. Daniel was bummed out. I wasn't sure about that because he doesn't know what to do. Why can't we do that? Why can't we say man trouble by this? I don't know what to do. I don't know how to address this and I got to spend more time in the world. But in the meantime, I'm just going to pray and I'm going too fast a little bit and I'm going to try to focus more on God's Will and an understanding of what this means the Lord consistently reminds Daniel that he is loved and shouldn't fear in the same goes for you. This whole book is God talking to you that's word to you and to me but you you you specifically if God says that he loves you than he does not sit.

Don't Be Afraid we go to the stuff you made me feel like I'm just nervous and I'm confused and I've never considered that or I think I've I've been due due to dealing with demons in a specific way I got to get away from that manger by all means do so, but don't be afraid don't let fear consume you that there's a war occur again in in the heavens and angels and demons are going to come down and and wreak havoc in your life. There's nothing if nothing to fear in that regard is exactly what he's telling Daniel and US I've got this Michaels going to come you can put a pain for a few weeks or months or years or days but taking care of I'm in control of even that. Alright, the actual final sides the same every time but I always want to open this stuff up every time it if you're ready to make a commitment to Jesus today come up and talk to her. Tell me the day that you thought that's not that's not the Jesus I understood or or or not. Not what I was connecting. We love talk about they're going to talk about church membership or getting plugged in come up and talk. If you like to pray. This is a great time to do that. If you feel like a man died today starts a new prior life for me. I want to pray like Daniel praised I encourage you to do so you can do it resetting you could stand here and kneel and come up and I'll pray with you Michael play with you Steve. Anybody hear Bruce happy to print a copy to pray if you don't leave here feeling like I'm afraid or doubtful or fearful. And if you just confused on what you've heard if you're if you're not ready to make a commitment if you want to talk about membership and you not even sure what praying means that you just want to talk about this. I'd love to talk with you as well.

Heavenly Father we thank you for this time in your word Lord. I Thank you for your word. I thank you that it is in love itself clear, even though maybe we aren't fully processing that Clarity in some regards or but I pray that as we spend time in your word Lord that you will clarify through your Holy Spirit exactly what this word means only you could do that Lord. I'm thankful for all those that have come here today Lord thankful for those that have ever listened and and and taking it the time to really focus on what you would say to us through your word to this gift that we don't deserve lore. Most of all, I thank you for your son Jesus what he did on that cross Daniel didn't even know what was happening at that time. He didn't wasn't aware of exactly how that was going to manifest but his faith and his example is still unbelievably apt in our lives Lord, but we do know we know what happens. We know how the story ends. We see the end of the book and Lord. I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for being able to look at this in its entirety your word and understand the sacrifice of Christ made and we look at Daniel read these chapters that may be confusing all of them point to a situation where you're in control and you have a plan and maybe we don't understand that plan completely but you still have it you are still taking care of your people and you tell us you love us and that you want good for us. And I pray that All of us in this place leave knowing if nothing else that you died for us because you cared for us and I just because we're going through a tough time or confusing time. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel or that it doesn't change who you are and it doesn't change who we are in you. Thank you Lord for what you've done. Thank you for this time together. Just answer my prayer time in.

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