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            Lloye H. Steffen wrote in The Christian Century how when King Frederick II, an eighteenth-century king of Prussia, was visiting a prison in Berlin, the inmates tried to prove to him how they had been unjustly imprisoned.  All except one.  That one sat quietly in a corner, while all the rest protested their innocence.

            Seeing him sitting there oblivious to the commotion, the king asked him what he was there for.  “Armed robbery, Your Honor.”

            The king asked, “Were you guilty?”

            Yes, Sir,” he answered.  “I entirely deserve my punishment.”

            The king then gave an order to the guard:  “Release this guilty man.  I don’t want him corrupting all these innocent people.” - Donald W. Brenneman, APO Miami, Fla.

Leadership, Spring 1991, page 45

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