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Dad's influence.  A man of vision
His father pointed a finger at him and
said, "Son, you're as good as anybody."
Who: Martin Luther King, Jr. Scarred foi
life.  His father beat him. But since he
had vowed never to cry again, he coun it d
the lashes one by one. His whole life v. as
spent striking out at others. Who: Adol ph
Hitler.                              Dr. Kevin Leman

 —Contributed by Laura Hamilton

Astronomy class at thetlniversity of Toledo in Ohio seemed easy at first, but as the quarter progressed, the material got more complicated. One day, our professor was discussing nebular con­densation accretion theory, which ex­plains the formation of our solar system.

After an hour of note-taking, a classmate put down his pencil with a sigh. "You know," he said, "this topic was  a   lot  easier   back   in   Sunday

school."              —Contributed by Thomas Oakley

Celibacy. In a world searching for the
latest and best ways to have sex, virginity
has become an embarrassment. This is to
be expected in a society that preaches
pleasure, but not in the church where
virtue is assumed but not taught. After
all, people reason, what is there to write
about abstaining? Sex is seen as a fulfill­
ment; virginity, as a vacuum. But it had
better be more than that, especially for us
single women who outnumber mar­
riageable men by 7.3 million in the U.S.
And most of the available ones are not in
church. So unless we disobey God out­
right by marrying a non-Christian, let's
face it: many of us will never marry.
Well-meaning friends tell us to believe
God for a mate. But God doesn't promise
us that we will ever marry. He promises
us Himself.                                Julia Duin

One night at dinner I asked my 4-yea? old son to say grace. Heads bowed and hands folded, we waited. After a few moments of silence, I looked up at him. He glanced at me, then over to his father, then back to me again. Finally he said, "But if I thank God for the broccoli, won't He know I'm lying?"        Sara Treaster
1 in 7. A recent survey on marital violence reports that approximately one in every seven American couples has used some form of physical abuse during an argument within the past year.National Institute of Mental Health


The mind. What goes on between our ears is all important in separating a nor­mal reflex from lust. Jesus warned us that anger can lead to murder, lust to adultery. We may not be able to control a normal reflex but we can and should control what we mull over in our minds. What we choose to think is all important to our behavior. A woman who broke off an adulterous relationship said, "We had a mental affair for five years before we ever wound up in bed." Dr. Andre Bustanoby


We have all heard those same excuses that people give for not attending church, but now using the same lame logic the Rev. Sudney Laing of Dublin, Ireland wrote TEN REASONS WHY I NEVER WASH

1. I was made to wash as a child.
2. People who wash are

they think they are cleaner than
other people.                 .

3. There are so many different Kinds of soap, I never could decide which one was right.

4. I used to wash, but it got so bor­ing I stopped.

5. I still wash on special occasions, like Christmas and Easter.

6. None of my friends wash.

7. I'm still young— when I'm older and dirtier I might start to wash.

8. I really don't have the time.

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