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The treasurer of a certain church resigned. A man who managed the local grain elevator was asked to take the job. He agreed to do so under certain conditions: 1) That no treasurer's report be called for during the first year. 2) That no one ask him any ques­tions during the year.

They were very puzzled, but since he was a trusted business­man in the community and most of them did business with him, they were willing to go along with him. At the end of the first year he gave this report:

a)   The church's indebtedness of
$25,000 had been paid in full.

b)   The missions budget had

c)    The minister's salary had been
increased considerably.

d)   There were no outstanding
bills and there was a balance of
$12,000 in the treasury.

Immediately a shocked congre­gation asked, "How could all of this have happened?" Quickly he answered, "Most of you bring your grain to my elevator. As you did business with me, I simply withheld 10% of your income on your behalf and gave it to the church in your name. You never missed it, for not once was I questioned. See what we have been able to do with a tithe from each of you? After all, it belongs to the Lord anyway. Now for this next year, it will be up to you for you're on your own. Please give the church your tithe and see what God can do."

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