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Sanctuary - August 4, 2019 - "All Things for His Good" Romans 8:18-30

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It's rainy. So she can hold the baby and seeing like an angel.

Yeah, you put it on with your shoes on. Okay.

very tired

they swapped cars with inside of Orlando.

Did you have fun here? Good.

I would tell any.

What's the hair faster just a hair? I need one. If we don't have them.

And then he is not.

If Nancy is not going to be here.

All To God Be The Glory got in there, okay.

I'm poo. AO3

I'm allowed three.

We're going with our peanut. So are you starting with to God be the glory?

Mom will tear you in on to God be the glory. Play No Dell. What key are you playing in?

a flat out of the handle


so do we not have this we won't have the split screen ever again or

I don't think I like that. Okay. So were you able to see it up there? I can see it. Can you not see it? All good. All right, that's one way to get him to the front. That's what they're doing.

Okay, what's that? OK Google probably say something between these though, just so you know, All right, so if we don't have a split screen Carol. We're going to have to have those words quicker before. cuz that's where like

I know you can do it Carol. Alright, let's try it again. Go ahead machine.

What a beautiful. What is beautiful?

Western Australia

Whitehall Elementary

no more than wonderful.

one more

You saw the lights.

The heavens are roaring.

Alright, well, then we'll just go back and repeat that chorus again. Okay the birds. Okay. Alright.

All right the second time through

Back to that chorus again. Okay, that's fine. Okay, go ahead and

alright right there where?

Water park Orlando Water Park full name it is the name of Jesus Christ my king what a powerful name. It is. Nothing can stand against. What a powerful name. It is the name of Jesus right there, but you have no rival.


You have no rival. You have no equal.

Death could not hold him was first one.

This is Greg's true.

Now I'm forever God you Reign if you got it.

Then you go back to the car. I'm just do the forest again. And it ends with what a powerful name. It is three times after nothing can stand against.

Is this kind of Peter salt? Fayetteville

I don't know how Peter got in it.

Okay. Alright, then start with just could not hold you.

I'm sorry for you.

So it goes right back into that after that bridge right Jean it like goes right into it.

The name of Jesus, okay.

Okay, so

After we sing that then it's offering are you doing it? All 4:20 today? Okay. All right. All right.

There is nothing.

Play Air Supply. Where is strange?

slow right now

Am I sure? This is what I was. Be sure you come in on that as strength. The prices are our so those directions to prop is up top stove. I've ever found like a flood coming down Reddit across ready.

Call Mom.

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Supposed to be at the cross at the cross where she's going to be at the cross at the cross again. At the cross at the cross at that one. I thought so. Erica place

All right. Let's go to after the first car

after the first car at the cross at the cross I Surrender my life. I'm in awe of you. I'm in awe of you where your love ran red my Cinemark quit white I owe all to you. I also need Jesus right right there verse to there's a place where sin and shame.

are powerless

and they're my heart. Have you got it? Are peace with God? and forgiveness

where all the love I've ever found. The flood comes floating down and then chorus again right away at the cross at the cross. I put that chorus back in there.

At the cross at the cross and then here my hope is phone.

Yeah, the whole car at the cross at the cross. I Surrender my life. I'm in awe of you. I'm in awe of you where your love ran red with my friend or flight I owe all to you. I will see you. You're my hope. It's on here my on Holy Ground here. I bow down here I bow down. here arms open wide

You saved my life.

Here I bow down here. I bow down then the chorus again. Yep. Actually twice, but I don't know if we'll do it like that the lorry.

and Lori You probably want to do let's just do that cars once at the end and then he'll probably want to do it again. Go back to at the cross. I will just do at the cross at the cross Darkness run again.

and then

Charlie Brown and we're just doing it once right then and then he'll probably ask for it. preferred coming up for duper prayer and we'll just do that tour us again.


I can't see it that far. Okay.

Play Wherever I Go.

AAA registry

The second time there isn't but if you don't come in, I'll just play it again anyway, so you can come in. All right, I mean

The first one to have that measure. All right.


Do what now? Oh.

Doesn't have Jesus at the end.

It's not on the music.

We have I owe all to you three times there at the end.

It's no but at the end of the very end, I owe all to you is three times not to time. Yeah at the the last time. Of course.

Trey Trace, I know it's a little different.

Laurie what do you want to do at the very end?

Okay, John, just tell me. What you want to do at the very end?

What a beautiful name it is.

All right.

So we're coming up for communion.

Well, you know why the very nice town is what a powerful name it is. What a powerful name. It is a powerful name. It is the name of Jesus. Nothing can stand against.

schedule Well, I know it.

All right. All right.

On there, Did you just start right out with verse one and not the cars cuz he's done it reports first, but we're fine with verse 1 through 4.

What do you have on there for there is a redeemer.

That's the next song. after pastoral prayer

Oh, okay. You you take your pick a moment.

There is a redeemer verse 1 through 12.

All right. We're on and the baby fell asleep.


Maybe any weight.

water shoes

2 Chainz

and then

I don't know what to say to getting up there with you or you're just doing it.

Hey, Jean, can you do a favor for me?

Send baby milk.

I don't blame her.

At last chords of what a beautiful name. so it's

how to make your way back to your seat

Hasn't he done some amazing things in your life. I know he's done some amazing things in my life first and foremost. He forgave me of my sins and they were many and he has for he who is willing to forgive any of your sins and I'm sure he has forgiven a lot of your sins. I heard something this morning. I thought I need to share this this morning. It said God is worthy of every song we could ever sing and it's true. He is so worthy of that and we are So Unworthy to be able to sing that to him, but he loves it when we do I'm going to ask everyone if you would stand it's a it's a small thing to ask to stand and reverence of God and we're going to sing about his beautiful name this morning. Leave all your worries. Leave them outside. Don't worry about getting to the restaurant on time. Don't worry about I have to do this this week. Can we just leave it at the door and just spend this time and worshipping the Lord who is worthy of all the songs that we can sing.

a beautiful day

Hey, beautiful.

New Jersey

Rancho Viejo

Whistling Straits

Hey, man, you can be seated. That's all got a captured what happens to me in private worship from time to time, but I just have to be quiet. I love the quietness in the middle of that song where can really focus on God's presence and then we began to say again brought us into joyous praise. And I know the personal worship is very important, but there's something about singing that song about the power of the name of Jesus together and they hear the voices raised. And so thank you for that. That's what I'm doing counter the living Christ to to Phyllis presents to know he's here and to do that together and I just praise the Lord for every Sunday morning when we have an opportunity to do that what is time to give to give from what he has provided to us and you have your ties and offerings those of you give here in the service of others of you give online and that's a wonderful thing as well during our offering time. We also asked you to pass the pee pad the Friendship had down the roadway and if you have a prayer request make sure I see that died. I pray over those every Monday morning. And then if you are with us for the first time ever you just returned. For another visit and we love to get in touch with you and add you to our mailing list. And so please put your name and your email address your phone number your address, whatever it takes to get in touch with you. We'd love to have that information and then pass it on down the road. Let's pray Lord Jesus. Thank you for what you've given to us in our lives and now we use that in a blessing others and as we devote ourselves to you may this offering symbolize our devotion are full Devotion to you in every way for it is in your name. We pray amen.




Where am I?

Play all all to him praise the Lord. Turn our time of prayer this morning many of us are shocked and saddened by the events yesterday to shooting events in in El Paso. And in Dayton the area of Dayton that they mention I've been they're going to bring it home. Doesn't it? We don't know the answers to what's going on with these one after another day. Yusuf violence against neighbors and friends and people we don't even know what can we do while we can pray there are other things we may be able to do to reach out to those that we think maybe in trouble. The church has a responsibility even Beyond prayer and let's pray for what we might be able to do for churches in El Paso and Dayton might be able to do there are no easy answers, but we have a big God, don't we? And we want to just lay it at all at his feet and do what we can to be a part of the of the solution. We have several people to hear you on our prayer today was her last couple of two more here. It's great to have Peggy back in a great report this week. Also Kathleen being here. And and I after I going through her surgery and Jager has gone over to Life Care and so Susan is very optimistic about that. So continue to pray for Ed others on the name. We continue to pray for Tony and his situation as well. So there may be others and please folks helped us when you know of someone who is going in for surgery was going to the hospital call Church office or call me. My phone number is there in the bulletin and make sure you let me know cuz we want to add those are prayer list and I want to be involved in that as I can. I did find out today that Patty Rayburn is going in. Surgery on Tuesday, so we want to pray for Patty also, it was great to look in the prayer request for our missions country of the month and see my friends Scott and Jill Riggins and their five children and I got to know them very well while I was there and others that we're praying for in the field. It was so good again to have Ryan and Julie here. We want to continue to pray for a walk around the world of you have special requests. You may be praying for needs of your own life praying for others and we want to open the altar during this time. So, why you to come and pray others up to you may want to come and rejoice and what God has done for you so we can stand just for a moment to let people get out who need to let sing that course one more time, and then we'll go to prayer.

Derrick Rose


Lord Jesus we do all to you you pay the price for us to redeem us to reconcile us to God you were both judge and Redeemer and you have paid the price so that we can come to know you and to follow you and to be made like you. We owe our entire lives to you everyday every step of the way and Lord. We we are so grateful for your spirit in our life. We admit our weaknesses. We admit our struggles we admit our imperfections or Jesus but you continue to dwell in us to your spirit to shape us and mold us as you would have us to be at to live Lord. We do want to give all because you gave all to us Lord for the Deeds. I've been mentioned the situations that our own country in El Paso and dating are heavy on our hearts right now for other situations that have happened over the past few weeks or we don't have the answers. We have the heart. And the voice to pray and the hands and feet to be active in the ways that we need to in our own Community to reach out to those who are in trouble to prevent situations that put people in danger or Jesus help us to know the way guide us or we pray for those requests. We are so thankful for the good reports. We've had the people who we have seen recover for those who are recovering we pray for those who are going in just this week to face the surgeon's knife and we pray for your guidance in your healing and their lies, but Lord more than just the physical needs them on this we pray for the spiritual needs many of those are our personal or are appropriate in our small group and it's not what would not be something we would have nouns but Lord the spiritual needs in our hearts are just as real and just as important maybe even more so For those who were praying for their prodigal for children or relatives who are away from you Lord. We bring those to you as we are reminded every week of those here at the Salter Lord help us to be a part of your mission to them in every way that as we celebrate the the bread in the Cup today. May your spirit and do us with power at Phyllis a new may he fill us a new 2 to follow you Lord in all these things. We honor you we love you, and we give ourselves to you. It is in your name that we pray. Amen.

the scripture reading for this morning as Romans 8 chapter 18 verse 18 through 30 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in US. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. For the creation was subjected to frustration not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to Decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God. We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the Pains of childbirth right up to the present time. Not only so but we ourselves who have the first fruits of the spirit groan inwardly as we eagerly await for our adoption to sonship the Redemption of our bodies for in this hope we were saved but hope that is seen is no hope at all who hopes for what they already have. But if we hope for what we do not yet. Have we wait for it patiently? In the same way the spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for but the spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans, and he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the spirit because the spirit intercedes for God's people in accordance with the will of God. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose. For those God foreknew. He also predestined to be conformed to the image of his son that he might be the firstborn among among many brothers and sisters. And those he predestined he also called those he called. He also Justified and those he justified. He also glorified.

Well, the premise was a simple one every morning a man found a copy of the next day's newspaper at his front door. There was a company buy an orange cat. Knowing what was ahead the man had 24 hours to help right the wrongs that would make tomorrow's headlines. Now the TV show was about 20 years ago were so it was called Early Edition it ran from 1996 to 2000 was one of my favorites and it started Kyle Chandler as a stockbroker Gary Hobbs send you after being fired from his job and being thrown out of the house by his wife on their anniversary started finding this Advanced edition of the Chicago Sun-Times outside the door of a room. He was in at a run-down Hotel. No having this information about what was going to happen that day to be reported on the next day Gary had the opportunities and to influence the events of that day that he now had knowledge of selfishly or self Leslie. Dailies friend Chuck wanted scores of games winning lottery tickets and Rising stocks anything for quick money, but Gary's friend Marissa helped him to make the right choices to do what he could do to head off that day's tragedy. The question I was raised in the very first episode wasn't intriguing one. What if you knew what was going to happen tomorrow? What if you found the power to really change things the show aware that question reminded me of a much more lighthearted movie Groundhog Day. Now if you've not seen that it's one of my favorites don't worry is a weather man who is stuck on February 2nd. He has to live that same day over and over again. So he knows after War exactly what's going to happen already recognized after using the knowledge at first to benefit himself. But realizing that didn't really matter in the long run. He decided that the best way he could use that info over and over again was to help others to make the world a better place for those with whom he shared that day and when he learned that lesson. He was allowed to go on to the next day. Not a premise for rust is similar, but it's not simple. We wake up every morning and find on our bookshelf. a copy of a newspaper of sorts of events of the past and insights that will impact life in the present and in the future and we have 24 hours each day to help the right the wrongs. Which will make tomorrow's headlines will we use our knowledge to benefit ourselves?

What will we discover that the best way we can use our days over and over again? His style buzzers to make the world a better place for those with whom we share this day. When I first started writing sermons on Romans, I went straight to chapter 8, I mean, I love chapter 8 and too familiar versus were there. I thought I'm going to dig into those right away. And one of them we talked about a couple weeks ago. Didn't we if God is for us who can be against us we found out there's a lot that could be against its powers and people and problems and yet nothing separates us from God's love and that he's he and his lover man constant her life and how we respond can shape an eternal glory that far outweighs the things that face us. If God is for us who can be against us while a lot of things but yet nothing separates us from his love different perspective different response makes all the difference. What's the second most frequently quoted verse in that chapter and maybe most misunderstood is Romans 8:28. We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him now like Romans 8:31. That without the verses that follow that Paul shared about all the things he had gone through that were against him that had misplaced the instances of that verse on our success rather than on God's unfailing love this same can happen with Romans 8:28. Unless we include the journey that we've been on so far going to the Book of Romans living by the spirit following him having hope in the midst of suffering all those things that we talked about over the last seven or eight weeks and we really can begin by just including the last part of that verse.

Those who have been called according to his purpose God works in all things for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. Yeah, we often stop at the word good don't we God works in all things for the good? Hey, that's me. I get that. I spoke at last year's commencement at asia-pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary they commencement banquet. The students who have completed their master's degree and students over and over again shared what a blessing it been to be at the Seminary that experience and it's not one that's available to a lot of people in Asia be able to go and do that yet. I sure them that the Seminary experience itself was really not the blessing. The blessing was to follow in terms of how they used the way God had shaped them and taught them the true blessing was still ahead and what they would give in Ministry to others, you know, I thought of that last week when Brian and Julie Julie were here and talking to our young people. And we pray for their blessings for their protection for their safety and all those things but really the blessing is in the work that they do it's in the hearts and the lives that they touch it's not for their benefit, but it's for his purposes in Okinawa. Remember Aladdin's encounter with a big blue genie at talked about that back in May. I wanted the big blue genie when I was about to slip off into that Creek remember something somebody to help me get out of that. Well, I'm Landon we know used his two wishes first two wishes to advance himself. He wanted Princess Jasmine to love him. He wanted to be a prince that she would be impressed with but by the third wish he realized that he couldn't keep pretending to be what he wasn't. And they began to care about that big blue genie and he use the third wish to set him free. Why the Latin we can be so easily tempted to put God in a box or in a lamp to keep him in our corner to keep him handy when we need him and never fully grasp his purpose what he wants why he's granted us the power that he has to bless those. Whom we encounter through those who love him. Dr. Al Perkins Pastor for many years and Idaho road that many Christians too often misinterpret this verse because they misunderstand the word blessing. We used blessing to refer to those things that God has given us right whole family and education good grades, right a boyfriend or a girlfriend a new car if we're talking to those who are younger something. We enjoy something that ensures us of Islam something that protects us as if listening was an end in itself.

Cuz I having an inward Focus rather than an outward Mission a cul-de-sac for only needs and desires rather than a passageway a Thorofare that takes us out into a needy world and Pastor Perkins called its spiritual role reversal. Now we recognize pilegard power and we know that he loves us and we conclude that he wants to provide for us.

And make us happy. To find your way into my prayers, doesn't it bless my food bless my travel. Keep me safe. Help me with this big test or this big job at work get me this job. And then another job with a bigger salary bless me with this or that do we find ourselves giving the orders to God?

About what he needs to do for us rather than asking him in our prayers about what we can do for him about his purpose is in our world and being happy suddenly shifts to become our main focus. And soon is priority of holding us in our life is replaced by advancing ourselves. That's spiritual role reversal. We become the master and God becomes a servant rather than the other way around. What what does it mean then to be called according to his purpose of God works in all things for the good of those who love him who are called according to his purpose. What is that purpose? How does God's love change us? How do how does it shape? What we consider as good in our lives? Could it be that God is calling us far beyond our own perspective toward what is good for his mission? toward a much greater good a more complete blessing then we might ever imagine otherwise So what is this Purpose with a little bit of historical perspective? Genesis chapter 12. Remember we talked about that several weeks ago God's covenant with Abraham included the promise of blessing. I will give you and your descendants a great blessing you will be blessed and really for someone in that culture having lots of descendants was an important thing. I'll give you all those descendants, but I'll give them to you so that you can be a blessing and bless the Nations you will bless the world all people on Earth will be blessed through you there. It is the original definition of the word blessing. Pause established early on and that that principle in Romans that we talked about no during the years that followed the children of Israel. Embrace that promise of being a blessed people But too often misunderstood their calling as have we as what a privilege rather than one of mission, so to use images from Aladdin. No, all we have to do is sing songs of praise and offer the right sacrifices rub the lamp in the right way and Are wishes his command? God kept reminding him to the profits that obedience was more important than any kind of ritual in it and like I himself a firm that what the Lord required was Justice and mercy and a humble walk with God. I'm a walk with God at that sell vertical Justice and mercy is horizontal. God is concerned that we would not only receive and love him but that we would love and bless others got it called the children of Israel to reflect that loving his character and in doing so to be a Beacon of Hope to the world. When Jesus came he said it to his disciples and he calls his church to do the same that whatever we do for the least of these. has faster the pastor who prayed over George Bush's inauguration. I think it was in 2005. He prayed I know if you remember that it's made an impression on me ever since he prayed for the least and the last and the Lost. And that is our mission. That's what we do in order to bless others Dakota God's purpose to reflect his love and to redeem the world is the same for us those who love Jesus who have received his Spirit. Dr. William greathouse wrote this Christians. Love God, no doubt about that, but that's not why all things work together for their good just because I love God the reason is not found in us, but it's found in God's Eternal purpose and the good that he works for those who love him focuses on that purpose his purpose. your world Which needs his love? And we are committed to as well. So what's his purpose number one is we got to live as his children? It begins with who we are or identity Our Heritage through him before we take on versus 18230 Wychwood. Just read to us. Let's look back in the passage that we dug into two weeks ago. Remember the last verse of a verse will actually it was three weeks ago. Wasn't it the last apart of verse 17 Where Paul says now if we are children, then we are heirs Heirs of God co-heirs with Christ. Yay. If indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may share in his glory. Whoops. That's what I called the fine print. of the agreement with God You know where we're led by the spirit of God. We are children of God and God's purpose in your life and mine Begins by living as his child and being led by his Spirit, but that also means taking on responsibilities which vocals suffering it means doing your job doing what God was doing what the dad want you to do that some part of it and a healthy family. We want our kids to give Arlo from the good that they can bring and that's the image of God working in us into our family. in the south the word, used to describe children whose focus is only on what they receive is what spoiled?

We're not to be spoiled children. We are to be children of God the god of mission the god of love. How do we live is his children according to his purpose where we live and eager expectation vs. 19 says their creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed and we take that eager expectation and we plowing in the world live. In the way we minister to others don't have to tell you when I first read that verse I thought it said the creation is waiting for this son of God to be revealed. I thought it was about Jesus comes back about having, you know, everything's going to get work done when Jesus comes back. So let's just wait it out. Not a whole lot we can do about how bad the world is. Not much we can do to change the mess. We're in. But then I realized that the word was plural. The creation is waiting for the sons of God to be revealed and then later translations, of course made it children because the daughters are a part of this too.

And the creation Wong's in the eager expectation for those who've been born again to step up to reveal themselves to live as children of God to address the problems that result that are resulting from a world that tries to live without him. And then you look at verse 22 and it Compares his expectation to the Pains of Labor. No, I have not gone through that. But many of you have one of those pains like it's like let's get this over with but once it's over what happens The Joy comes to pass eager expectations as if the in the Pains of childbirth because something great can happen. When the Holy Spirit comes in his delivery. And the verse says that these this this pain of childbirth this eager expectation is half as been happening right up to the present time. It's as if Paul is saying the time is now folks this is it a world in pain needs Jesus and it's time for us to step up cuz lines can be changed forever when we do too and that word we've seen so often in Romans Hope appears again in verse 24 Hope is what revolutions are made of. And it is our hope that drives us to action hole for what God will do. We await the Redemption of our own bodies are on South we're going through problems as well. We want the kind of world that they long for and that wheel on for that God's long for it long for that. We're all in this together. Books people were away from God or not the enemy. They're not we get ourselves into arguments with people about their their fee logical and their philosophical stance is rather than just loving them and caring about them and showing Christ's love to them. We won't always agree on everything but we were saved to give this hope and so they might receive the hope and share it with others and how are the sons and daughters of God to be revealed Back 2 verse 14 by being led by the spirit of God being led by the spirit of God. We have received his spirit and his Spirit breathe in us his identity his Spirit testifies to us that we are his children.

At what was God's purpose for what is God's Mission? What is Christ's intention for his children? To redeem the world. That's why we're here his resurrection. I was heard in the kingdom of God. We have been remade In His Image his kingdom is not off out there somewhere it is right now at the present time and we are called to be the first fruits. To usher in that Kingdom and his Reign on Earth right now. We don't need to wait for heaven. We bring Heaven here as God ministers through us and brings his Spirit and the world that you and I live in waits in eager expectation for that to be liberated from its bondage to Decay and brought into the Glorious freedom of the children of God. You know, I love it when they talked about the creation being subjected to frustration. It was Freedom that created that right. I mean God could have made us all robots going to stop love. God gave us the freedom of choice and in giving us that freedom. We were subjected to frustration if we chose the wrong way and we did. But guess what? There's a better Freedom that awaits and when we respond to his love and his mission in our life, and when we do that in other people's lives, and we work with them Define Jesus. deliberation from the Decay that came with that first step into misused freedom can be remedied and we can be brought into the Glorious freedom of the children of God folks. Our world is groaning as if in child childbirth, we saw that yesterday. Hoping that something better is coming. What if they see Jesus and you and me?

God's purpose is to give ourselves toward that Liberation the Glorious Freedom that he gives to those who will receive him. Second thing we live to serve. For life should be lived according to his purpose