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people delay getting married and delay having children. We know there has been an increase in divorce and a decline in remarriage."Although family relationships are still important, we know that people spend less of their lives in traditional family relationships."   '   ,■, '   {;;■..

 The Arizona Republic       Saturday, April 23,1988

44 % cohabit, pair say; rate was 11% in 1974

United Press International

MADISON; :Wis,-~ Nearly half of all Americans in their 30s have lived with a person of the opposite sex outside marriage, according to a. national survey by researchers at the .University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sociologists Larry Bumpass and James Sweet interviewed 13,000 peo­ple randomly selected nationwide last fall. The conclusions are considered preliminary and based on the 7,491 cases processed to date. . The survey, to be presented today at a national meeting in New Orleans ,of the Population Association of America, is the first to concentrate specifically on data about families.

Bumpass and Sweet said the
increase in the past two decades in the
number of people who live together
without being married "amounts to an
.explosion."     '.','■ ';,.■■                    :      ■{

Eleven percent of Americans mar­ried between 1965 and 1974 lived with someone of the opposite sex before their first marriage, the researchers said. For those married between 1980 and 1984, the figure was 44 percent. :

They also found that living together is even more frequent between mar­riages: 58?percent of recently remarr­ied people said they had cohabited;

"Cohabitation has" not simply be­come increasingly common," the researchers said. "If recent trends continue, it will soon be the majority experience."   ,

Bumpass and Sweet also found that. married people who had cohabited, either with each other or with someone else, were much more likely to divorce than people who had never cohabited.

Using information on first mar­riages since 1975, the researchers found that 10 years after marriage, 53 percent of those who had cohabited before marriage had divorced, com-, pared with 28 percent of those whd had never cohabited and had di­vorced.      C&o '    '•*  :*':'   ■   ■'  ■■' "

But they stopped short of saying cohabitation causes' divorce. ■ ■ -:    *- •

"We think that people who cohabit have less traditional attitudesl in general about marriage," Bumpass said. "Thesame attitudes that make a person decide to live with someone also may make the person more likely to find divorce an acceptable way to end an unsatisfactory marriage."

The researchers said, "We know that the family has changed, that

Someone who obviously frequented airports and passed regularly through the security checks, thought about the salvation that comes only through Jesus and wrote these words: "Sunshine gleamed on silver wings as I stood at the gate holding my ticket to life . . validated, confirmed and reconfirmed by man.

"I turned for a last round of goodbyes phrased in the language I knew so well, when the inspec­tor touched my arm. 'Would you step this way? Security check. All sin must be removed.'  I walked the electronic plank. A high tone sounded, lights flashed. 'Stand aside,1 he said. 'You cannot go aboard.'

"My heart sank.  'But my ticket—■ 'Sorry,1 came the reply.  'The meter tells us what you are and it will not do.'

A standby who was waiting there drew me apart.  'Slip this on,1 He said. 'For the wages of sin are death, but the gift of God is eternal life.'

I thanked Him and I've been thanking Him ever since. Thank you, Jesus."

That's why Stephen died, in the prime of life, with everything going for him - to remind us of the message to which we owe our eternal lives.


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