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What is Our God Like (Part 6)

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WHAT IS OUR GOD LIKE?                                                            Part 6


                                 [A Certain God in an Uncertain World]

                                                          Mal. 3:6

Sermon in a Sentence: You must not fear because in an uncertain world God never changes.  


                                           Uncertainy of the Elections


                       I.  God's Person Never Changes

                                            "I am the Lord"

                              Illus.- A Friend Who Has Changed

                           A.  God's Love Never Changes (Jer. 31:3)

                              Illus.- Woman with Tattoo 

                           B.  God's Truth Never Changes (Heb. 6:18)

                             Illus.- Nation's Mistaken Death Announcement 

                           C.  God's Righteousness Never Changes (v. 7)

                             Illus.- Schaal Illustration- Unmarrieds Together

                      II.  God's Promises Never Change

                   "Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob"  

                                         Gen. 12:1-3

                               IIlus.- "Standing on the Promises" #51 pg. 27

                           A.  Acts 16:31

                           B.  Heb. 13:5;Matt. 28:20

                           C.  Psa. 32:8


                                       Illus. Kelvine's Family        


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