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Hold On Just A Little While Longer

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Following the amazing miricles that jesus had just proformed of feeding five thousand the deciples departed across the sea of galilee. Jesus had just dismissed the crowd and went up to the top of the mountion to pray. That same night about 3 or 4 miles out in the lake a storm hit the sea and the deciples. and when the storm hit the deciples begin to get afraid. but right in the mist of the storm the deciples seen jesus walking on the water. the deciples did not beleive that this was jesus. they thought he was an evil spirit or a ghost. but jesus had to reassure them. he said it is i dont be afraid. have you ever been in a storm in your life and jesus came right on time. i wasnt there but i can almost imagine these the fear on the deciples face. peter said jesus if its you then let me walk on water with you. jesus said come and peter walked out on faith. peter was walkin on the water until he took his eyes of jesus and begin to lose his faith. he start paying attention to the storm and begin to get afraid

Thats what we do sometimes. we have faith and is on Jesus side until we get hit with a storm. when the storm come we take our eye of f jesus we are going to fall every time. sometime jesus puts stumbling blocks trails, and tribulations in our way to test our faith. we have to keep our eye on jesus. we have to know that jesus will not let us down. sometimes jesus allows us to lose a love one to see how strong our faith is. we might be going thru our storm now but we have to continue to have faith and keep our eye on jesus. soon all storms will be over. we have to keep walking on the water and dont get afraid of the storm. our storms can be anything but we have to stay strong. we have to hold on just a little while longer. we have to know that jesus is going to be with us. hold on when we going thru a hard time. hold on when we begin to sink. hold on when the devil tries to trick us. hold on when we sick. hold on when we are up. hold on whe we are down. gotta keep running this christen race. hold on hold on hold on in the mist of the storms. hold on when the bills colecters are at your door. hold on when people start talking about you hold on when your storm hit. hold on. cant be like peter and lose faith. gotta know that soon and very soon everything will be alright cant take our eye off jesus. we gotta have faith that jesus can do everything but fail

hold on when it seem like you cant hold anymore. hold on when you upset. wehn you lose a love one. jesus will be there for you. hold on just a little while longer. hold on when it seems you cant do nothing but fail. hold on when the devils tryna get you to let go. trust me. it will pay off. hold on just a littloe while longer.

God Bless Have A Heavenly Smile

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