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Sunday, June 30th, 2019 - AM - Blessed Are the Peacemakers (Matt. 5:9)

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Discover what it truly means to make peace.

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Closer listing outside of the Walt Whitman to the Ferguson to the Broomfield before the children of God. We invite you to join us in the gospel of Matthew chapter number 5. Now would have we don't like to read through the Beatitudes at least verses 1 through 12 and then consider first number 9 in particular. If you would read out loud with me when we come to verses for 9 or depreciate that Matthew chapter number five number one.

And stay in the multitude Jesus when he was set came on to him. and he opened his mouth and taught them saying blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth shall be filled blessed are the merciful for they shall be blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God reversed nine out loud. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God and she'll say all manner of evil against you fully for my fake rejoice and be glad for great is your reward in heaven for so persecuted. They the property which were before you. Lord Jesus we pray to work together this morning with humility. I asked for the two challenges with the word that you did your disciples on that Hillside that day. That we wouldn't leave here. Not one of us would leave. This service. I didn't message the same way that we came. Open our eyes Lord that we may behold wondrous things out of that law. May we truly understand what you told us to be into disciple and the blessedness that attend those that will follow your admonition to be peacemakers. Looking for that day when we will have a title upon not because of anything that we've done but all because of what you have done for us and through us. At Calvary. Thank you for your shed blood for the reminds us of the freedom. We have to serve you and Liberty. Thank you for this country. And for those that have given their life and checked their blood even that we can serve you freely and openly we can open your word now in a public place in a community center and we can hold it for as a source of Light & Hope in the midst of the crooked and perverse Nathan is Generation Lord. May your people to be called by your name in know that they are of what would prefer to in the early Christians as a part of that way episode understand that path that we can take the lead others to you and to help reunity Star Brothers and Sisters in Christ to call your name will praise you Lord for what you do in the service I have for your special strengthening of my boy. Monat, I just see your vessel today hide me behind Calvary and behind the cross and may you my savior increase as I decrease may be lifted up in Jesus name I ask amen.

I'm here in the west and I feel I feel it's appropriate that I can start a message on be peacemakers with this with a straight and I don't know if I would use it quite anywhere else.

Already anticipating where I'm going and your family in our church Gathering here today. That's how your family laid down Route. They were part of that expansion Westward when Lewis and Clark away from the east coast to the West Coast finding the Pacific and then people settling here in the Denver area and others. Will there was a man from guess where I'm going now, didn't you he was a man from Dodge City Kansas to had a reputation and The Story Goes that he continued on his journeys with his brothers and they wound up down in Tombstone, Arizona well and is he was known for being the Peacekeeper there. In fact, he had a Colt Colt revolver. That would be named The Peacemaker. And I do start without illustration. I don't think it's completely inappropriate to think about what Jesus said here in the peacemakers. Now, please don't take away from this that you need to go and get it, you know and have a revolver. Where can you open carry here? You can do that Colorado if you want to by the way, but that's not that's not what I'm sitting here. But I do want you to think about because there's some things that being a peacemaker is not and I don't know if if we really have the best understanding when we think of a peacemaker, I think someone who will just compromise for the sake of PPP. The speaker means that you willing to take a stand to be taken. It doesn't mean that you become a doormat. It doesn't mean that you compromise on certain things that we do not compromise on Doctrine. We get our Doctrine from the scripture and the church is the pillar and ground of the truth. and if we throw out the doctrines of the Apostles in our Lord

Prolonging the inevitable conflict that will come because conflict happens over Doctrine. How do you say that again. Perin brings conflict? It's inevitable because everybody can't be right. Is only one who is rye and his name is God. The Lord Jesus Christ set the bar. He set the standard and Paul said it this way Mom and she said let God be true and every man a liar and his word and it's clear. It's black and white then if we waiver from that and we try to pull out another path inevitably the two walk together. How can two walk together except the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father, but by me if you're going to try to go around any other way, you're going to wind up like those that climbed over the wall headed to the Pilgrims Progress.

When you have to prevent those you're not going to be found in Jesus Christ. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God or a pole from a Francis of Assisi? You understood this called to be an active Pursuit Of Peace. Listen to his words. I thought they were they were Timely. Illinois Road of long ago Lord make me an instrument of thy peace.

Where there is hate, may I bring love? Where there's a fence may I bring pardon? May I bring Union in place of disc for?

I think that's a good Channel. We need to remember that we are not the mediator between God and man. There is one mediator between God and man and his followers and blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

You can bring her at very roughly literally a sentence but also children is included in that I did the sons of God. Sons of God in him interested in the sons of God. I have two sons that are one of them here in this service with me. It's probably down the hall at thing still cuz he's he's growing he'll be in here before long. I've heard people in my wife really sent this a lot. They look just like me. I'm sorry, son.

Apply here think that fruit. That should be called the sons of God. I don't think I could deny these boys if I try. Just put us next to each other. I think it's undeniable that you can name. In fact there at potluck last week know I've got any of you were aware that we have essentially we're prospering my cousin's children and we were having a conversation and they just came out a few weeks ago and they're living with us while Mom and gets things together. That's my cousin. And so we're just be merciful and Matt and this is the best thing for those children and my wife and I are on the same page and we know the sacrifice it's going to take him. We're happy to do it because we want to see God in me at 5 to give him some stability where they were they were just bouncing around from place to place and all over and different nap time's different schedule Siri. So we just said let him come and visit Uncle Jason and Jessica for the summer and we'll start there. Thank you for praying for us for that. We were sitting around the table at the last weekend. One of the one of the people we were City would have mentioned that we can definitely see the Walker influence their son. It's undeniable cut from the same Bowl in some respects genetically now think about that when we were going to look like your heavenly father. And my mind's been going through this person, you know, this is one of those things where you can just kind of meditate on it or understand it. There's a different there's there's something that it as a follower of you I need to attend to I need to do what is this peace-making? What does that look like? By meditating on that and answering those questions it helps at unlock. I think really what God has a sort of that information because sometimes it is inevitable and if you're going to be a peacemaker, you've got to know with Divine where you're not going to compromise where you're not going to cross him. So when you have to take action, no, we did not seeing the second person of our national anthem. But if you turn to the hymnal and you find it you'll read in that second verse that says.

What are pause it is just not looked it up in fried not prideful arrogance, but knowing that there is something that we should go down to say and this we are motto in God is our trust you might think of Abraham Lincoln's were when he was asked and it was God on our side. So I'm not worried about where the Gods on my side. I'm worried about whether I'm on God's side.

And we have these United States rather than a Confederate of states in the union of North. Our country survived brutally brutally at a great cost to our country.

We are still today United. I believe Abraham Lincoln's cause was just

and God was instructed. Greatest biographies sometime those were days that we can be thankful their path. And yet I wonder in some ways if our country doesn't Loom on the brink of another major division. This time not necessarily between the North and the South but between ideologies between those that lead one way and those that lead according to conservative Prince. I had to take a seat scriptural because there a lot of conservatives better.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God? What's up, let's we can do says it comes to North Pole. Maybe we would think of the adjustments that have to be made between two people when they stand before an altar and say I do. I did that with my wife. I promised that I would love her and sickness and in health and poverty and wealth and through thick and thin I would do that two single adults who are making the decision to say we're going to no longer be single. We're going to be together in one direction in one Unity. It was illustrated by buttock barnhouse this way he use the solar system. And so I'll do that. I'll take his illustrations thing on his shoulders.

Revolving around the Sun to Center. Relationship. Is that orbits now?

I would possible would that be for a planet and all of a sudden change in and join him in orbit with another planet if that doesn't happen, I believe waiting to happen. And sadly this this is singing some home because maybe you have a wife. I think they'll straighten use why you know how to pet a light over the stove that need to be fixed. And so she she did the right thing. She wouldn't ask her husband said none of us, by the way. I don't know what time he came from. he speaks really needed this life and he got upset her for that's what I was taught every time she'll ever get 70 * 3 * -1

She could have she could have called somebody without going through him and just got in the light fixed.

right interplanetary Collision so that young wife learn something that day about her husband. That he had maybe a lack of responsibility important.

That's ministration that can help us may be understanding and in human terms where this fits blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God. As we think about the world in which we live with all of the centers that are around us and us being Center cartel. We need to be true peacemakers if we're going to understand what price is is saying here peacemakers? Let's just take the word itself. That's where we should start. Right? We should go to the in what is the word that here in the Holy Spirit has inspired in our Scriptures. It is only found in the compound word in the original.

These words were or high frequency words and you recognize that's compounded with that means to do so.

In all of its Simplicity that's what this word means to do to make peace the rain a hit in the New Testament would have the same as the word that I'm sure you've heard before the common greeting and whether you're coming or going and it's real is Shalom. Salon if it's the Sabbath if it's Friday evening at 6 and 2 Saturday, then you would say shabbat shalom. Shalom is the Hebrew word for peace. We get to work Jerusalem from that Salem. Peace are the peacemakers blessed. Are they that they that make how do you make blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth?

I tried to find you where where was Moses in this? I don't think that there's a single beatitude.

in fact There's a good precedent. I think in our new testament 2.2 Moses being a will serve us. Well understand what flavors This illustration that the biblical if it was straightened that I'm going to give you. So that means it's the best kind of illustration you could use to get a point across. Is a Biblical illustration I'm all for stories. I'm all for fun of all for you last night. But if you can find a reason you can think of because it's a divinely-inspired it was stration, which means it will accomplish something that only God can do through his holy word. Where is an Earthly story? I might use a fire alarm or I might use some kind of object. You know, it's not sure but when I can go to the Bible and I can find someone who illustrates the truth then God can take that be on where human illustrations fail. That's why I like to use the before stration when I'm trying to get a point across and I would encourage you is you're doing your trip to reading compare scripture with scripture. It's that illustration that you're aiming for the church scripture knowledge. That's a great resource. Someone should say better that I mean the old version updated and changed a lot in their Acts chapter 7. And if you look through Steven sermon, I believe it's in the 20s chapter 7 verse 20 out of want to be specific. It's somewhere around there. Just read those 10 versus you'll find what I'm talking about after 7, Steven and his giving his message that's going to leave to his death.

Steven is a deacon in the church. He's a man who is filled with the Holy Ghost and he stands up before confronting them in their sin. Ultimately rejecting God's Messiah to the Jewish people. Our Savior Jesus Christ Read that message. She goes through debris V8 in history of Israel. And he talks about certain key people.

Down in the 20, I believe that's correct me if I'm wrong on this. I think my my head is screwed on straight. I believe he was talking about Mom since there. When the Hebrew people were striving are the he went out remember when Moses ran into that conflict and and there was a it was a in Egyptian who was abusing the Hebrew. Moses got in trouble Disney. Moses got in trouble for trying to be guess what read the words that Stephen uses. He's trying to to quell a conflict between two Hebrew people are driving and he's trying to set them at one. He's trying to sell their disagreement and just give them.

Because Moses had made that misstep before and I do believe it was mixed up. It would send Mobile SIM when he raised his hand and anger and flu that Egyptian and buried him in the sand to try to hide him that would sin Market down. I think this is an appropriate biblical illustration of what it means to be a peacemaker Moses in his heart. But the way he went he went about it was completely wrong. He bought Their audience knows one person. That's it. You think that you could rewrite you know this verse?

Not rewrite it. Let me rephrase that. You said you you know the ideas you could translate it in this regard blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be hated by both sides.

So Moses come to this Egyptian is treating this Hebrew and he takes up the Hebrew pause he gets upset about it whines up taking it too far. He kills Egyptian person in the same day. Stevens Point

the dispute between them in one of the reactions to Moses was breathing to do being a kill me like you do that Egyptian the other day. I thought nobody saw that. Bergen medicine

Can I tell you that when Moses? Make that that decision and wasp control of himself in anger and slew the Egyptian. It's going to be a long time and it's going to be for decades of his life before he finally gets around to doing what God would happen to do. He knew that he was going to be the one even by that time. He was the one that was. And he's taking things into his own hands. And he's exercising his rap and James remind to the wrath of God. Moses wrath on that Egyptian man was not exemplary of God's righteousness. You'll have to spend 40 years in the desert before God finally sees that his heart is ready. And by the time God comes to Moses the Lord Jehovah comes to Moses Burning Bush Moses is a completely different man from what he was 40 years ago. Now we have Moses to meet we have Moses The Humble who said that I can't speak. Through that window Aaron was raised up for him, which is also interesting, but we're thinking about the peacemakers and looking at biblical illustration. The Jewish people actually Exemplar exemplify Aaron as being Peacemaker, I think about these two.

And Jesus being here on The Sermon on the Mount up on the Mountaintop giving give me the Kingdom Hall.

Is that rain when those that are peacemakers shall the children of God? Another word for going to have a title over them that says they are the children.

That would be honored in his Millennium ring. But Aaron is the father of the number to Malachi chapter number to God's covenant that he made with Levi the levitical Covenant.

And you really need an understanding of Covenant not covenant theology. As you know, it was a theology around covenants in the Old Testament or mislead anyone here this week station is how to cut the Emoji.

You're Matthew 5 so don't be like I didn't turn all the way back to the zekiel. Just go back couple of pages you find it faster than me.

They said the birth of a one and now I owe you free. This commandment is for you. If you will not hear of that if you will not lay it to heart to give Glory unto my name say if the Lord of hosts, I won't even send a curse upon you and I will purchase your blessing. Yay. I can purchase them already. Because you do not lay it to heart. By this time of Malachi's preaching this is this is like the last call Alex Israel and saying you need to turn around because Babylon lies on the threat and God's judgment is coming and there are people across our country that are standing on scriptural truth and pleading with the people of America to turn around and repent America is not Israel and the church is not in true. So we understand that but notice how God Is So long-suffering he's given how many thousands of years and they still have not honored by this same time when you have Jeremiah standing on the entire priesthood. And they are certainly not only Jehovah, but they have intermingled with.

Jeremiah has preachers in his day that stand up and speak when there is. No that's not the message that God.

Standing crying out how many little churches you know, do we have all scattered around our country? How many families do we have? Have a mom and dad?

They're calling they're saying we got to seek the Lord the paint so we can continue on since I've purchased your blessings already that goes back to the Palestinian Covenant and Mosaic Covenant because they hadn't kept those judgments plumbing. And God is totally just been sending the Judgment. He says behold, I will corrupt your seat feed and spread them upon your face is even the done with your solemn feasts all the parties that you're happy. That's what you're going to be traveling in 1 she'll take you with it. Take me away with him. Now we're getting to where I want to see for summer for. You shall know that I have sent this commandment unto you that my Covenant might be with who? Levi and who is the father of the Levi x Eren? So Aaron in the Jewish mindset would be known as one who seeks. Peace. Why is that what we say? The Lord of hosts was with him of lights and maybe one a circle this work. So you see it again when you read Malachi 2 Why and what piece for the fear wear with beard me and was afraid before my name truth was in his mouth to levitical priests to teach the nation of Israel.

think that through

Are you coming up with them? I should have bet you if we are going to be peacemakers in the sense that Jesus Christ is encouraging us to be peacemakers. Bring forth the Word of Life reverse nation in a crooked generation. if we don't and we haven't in many areas. Judgment lies at the doorstep.

And I want to see America Prosper just like the next person but not tell you what will truly make America great again when America truly turns back to God's word. spiritually right with God have a great burden to see that happen. Not just a turning over a new Leaf more people start going to church again by holy man. There's a lot of things that cause it's a disgrace to even use the name Church. If we're not above reproach here, we're not the saying that we're the only ones that are getting this right. We're not be there and God will be pleased with that smile on if you have other people that are centered around this word and you can Define them as a New Testament Church matter what's on the sign denominational if they're cut from this block. They're cut from this bowl. I'm convinced that you're going to have in essence what you find independent Fundamental Bible.

Doesn't mean that they don't have to have that on our side but there is work. We read that verse together again. I just want to reiterate the church has not replaced. His real promises are coming for his royal priesthood as good as Believers believe in the Bible. We know that there's a free for the believer. We believe that that means that we don't need anyone to go to God for us because Jesus Christ is our mediator we can go straight to the father through him. Each one of us is a disciple of Christ has that word into the nation?

Huron As followers of the Lord blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

East Meck Lord let me speak to me of First Corinthians 13 Ask a great love chapter of the New Testament. All those things that fall characterizes about true charity Love In Action let that be in my life blessed are the peacemakers old. Dr. Gill said it this way not between God and man for no man can make his own peace with God nor can any mere creature and Superman somewhere between God and man but between men and men man and man screaming in the middle and Steven pointed out and he wants to bring them to one mine. How many times do we see in the in the Epistles that Paul rights considered to be at the same time for the Mike did a good job on preaching through Philippians and the odious incentive?

I'll just summarize in closing this way. What is being a peacemaker not let's look in the naked. You got to have to two tables on your battery fourth run right at the black soap be a peacemaker is not Seeking peace at any price. It is not compromising. Furness. We said earlier. You're not compromising for the sake of Peace. But what is it to two prongs to? Make a peacemaker. Has two facets the first would be being a peacemaker to the unsaved. Say that would be I'm going to be The Peacemaker to the unsaved. Chicken ready with your scripture and the filling of the Holy Spirit at hand that when someone needs prompt you were going to be equipped to be The Peacemaker show the mediator between God and man and helps them find therefore being justified by Grace we have this peace with God. We're in the East and peace with God that's to be unsafe. If we had more Christians that were busy about their mission of reaching the unsaved we might have a different demographic across our nation.

Pedaling as a preacher.

You're in church on Sunday because you love the more and maybe if you were going to go out from this place and tomorrow, you're going to cross paths with somebody and you're going to do what a Christian ought to do. You are going to see all kinds of people this week and each time. There's an opportunity in the door open if you're going to be going to talk to him about Jesus and there might be some Divine appointments that come your way. If you're going to be ready to be a peacemaker and you're going to help that one who maybe is without. Hope that one who is God has brought them in their life when they're ready to receive your going to be the one you're going to be the ambassador that tells them about a different country. You're going to be able to tell them about this city that it's Builder and maker is God.

That cuts both ways by the way. Because I'm saved I can say thank God because I know there's a heaven the game. If I'm not save that cuts in a different way because there's a hell to shun. The Bible is clear about that and help me with the guys being into 4 minutes.

Being a peacemaker to the unsafe. He is the prince of peace with the second facet of being a peacemaker is through unity and listen to church we need this among. There's a right way and a wrong way to leave a church with this as a pastor. I've experienced people getting mad about you know, the principal about something else that they just didn't lie elsewhere while we're all we've all fallen short and I'm just as guilty as the next person sometimes I think this grand old and then getting going to be my way and testify in all kinds of ways.

sweeping about me peacemakers Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let us always look for the opportunity for reconciliation. Galatians chapter 6 The Universe number one

I believe it was Gerald Fielder wrote a whole book on this the missing Ministry.

The title of his book was restore such an one if you've never read it, I encourage you to read it. That was a pretty piece makers. That means we're going to be. It's like a castle.

if a brother be overtaken in a fault Ye which are spiritual blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God spiritual considering myself. Less. Also be tempted one another's burdens and so fulfill. The law of Christ are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God if your spiritual This will attend your wedding. You're going to come across a brother or sister in Christ.

Aberdeen yes, it happens more than we even know because there are a lot of people that come in these doors on Sunday morning and they put on a good smile and they want to be here and I'm not saying they're Hypocrites at all. They're here because they're looking for something from the scriptures, but they're hurting. my pass Where what I've gone through in a church, I walked away and I had to really take this thought captive. I had to capture this because it's not who I am and if I wrestled with it, I know that other people read and I swear the thought actually entered my mind Church.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ chew on each other and just chewing him up and amount to disputes between Believers out when it gets out into the world. That means we have settled the church can't do anything about it. What happened to this Christian family Shred.

I can help you single your dispute. As a pastor, this is one of the least favorable chops that I could to do. I really don't look forward to it. But you know, what will work through it show up?

All I know comes from here and I'll sit down with his brother and his other brother or the brother and sister or sister and sister. However works for that snare and I take the word of God and I pray and I pray and I pray and when I think I can't pray anymore, I pray some more and I ask Lauren healthy. And don't return from stinking. Showed up. Without fail every time and he gives comfort from his scriptures, able to speak God do the impossible and a miracle happen and where things were falling apart before God's word just takes me and blues that back together and rather than having a split home and children that are being fighting over and suffering and all of that. You have a home. It's mended and a husband that wants to follow Jesus and a wife who wants to follow her husband as he followed Jesus. They start putting him first and things begin to happen that you can never even dream up and don't take them on somewhere else and I'm thinking of a family right now that we have decided to put together there on the other post of the country now and they're leading others raising up a whole nother generation for Christ of Destruction. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, whether it's in a marriage or whether it's in the church, let's be peacemakers. What's not fuel to fire? Let's not take Sai ago pastor preaching college to be careful about getting a little red wagon. It's always two sides to a story if you're going to be a peacemaker. You can't take sides. You got to hear the whole matter out. Listen, listen more than you speak as practical things right maker. What are they a peacemaker to the young State leading others to Christ in a state of knowledge in him and in the second half and in what worthy of the vocation wherewith recalled not grieving the holy spirit of God in Christ chapter 4 chapter 5 chapter 6 unity in Christ Crushed Us in chapters 1 through 3. Unity in the body of Christ chapters 4 through 6. That's the epistle.

There's a reward so we understand what the meaning of being a peacemaker is a little better. I hope what's the reward Jesus says he'll be called the children of God. He's promising here. This is a promise from the Lord Jesus that during his Reign those that make peace by doing number 18 number be above. Reaching the unsaved. Bring Unity among Believers. If you do that, you will be openly rewarded and you will be called the children of God as a title. When you are ruling and reigning with him in his kingdom. You talk about a badge of honor. We don't do it for the reward, but there is a more reward that will fulfill the word of God. A son will normally be like his father. So when we promote peace we will be as the father. If you tempt me as a father. I wouldn't be a good friend to you. If I told you that it would work out like a Bed of Roses every time. remember love

Moses will have his reward from the board. And yes Moses Heather's work Cummings. Don't fly off the handle in your peacemaking don't overstep your bounds. You stay within the confines of what God wants to do. You say stay sensitive to him every step of the way. Don't take matters into your own hands and expect that numbers number 10 followed first number 9 in the Beatitudes. When you striving to make peace. You just might wind up being the enemy to both sides. It could happen. We don't wish for it. We want it to work out smooth and everything to work well, but there are people who may not understand you speak the truth in love affirm and unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord. Let God handle what you can't and trust him that there will be a reward for your effort.

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