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Beware the seed of favoritism!

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Genesis 37 tonight Genesis 37 we embark on the last what attorney is spent from Genesis 1:1 in the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth all the way down to these are the generations of Jacob XXXVII. Let me bring us up to speed for those are just joining us or I haven't been with us for a little bit here Jacobs been on a journey down from paddan-aram. He left the northern part of Love is Real and he left at the bidding of the Lord the angel of the Lord showed him that he needed to go back to Cane Lane. It was time. He consulted with his wives and started making the journey and through being chased by leaving and fearful to run into his brother Esau after all those years and what happened back at the ranch and Jacob had the 40. Well Jacob wrestled with a man through the night and that I believe. What's the Lord and he was so fearful to meet Esau but I've got to care of it all and Esau and Jacob had a grand reunions when they met and Jacob Spears. We're really unsubstantiated. Esau head had no qualms against his brother by the time they met so Jacob continues on his journey and he settles in Canaan land he settles in an area of shechem, which meant he fell short of Bethel where the Lord I wanted him to be and we talked about the trouble that came to visit Jacob when he was in shechem through this time. He's had to for for women and they weren't his 12 sons and one daughter and Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin. So his 12 sons are with him and we take out the story Genesis 36. We spent a good deal of time looking at the windage of Esau. Are all of the Kings and all of the greatness of Esau was listed for us there in chapter 36 and it's interesting to me that out of all of those sons and all the descendants and all the king that came out of Esau and would be the idumaean Kings or the kings of Edom. That's all there is about and then you have that whole big 37 in verse number to these are the generations of Jacob. Joseph being 17 years old was feeding the flock with his Brethren. The lad was with 6 Sons of Bill Huff sons of Zelda's father's wives Joseph brought into his father there he will report. So the contrast is clearer than I have all the sons of Esau and then that narrows it down to Joseph. This is what we started with General creation and we went from Adam down to Noah and from Noah we will had three sons that were of significance and I am Shem ham and japheth and Shem Estero down as the one through Whom The Promise would come And from the sons of Shem come through Eber eventually and down to Abraham and the promise is given to Abraham had, you know, we have the stories of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and through that and knows down to this one man now Joseph, so you see what the Book of Genesis is doing its tracing our route back to Christ. You told us about plenty of things but when you read the Bible keep that mind it's written to point you to Christ. It's not an exhaustive encyclopedia of all the knowledge ever known by man God's not going to spill out for you. What all happened when the molecules begin to work when he created. He's not going to go into that death. What he is going to do is show you the path of Life show you the way to Jesus Christ and Joseph here is going to be a picture Jesus Christ. Some people have gone overboard on over typifying him. But I also think there's a great disservice that is done. To Josephine, trees and things where they don't see Christ in him at all. I don't know how you can look at this man. And look at this. The account has given the Book of Genesis and not see Jesus here. I don't know how anyone can come away from the life of Joseph and not see Jesus Christ. There's just too much overlap when you ask me. That's just my humble opinion number 11, if you would with me in person one Jacob's Well in the land where in his father was a stranger in the land of Canaan, we just covered how he wound up down there at the bidding of the Lord is Generation. Remember? This is a key movement indicator by Moses. I believe Moses wrote Genesis. So this now Begins the next song

Isaac Wright following suit with that we're going to learn so much about Joseph following 10th to tell these are the generations of Jacob to when you study these are the generations up. These are the generations episode The Movement is here Jacob sons of Sylvia and Father's wives Joseph Church fathers are evil report of Joseph all his children because he was the son of his old age and you made him a coat of many colors when it's rather insulted their father loved him more than all his Brethren they cannot speak. First number 5 and Joseph Dreamed a Dream, he told his brother in and they taken him yet the more and he said it in here and behold your Shih Tzus roundabout is rather and set it to him right over us or shutdown indeed have dominion over us and they hated him the more for his dreams and for his words. Any trade yet? Another Dream I Dreamed a Dream more and behold the Sun and the Moon in the 11th stars made it to his father and his brother and his father rebuked him and send it to him stream ourselves to the edge of the Earth. 11 said his Brethren envied him. But his father observe the same way we look at the things that are here and see what it is. You'd have us to see so that we can glean what we need for our families work and that we can learn from the scriptures so that we can look more like Christ then when we came will thank you for how you help us grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ in his name we pray. Amen. I don't want to get off a little bit here. But we're coming up on 20/20 is another election year, right? Well who remembers back in 2016 all of the hubbub that happened around the election and I'm not here to pick sides. I'm not here to pick on you for being on one side or the other but I just want to observe the way that our country so divided right now we can agree on that can't we because there's definite polarity that I see that I can observe and a lot of it goes back to 2016 and there are plenty of people. I mean, let's face it called Trump is God's appointed official and he is the president of America right now. If you believe Romans 13, you have to believe he's ordained by God and so the scriptures are clear and yet there are people who They're jealous because things really have changed that much. Look at Joseph now his Brethren have a problem with him. And there are plenty of people that have problems with Donald Trump understand that but he is God's choice. Then the election that fell out 2016. We have to give some kind of credit to God for that. Even though it's the the Free Will of the people that determine elections in our country, but there's a sovereign hand of God that moves. And he is the ordained leader of our country the story with Joseph. How's it going to work out for him? No question about it. We just read to dreams that Joseph had that doesn't specify the brothers were more sensitive to what God might have been doing. This is easy for us to say right. Verse 11. Is Father observe the same laundry, but it must not have struck him that deeply because when his brothers are going to bring back the coke dipped in blood. Jacob is not going to have enough Faith to believe that God can preserve Dill Supply. He's going to just leave him for dead right there. So then what what do these dreams amount do in Jacob's find the story? We know that one day it's going to be after it's all said and done. We're talkin about Decades of Joseph watch separated from his brothers who thrown in a pit. The market was not Joseph God's ordained choice to save many people alive in his day.

And who distinct and for that? Shooting you really going to be the leader of her us. I don't think so Joseph. Let's be careful. Let's be careful about leadership and I just want to go straight that to you agree with you. There's going to be people that are not going to tolerate.

I don't care if it's an employer-employee situation. You might have some people that are like in the workplace situation. Maybe I can just use the subway scenario. Let's say, you know, you have somebody to spend at Subway or I don't know 30 years and there's is faithful Subway, right? Then you have some green guy that comes in right off the street and this fellow has been there 30 years. Now. This green guy comes in and works its way up before you know it the rookie now is where in the manager's hat and tell him the thirty-year-old better in there what to do. You know, I don't know the guy that's there for you probably doesn't want to be manager anyway, understand politics and all that stuff energy in oil mean has you know why they think they can make him or her supervisor. You know, what is I've been here longer and I've got more seniority whatever the argument is. And people can Buck the system. They can have problem right education new person is taking so Joseph is 17.

But let's not forget in history. Ribbon is first born of Jacob. No question about it. But Reuben committed a heinous act against his dad and just recorded forever and patience scripture when he when he did what he did you go back and read it you see it's just a truck. That's the way he does towards Joseph and Levi. Who could forget that? You've made me to stink in the eyes of all the people in the nostrils of all the people in the land. Simeon and Levi because of their revenge against the shack of mites over the rape of Dinah now, they've been disbarred they've been disqualified. They're not their score for the Privileges of being the firstborn and getting all of that. Okay. I will have Judah

I don't know what to say about that. Here's where I see a little bit of a breakdown.

Reuben Simeon Levi and Judah their mom was Leah. So if we are going to get past Judith and we've got to do some more wrestling and remind ourselves. We are the best Liars you could ever you can ever find and self deceivers. We are very good at justifying wrong actions and and Jacob been Justified favoritism. I really believe that he is going to have to work through this in the dark mind. so then if he's going to Joseph then I don't know maybe he'd have a little conversation between him in the Lord like this. Well, you know what they did to me got supposed to marry Rachel in Jacob's mine. Now keep it will miss I eventually come through Judah and that in judah's mother asleep. So let's not forget that trick me that dirty dog. And really the reunions in in God's eyes is between me and Rachel so then who

Jacob is recognizing his and Rachel's relationship marriage all the Airship verses that Jacob Love Joseph and iPod so that you more than more than that's a problem. huge problem and he made him the coat of many colors. Signifying I think personally that this was in the batons going to pass it to Joseph after I'm done so that throws Ruben by the wayside Simeon Levi. I mean all the other Suns by the wayside now in Joseph bypass is a mall. I want you to notice tonight really three things and I just want to encourage it no matter what happens. If God has called you to do something stay faithful. And as you see Joseph, he's going to remain faithful. He's going to never lose faith in God throughout his whole journey be in front of the pit in the prison with accusations and all the way through the dreams that he has the baker in the Butler and then be forgot for 2 more years on top of all the years. He's been there only to come out to be second or favor of the in Jacob Joseph never once loses sight of what God my do I never want to Joseph complaining? I don't I see him maybe having to work through some things in Dungeon moments in his life. Wondering why Joseph just stayed faithful, you know doing something in your life and there's some folks maybe that that aren't in agreement with it like Joseph's brethren. Don't give them any occasion. They throw you in a pit. It's going to be on them. Not you. As Pastor Larson was going through 1st Peter. Remember we were encouraged to to suffer for righteousness sake. Ferraro. I'm just like anybody else. We are really good at ourselves and messes and we suffer because of her own doing and I've paid the money that my life is like you have we can tell stories all day long. I'm sure but when we suffer for righteousness sake or suffering for the cause of Christ, it's not anything that we did. Watching to see that here Joseph mule. Some people have taken. Its I think it was can't use in his commentary took this word about that. He will report and actually turn Jacob Joseph out to be a real bad kid. And I just don't read my Bible that way. I'm sorry. I know he goes to the Hebrew and all of that but you can't block a lexicon definition on to one thing contacts has to determine what that word means when you see evil report here the way that it's listed. I think the brothers were doing something so heinous so atrocious, I don't think Joseph would have just went out on them without good reason. I'm going to give Joseph the benefit of the doubt and Joseph has bad if I don't speak the truth on this That people can get really really hurt. It's not love. It's not love to let someone destroy somebody else because you're going to love them and not say anything. That's not love. And Joseph here is going to speak the truth and the Bible says we speak the truth in love that's in the fusions that's in the New Testament. But I think we can apply that hearing back in the Old Testament it Joseph is speaking the truth. I don't think it's because he hates his brother's not want you reading this passage Joseph and his brothers progresses. So just stay faithful, even when God might choose to do something in your life and other people are are not really on board with that. Just stay faithful acacian. Don't give them any reason Ministry in this Aerial Class. We had an illustration by dr. Schettler. On European Pastor desire the office of a bishop. He desired the good work be there for sure. He'll straight that this way start the office Bishop Arts good work. First qualification is a bishop must Envy. The first qualification quoted from 1st Timothy 3 Denby Lane list of pads, you know where you throw the tennis ball and play velcro catch like that peacefully that is kid in the paddle ball or whatever you throw it on the velcro paddle and sticks while he said it's like this is like velcro panel somebody throw something at you and it sticks. Turn on blings. Did he held up the trash cans will and it'll be hurtful, but it just means whatever said won't stick Joseph or whatever you throw at him. I don't care what it is. It's not going to stick a man looks so much like Jesus Christ. I can't think of somebody else in the Bible that looks more like Jesus and Joseph and I know he's not revealing the drinks too soon. I don't know. I don't think so. I think you had a real good foot to stand on.

But maybe it was one of those things where it's casting Pearls Before Swine. Like Jesus said in Matthew 7, you know, you can start talking about all that God's doing in your life before you know it somebody over here stealing because they can't handle hearing you talk about how good God's people are centers. Don't give anybody any cars don't give anybody any Cajun people are going to do what they're going to do sometimes and you can control other people but you can control your reaction to circumstances notice first off the Father's Root Beer here in this is Jacob revering Joseph in in really an unhealthy manner because it's more than the rest of the Brethren and three generations of Joseph. It says Israel Love Joseph three more than all his children and he made him a coat of many colors. The favoritism is clear. I want you to know and we can How great is that and he's stuck with the handmaid's children by his father's wife. So there any sports that are mentioned here. I want you to see the progression because it grows your hair.

supposed to do

Israel Israel of Joseph Moore Jacobs favoritism in verses 3 and 4 so the code is made and it's just as it's written the coat of many colors. Whatever it is. It looks different from what everybody else is wearing and it's a mark on Joseph that he's favor and the others see it. Look what happens to Burton Ford when his brother is saw.

It's now the rest of the brothers.

When is Brethren stall that their father loves him more than all his?

They hated him when he hated maybe you want to draw attention to that and because you'll see it over and over in these verses we're at that they hated him. And could not sleep peaceably under him notice how this affects.

And if you don't get in some years ago, I probably 10 or 12 years ago. Actually Drew up a picture of what I saw is the root in the fruit here, you know, this is probably because it's terrible proof, but just to Illustrated, what's the route, you know as we look at this we're going to we're going to unfold that so keep your eye on that as things begin to move forward.

Ever been in a situation like that where you can tell if people are at odds with somebody else and it's so stick in the room. You can almost cut it with a knife and it's like they're just doing and they won't even say anything open their mouth when Joseph comes around his brothers came to talk. That's a great time Thanksgiving, isn't it? I've heard horror stories now my family just crazy, but you put it so

You guys are worse off for getting together in my opinion. You should just let his brothers cannot go to the word can not they could not speak English when you have this kind of hatred in your heart. It's going to manifest itself out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Nothing coming out of mouth. Why because there's an abundance of hatred in the heart. And in Jesus equated this kind of hatred with Murder By the way in Matthew chapter number 5. How's that going to play out? That's going to be manifested when these brothers get ready to throw Joseph in the pit. It's only by Ruben that he is not killed and Ruben tries to save Joseph and it still doesn't work out. They were selling them at Judith's, you know, Judas advice instead of lemon in a cover-up.

But the hatred will manifest itself eventually and murder because that's really what's in the heart. Nodosaurus number 5. We see it not only a father to Revere which brings the favoritism in the problem. Which before I talk about the picture of Revelation Joseph by now with favoritism. We are creatures of habit. Are we not how long does it take for us to learn something? I mean we are just as hardheaded as as anything sometimes. Why do I say Joseph Jacob syndrome name? So forgive me for decades. This is not Jacob's first encounter with paper paper to who can remind me the first instance of favoritism that we read in the Bible in Jacob's life. He saw so if anybody should know what this is going to do to Joseph Joseph Sage. Generational sin is dangerous dangerous thing and mark my words. I didn't make this up. This is not new with me, but you can take this to the bank of Heaven if you will apply the word of God and if you will get serious with following God generational sin.

You can stop with me generational sin doesn't have to go any further than right here is with the buck stops here between me and God, then it doesn't happen until you can change. I can change your family tree. Jacob is not going to see that realize because the same or Esau and Rebekah towards Jacob now is manifesting and Jacob. So Jacob had good teachers. What about what about Trace threatens life? Let's follow him dinner in let's go.

Why the world does Jacob have for mothers in his household wealth?

See, it's plugged his heels all alone and favoritism. Now, it's showing up with the brothers against Joseph. So let's just let us know that I notice Revere in verses 2 through 4 build a future Revelation that's given to Joseph in the streams and the first Dream in verses 5 through 8. This has revealed to Joseph and he shared that with his brothers Brothers mocking for it and he shared it with Dad to and everybody else and then he gets rebuked by his own father for sharing what God's doing in his life. That's a hard pill to swallow. I remember when I was cheering about what God was doing my life after I got saved and called to preach and felt like I wanted me to prepare for Ministry, and I was headed to Bible College and I remember someone very close to me. Very close to me in my life that I looked up to and I respected rebuked me for wanting to go to Bible college instead of going to a state college. They wanted me to go to State University and to get get on a path where I can you know, eventually hopefully make lots of money or whatever is world's the world's definition of two sessions. I'll tell you if you know, could I have right now if you want to make a lot of money ministers not like to be for that but not Treasures in Heaven and when I go back and change your life not on your life because I had the peace of God on that and it didn't matter what even is person. So close to me that I had so much respect for his life. But let's just know that right. I mean sometimes God does things and People just don't understand one thing that was interesting to me in this though. Maybe it's stood out to you in check 37 if we look at verses 9 through 11 this second dream of the first two dreams that were told about in the life of Joseph. He dreamed yet another dream and told his brother and said behold. I dreamed a dream or behold know this this and the moon and 11 stars made obeisance to me who's the moon but Jacob gives us the interpretation. So understanding that everybody there without any need for Joseph to elaborate without any me to interpret dream interpretation.

Nobody can interpret it because then Joseph has to show up on scene later and actually spell out the details are at Pharaoh seven years of plenty seven years of famine. There's an interpretation that the sun is who Jacob

mom died giving birth to Benjamin No. I haven't figured all this out. Don't don't know exactly. How can I say adamantly that this is Rachel. No, can I say adamantly that Jake? Jacob is referring but he says your mom and I just referring to Leah because now she's stepped into that place. It's Mom over all the sons. We just read about Bill hunt still thought so there could be here, too.

So if we just left the text and the way it is, who's Joseph's mom? Where is she?

Boston Rachel in the Moon How do you say Leah is the moon? I don't know if you could.

In the Nintendo commentary Kinder Kinder. He said if you know what makes the most sense to have velia here in and I can give you that but I think there's something happening with a stream. Why would Jacob reviews Joseph so much for this? Well, maybe Jacob is Jacob Joseph paid more attention to this. Maybe he would have gotten it that hey God's going to do something great for this boy. So when the brothers wrote the coat dipped in blood you might have had more faith to say he's not dead. He can't be dead without the cream. The Drake meant nothing. Okay. So the future Revelation Revere we see the future Revelation verses 5 through 11 and then noticed the fractured relationship that are spelled out for us in verse for verse 8 verse 11. You'll see the progression here and I want to point out for you to see what I see of all of this that turns into the route which 10 produces the fruit that's logical right? We have to think logically so when you put a seed in the dirt And it ended germinates begins to grow you don't have anything until it starts to form groups, right and then those roots grow and the stops are off the roots. And then from those let's see, you know metaphorically how this is going to fall out first number for I want you to see the seat of it. All when is rather and saw that their father loved him more than all his brother and they hated him and could not speak peaceably under him. What was the seed that was planted that in sprouted into the route? the seed was favoritism

Could Jacob have could Jacob have avoided that? It could have been it could have been different. I want to see this is not realistic. There's no.

No, Jacob could have changed it. And who's the Boss? Who is Scott going to hold accountable who is helter the carpet dad as father is the head of the home? And if we can maintain a good standing before God.

Jacob here plants the seed the seed then is watered by by the coat and all that and it grows into this route. And what's the route? Roots the seed that started it was favoritism. The route is the hatred the brothers have in it Rose and it grows and grows. And once that route is established. I've given this illustration before I still have stuff growing in my front yard.

Explain it. I don't know how much grass seed out there. And I mean my wife Pool Suites like there's no tomorrow, but there's we my front yard. I just know I'm going to have to rototill the whole thing up to be able to find out where these things run. I tried one year. I got out there. I was like red things with big leaves on them. I don't know what it is. A thought I'm going to get that thing ever get that guy. So I got my shovel. This is before we had our sprinkler pipes that thing. and I started pulling popped a little bit here. So I traced it there before before long. I've got a trench through my whole yard. No joke. This route is woven tapestry warp in Wilson Hall Fremont front lawn. And if I was it break and I'd have to keep digging and keep digging until I pull the whole route up. Can I tell you I think that's a lot like the brothers take her. Is it was dealt with swiftly and forgiveness could not be found. That's how you forget. That's how you destroyed the root of hatred.

That route and it was so deep. I have selected to rototill think it's still there. If you come to my yard, even if I cut the grass within a week, there's nobody those red tree looking things that grow up above my breast it drives me nuts, but they're still there. Can I tell you you might try to do some good things for God you might clean it up might trim trim the grass so to speak spiritually, but something's going to pop up and there it is again. Why because you didn't deal with the root and you're going to it's going to take some work. You're going to have to probably tear some things up in your life. You're going to have to let God tear your heart all the part to rototill that thing so you can put you back together in a way that you're you're going to be cold in and this thing won't play anymore one day that's going to happen at glorification, but we can work on it a little bit by a little bit in this process of sanctification until we get to have an amen.

perseverate and we see what happened to you. And his bredrin sending him. Okay. That was my little.

a kid who Do You Think You Are

They're interpreting his dream.

Cutting sheeps. You mean you're going to have dominion over us?

That's exactly what that means, but they won't have it. Notice and they hated him yet. The more the speed is favoritism the Brutus hatred now, let's look at the fruit because this wasn't dealt with it's going to grow up dude. What would reimburse number 11 and his Brethren envied him and his father observed the same.

It doesn't stop here because of their Envy they're going to lash out. Market down somebody gets to the point where they're lashing out. It's because some things have already been cooking in their heart and growing. So let's just stop it at the seed, right and it goes both ways. We sow to the flesh we shall of the flesh reap corruption in the story. And can I tell you they're going to live with a guilty conscience? All their life even up to the very end. Why do I say that because even after Jacob dies, the brothers are still fearful. Joseph can get revenge on what they did all those decades before. That's not what we saw that with Jacob and Esau he's going to want to kill me because I took the birthright and the blessing and I fled for Levens haven't seen him in probably 20 years, but I know he still wants he's got it in for men for seesaws reaction was totally different the time helped Jacob and Esau's meeting and I think time is going to help Joe Joseph and his brothers as well. But this is the fruit should have played them for the rest of their life because of the actions. They commit right here in Genesis 37:8 envy him. The seed is favoritism. If we sow to the flesh we shall of the flesh reap corruption, but if we sow to the spirit, That's life Everlasting. It works both ways in God's economy. You reap what you sow more than you showed you reap according to the kind you so go to the laws of nature, right? So let's so good. Let's go forgiveness. Let's sew Grace. Let's sew Mercy. Let's sew the gospel. See the good news that Jesus Christ died and was buried in Rose Kenney die for the scriptures for our sins was buried and rose again the third day according to the scriptures for our sins. Plus we have the the fruit in our life that whines up like these brothers that plagues us and we're setting through the Beatitudes on Sunday mornings. And as I studied through this I just couldn't help but see blessed. blessed blessed will be. Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake? For theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven Joseph. Got to enjoy not only saving the world. Talk about a hero story. This is a hero story in the Bible is there ever was one he's going to save the world. They're literally. How late is he going to enjoy that here? But because of Joseph's weakness Joseph will one day. Being the foundation of that Celestial city of God walls and New Jerusalem josef's there. In fact, there's only a few times or three times Joseph has even mentioned in the New Testament and the New Testament doesn't really say that much about it. You have him showing up in Stephens sermon in Acts chapter 7 have him listed in the Hall of faith.

Then you have him mention one more time. Revelation chapter 7 Revelation chapter 7 12 tribes of Israel

It's not a picture of this man Joseph hero. We get to study his life and work on that. What a blessing and can beat you in. Let's go. Keep it real Jordans for out of it positions.

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