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            Four ministers of different denominations frequently met for fellowship.  One day they decided to help one another by confessing sins while the others listened sympathetically.

            The Episcopalian rector began by admitting his pet sin was drinking.  The Methodist declared his problem was with gambling.  The Presbyterian admitted that he smoked behind the backs of his church members.  After a long pause, one of the men prodded the Baptist minister and said, “What’s yours, brother?  Remember this is a gentleman’s agreement.  Or don’t you have a pet sin?”

            “I have one, but I don’t think you’d enjoy hearing it,” said the Baptist.

            “Yes, we would,” chorused the other three.  “We insist.”

            “Well, if you insist,” said the Baptist.  “My pet sin is gossip and I can hardly wait to get to a telephone.”

The Sourcebook of Humor, James C. Hefley, page 109

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