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That Advent Series Again!

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e keep recommending that you give a series of messages during the four Sundays of Advent, and our mail indicates that some of you are taking the suggestion and having a great time.

The danger is that we try to dream up something new for the Christmas season and we end up with novelty instead of creativity. For the most part, our people want "the old, old story." We may have nothing new to say, but we do want to say it in a new and more meaningful way.

Luke 2:1-10 suggests a series on "The First Christmas." You have here:

1) The First Christmas Gift, vv. 1-7;

2)    The First Christmas Greeting, w.
8-12; 3) The First Christmas Carol,
vv. 13-14; and 4) The First Christmas
Rush, vv. 15-20.

For some reason, the Micah 5:2 prohecy has been neglected; and yet it can be approached topically to de­scribe the meaning of Christmas:

1) Where He came from—eternity;

2)     Where He came to—Bethlehem;

3)     What He came for—to rule;

4)     What our response should be—go
to Him by faith (Matt. 2:1-12). You
can cram a great deal of solid doctrine
into a series like this!

Dr. Luke's record of Mary's varied experiences is rich with material for a series centered about the mother of our Lord (Luke 1:43). Her song in Luke 2:46-55 reveals that God is mindful of us (vv. 46-49), mighty for us (vv. 50-53) and merciful to us (vv. 54,55).

Use your concordance and locate all the "Christmas beatitudes," the verses that contain "blessed." At the same time, note the many references to joy. Surely they ought to point the way to a Merry Christmas!

However, not everybody is joyful at this special season. There are some who have broken hearts for one rea­son or another, so keep them in mind as you prepare your messages. Remember the weeping parents of the slain children (Matt. 2:16-18) and the prophecy of Mary's sorrow (Luke 2:35).


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