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Good morning, everybody.
So you start talk.
You don't even know what to say.
Good morning.
So preachers always do right ever been to church they all do that.
Wright's know.
I'm sure you've been seen this kind of thing to know this kind of thing before.
I'm sure you've seen the kind of thing this kind of thing before where you have a fantasy dinner party come across this before you go to take the gas that you would invite to the best of her dinner parties, simply 10 conversation all that.
So I think there was one that came out a week ago with a survey of only people from the UK in the last 35 years soon as I can if you can pick whatever you like celebrities famous people on these were the people right so know who do you think was the top voted female won the top Gomez bad as hell in there and she danced on French and Maggie Smith.
He was tall was talk text.
Mary Berry, okay, Judi Dench.
Don't take don't French.
Yeah, Mike Smith is actually bought someone crossed Brian Cox and previous to the border of deer in Temecula and Peter K. Tempe Gaston.
All Prince Harry.
Alright, Prince Harry.
Did not write was actually David Attenborough.
See you in any other way to get rid of shooting with the Great British public there include all the people of all history which these things often do people live in our dad's fancy dinner party huge invite Usual Suspects Gandy Shakespeare Mother Teresa Muhammad Ali and pick your hope City Church.
Jesus of Nazareth is an interesting character.
I need those things to make these lists because that was true back in his time as well back in the first century in Jesus time people often invited me for dinner even his enemies.
He was a big news.
It was the Talk of the Town and if you were hosting the Mustangs dinner party, then you simply had to get him along that we're going to see is a big mistake because if you want Thoughts on holy living and some nice moral teaching then you've invited the wrong guy.
It was a church.
We've been working through week-by-week part of the Bible written by a doctor called Luke and Anna sisters compilation of eyewitness accounts of the life of Jesus.
And this week is kind of a meal that Jesus went too far from being the ideal gas too insightful witticisms and Jen Flanagan was Jesus is the awkward dinner guests that they're going to wish they had never invited.
So are we.
Unless you we can take from it Susan would you come and read to us from Luke chapter 14, if you got one of the blue Bibles in front of you is Paige 1047 wood for the big number 14, which is the chapter from the start of that chapter 10 to the little number and when I reach the number at the end of number six to begin with so Luke chapter 14, we're starting from the first bet Susan when Jesus went to eat in the house of a prominent fantasy.
He was being carefully watched.
There in front of him was a man suffering from abnormal swelling of his body.
Jesus asked if a disease and expats in the law, is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not, but they remain silent so taking hold of the man.
He healed him and sent him on his way.
Then he asked them if one of you has a child or an Oaks at falls into a well on the Sabbath day will you know immediately who retired and they have nothing to say?
So Jesus comes along to this meal of a prominent Pharisee.
So the Pharisees were the religious leaders of the day and amongst the most highest and strict groups around Jewish life centered upon living by The Commandments.
They've been given to the greatest leader thousands of years before Moses by God and this through the fire season made a name for themselves by being the most committed to keeping those walls and the rules of Moses so so much so that he didn't just keep those rules.
We made hundreds of others 613.
I think it's the kind of rules that they added on to make sure that they weren't going to break any of the rules of Moses any of the laws of God submission didn't even come close to Breaking God's commands Roosevelt what to eat with the where where to go here.
You could spend time with what you can say how much money you should give to various things all sorts of things review of this time.
So people would look at all these rules.
Tunisia World these guys must be super Gold Leaf.
God must really, you know thing.
These guys are the top guys arrived and they were held as leaders in their Community people that you listen to so one of these leaders invites Jesus along and Luke tells us in the store that you can look at it done verse.
When Jesus is being watched carefully No-No in a good way.
They're not watching him carefully to learn from them because actually the words that are washed lurking leigh-anne Littrell words are used in back during their so their they're not watching them Health in a good way.
It's likely to these events with all the crazy people arriving as well.
So other people would be listening in the window was listening at the door at the run the edge of the room as the Great and the good gather to debate and discuss the matters of the day.
So he's worth community events was supposed to be watching from abnormal swelling of the body.
So the word in that the light of the word in the Bible there is dropsy, which is edema something like this fluid retention.
Condition itself is that it's a sign of another condition.
So maybe they got kidney failure a heart failure some problem that is causing this fluid retention turn off snow recorded So this guy.
He says there's some underlying condition you physically this guy because in those days it was a particular condition was linked with sexual wrongdoing.
So this was in boxing is God's judgment for acting explain.
This guy is suffering physically, but he brought it on himself.
He hasn't kept the rules going to make an example of him.
So that everyone can see all we all know what he's been swelling the body.
So that's what time
Wig shops in right at the start of his account to look at it first few words that says one Sabbath.
This is the Sabbath.
This is the weekly Jewish day of rest for God had commanded the Jews not to work the rest from working we can imagine that they are fastidious in their keeping of that rule not to work.
And so they protected by making roof on route to make sure that you don't work by mistake.
So how far can you walk before it becomes work?
How much can you carry before it becomes work you could you speak to you before, you know, you consider that work and won't connect rules rules all the vents on ceiling and their Traditions would see that healing this man who is suffering would be work and so shouldn't be performed on the side.
So this is a tricky situation for Jesus some fool probably off are looking at it thinking can Jesus heal this guy schedule swelling of the tissues.
Complicate things going on there.
You can you can heal that surely be able to do a visible condition that we can do that but the Pharisees are tied up Jesus to heal this guy shooting heal this guy because they're sitting positions are saying that they shouldn't because that's worked more.
This guy's probably some kind of terrible deviant in their eyes even deserve it and this guy is not a good guy and doing something wrong with the crows watching on how can Jesus send him away?
He's been making a Ministry of being very compassionate and caring trailer near cast not helpless guy if he can of course, they've constructed a so that either way Jesus is going to lose face here either he breaks the rules and the traditions of surrender the Sabbath by Human League I or he looks horrifying lose lose Night again, this is no surprise to Jesus.
We don't need Bibles there says that he knows their thoughts because when you ask them to question the word there is he answered then you don't say anything but it says he answered then he answers them with this challenge.
He answered them.
Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not?
There's three after 6.
You can skip back in your buddy was Lisa, you'll see an almost carbon copy of this event occurring for someone needs healing on the Sabbath and Jesus asking the same question.
Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?
He's already healed other people on the Sabbath including that person in chapter 6, but also want to chat if their team there's other examples as well.
They should know the right answer, but they think they've gotten snared on a technicality.
No, just the Sabbath but this is someone who doesn't deserve it.
This is not some poor soul who has been disadvantaged from birth born blind or born unable to walk.
This guy is brought on himself.
He's suffering because of what he is done by his behavior Shirley.
Jesus won't heal such a big place.
Jesus simply won't be able to do it until what do they do?
It says there they remain silent Choice Awards.
Maybe they still think they could be up for hands.
You still think was going to happen.
So you just going to leave.
So he says them.
Jesus do you think they think inside that's what does happen before Jesus Takes the touch the guy takes then I probably some kind of hugger embraced.
This guy who is Sara Lee being pretty well ostracized by Society to the Mormon.
Jesus goes in hugs a guy brings them clothes and he wasn't no question about it.
There's no question about the fact that his guys killed in the swelling but we don't find any of that this guy is all right.
We don't know his name or circumstance or Anthony, but you sent the week.
He wants us to focus on the discussion between Jesus and the Pharisees.
So if one of you has a child or an AUX the falls into Wellness Sabbath day would you know immediately provides the answer being Yes, of course.
It was something that you actually cared about it besides it was precious to you.
You would work on the Sabbath if you'll do the right thing of your own self interests how much more will a loving caring God wants to heal this man who is suffering whether it's on the Sabbath or not?
mic drop I could have done that.
I've got to bring the money to the Pharisees this time which was a game or 6.
They have nothing to say nothing remain silent actually have nothing to say.
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